Citizenfour Documentarian Debuts Trailer for New Film About Wikileaks

Filmmaker Laura Poitras has been documenting Julian Assange’s exploits for six years. In that time, the Wikileaks founder has gone from liberal darling to Sarah Palin’s favourite rootin’-tootin’-techy-guy. Now, Poitras has reached a point that she feels the story can be told and she’s released a trailer for her new film Risk. Read More >>

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What 2016 Would Look Like as a Horror Film

This year has been pretty fucking horrifying. Dozens of our favourite celebrities died; a gorilla was shot dead in front of children at the zoo; and a former professional wrestling star was elected president. Read More >>

Assassin’s Creed Movie Trailer Has an Actual Sky-High Leap of Faith Stunt in It

Nimble parkour movies, genetic time travel and wrist-mounted blade kills... yep, this sure looks like Assassin’s Creed. Will it be any good, though? If the stunts are anything to go by, it might just end up being the first half-decent video game adaptation. Read More >>

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Here’s the Official Reason Will Smith Isn’t in Independence Day: Resurgence

20th Century Fox dropped the new trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence (aka Independence Day 2) yesterday, and it looks almost exactly like the original, though with better special effects. The sequel picks up 20 years from when the original left off, and involves the same aliens that tried to destroy earth in 1996 returning for round two. Somebody call Optimus Prime. Read More >>

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Fresh Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer Shows Finn Following Anti-Terrorist Guidance

It feels like the 1,000th time we've said this since the release of what we believed would be the final Star Wars trailer before The Force Awakens actually comes out, but there’s yet another new teaser for the movie. It features tears, stammering, dramatic voices and and Indiana Jones, who proceeds to blast the shit out of a Stormtrooper. Read More >>

Everything We Spotted and Learned From the Fallout 4 Trailer

WAAAAA! I JUST CANT WAIT! The first Fallout 4 trailer has landed, confirming once and for all the existence of Bethesda's long-rumoured wasteland RPG sequel. Clocking in at three minutes long, the Fallout 4 reveal trailer is actually a pretty generous peek at the game, with all footage looking as though it's been created with an in-game engine. Read More >>

The Minority Report TV Show Gets Its First Trailer

Remember a little film starring Tom Cruise and Colin Farrell that was directed by Steven Spielberg back in 2002 called Minority Report? Yeah, it did some decent business at the box office and it had side-scrolling cars and interactive adverts in it. Oh, and it was based on a story by some bloke called Philip K. Dick? Well, a Minority Report TV show by Fox is on the way, and we've got its first trailer for you to gawp at. Read More >>

The Fargo TV Show Looks Eerily Beautiful

If the first bunch of teaser trailers are anything to go by, the forthcoming Fargo TV show looks as though it'll be a treat for the eyes. I remember little these days about the original film: do you remember it looking this stunning? Read More >>

Batman: Arkham Knight is Headed to Xbox One and PS4, and This Time You’ll Get to Drive the Batmobile

The Dark Knight returns! After a somewhat disappointing outing for the prequel story that was WB Games Montreal's Batman: Arkham Origins, the Bat is back in the hands of original developer Rocksteady Studios for Batman: Arkham Knight, which is being billed as the "finale" to the Arkham franchise. Read More >>

The First Trailer for Amazon’s The After, by the Man Behind X-Files

Chris Carter, the creator of The X-Files, has been busy producing a new show called The After for Amazon Studios. The first trailer has landed—but it doesn't really reveal a huge amount about what we can expect if it ever makes it to our shores. Read More >>

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These Are Probably the Most Amazing In-Game Graphics You’ve Ever Seen

We've seen some really fancy-looking graphics out of the PS4 and Xbox One launches and E3, but most of it was pre-rendered. That stuff is meant to look awesome as it was rendered elsewhere and is basically just being played like a video. Unfortunately the in-game stuff normally doesn't come anywhere close. Routine's absolutely stunning gameplay trailer is truly next-gen, though. Feast your eyes on this. Read More >>

New Elysium Trailer: High-Tech Dystopia Never Looked So Good

It feels like we've been waiting ages for the release of Neill Blomkamp's latest movie, Elysium. But in this new trailer, we're given a more in-depth look at what's to come when the film comes out this summer: sublime space habitats, an earth sliding into chaos, and Matt Damon making robot jokes. Read More >>

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You Won’t Believe This Epic Trailer Is For an iPhone Game

We've seen some supposedly "console quality" games before, but this is insane. What you're looking at here is Gameloft's new Modern Combat 5 game, which is basically Call of Duty on your phone. The crazy thing is, it looks almost as good as anything you'd get on a PS3 or Xbox. It's nuts. Read More >>

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Sony’s E3 Trailer Reminds Us We Still Don’t Know What the PS4 Will Look Like

Anything Microsoft can do, Sony can attempt to do better. This time it's the war of E3 teaser trailers, and after having seen what the Xbox One has in store, its time to take a look at what Sony's got for us. Frankly, it's difficult to really tell. Read More >>