Steam Train’s Chuffs Trigger Evacuation of London Victoria

London's Victoria station was fully evacuated yesterday evening, thanks to a throwback from yesteryear confusing today's safety systems. It was rebuilt steam-powered legend the Flying Scotsman that was in town, and its output set off all the fire alarms. Read More >>

What is the Legendary Nazi Gold Train?

Last year, historian bounty hunters Andreas Richter and Piotr Koper got everyone very excited when they revealed, sort of and according mainly to them, the location of the Nazi Gold Train -- a train containing a hidden stash of stolen art and valuables said to have been packed up and hidden by the Nazis to fund their retirements in Argentina and/or WWIII. But is it actually real? Read More >>

Population Crunch May Break London’s Tube Within 15 Years

The increasing population is a threat to the operation of London's Underground network, according to one of its bosses, who warns that some sort of human traffic crisis point may be reached within the next 15 years if we don't do something about the pipes. Read More >>

China Wants to Build a 3000-Mile Railway Through the Amazon

Not content with building massive new dams, railways, and cities inside its own borders, China is backing hugely ambitious infrastructure projects all over the world. Its latest is a 3,000-mile long railway that will cut through vast swathes of the Amazon rainforest. Read More >>

Someone Snuck Into NYC’s £2.6 Billion Train Station and Took These Pics

Picture £2.6 billion worth of cash stacked up in the shape of a train station. This is pretty much what the World Trade Center Transportation Hub looks like. Except more surreal. You'd also maybe need to throw in a whole bunch of screw ups and missed deadlines, because this alien cathedral of a train station is one expensive mess. Read More >>

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Unbelievable Video Shows a Pedestrian Narrowly Avoiding Death

It's not just a gory rubberneck-of-a-view, oh no. Queensland Rail wants you to watch this CCTV footage of a pedestrian avoiding what you assume is a surefire meeting with the Grim Reaper, in the hopes it helps open our eyes and save lives. Watch it -- it'll scare you shitless. [YouTube via @sophieraworth via @ruskin147] Read More >>

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Holy Crap, A Woman Almost Got Run Over By a Train Because She Was Trying to Pick Up Her Phone from the Tracks

Holy freaking smokes, almost getting hit by a train doesn't get closer than this. A young woman in Sao Paulo, Brazil had apparently dropped her phone onto the tube tracks and foolishly jumped down to retrieve it. Couple of problems with this situation: she couldn't get back on the platform, the train was coming into the station fast AND SHE PROBABLY WOULD'VE DIED. Miraculously, two guys managed to pull her out right before she would've gotten hit. It's terrifyingly close. Read More >>

The Lego Back to the Future Time Machine Train Is a Must-Have

Our friend Masashi Togami, the founder of Team Back to the Future, has a new BTTF project on Lego Cuusoo: Doc Brown's Jules Verne Train. Like the soon-to-come-to-market Lego Back to the Future DeLorean, this model--created by Sakuretsu-is extremely well designed and fully functional. Read More >>

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Woman Steals Train, Then Crashes It Into a Building

Last night in Saltsjöbanan, Sweden, a young woman decided to try her hand at driving a train. It didn't end well: she careered off the end of line and straight into this house. Read More >>

London Underground To Get a Big Slap After Driverless Train Ran Amok For Four Miles

Every once in a blue moon, a story like this comes along and scares the bejesus out of every tube traveller, as we put our blind faith and safety into the hands of a group of select, almost-invisible individuals responsible for our travel. In this case, London Underground is set to get a massive fine for endangering lives after a driverless train ran through several stations and narrowly missed hitting a passenger train back in 2010. Read More >>

A 3TB Hard Drive Is Your Space-For-All-Your-“Special”-Videos Deal of the Day

All of us have got more and more data these days and if there’s one thing about data it’s that you need somewhere to keep it all. Luckily, there’s ‘cloud-based’ storage from Dropbox and (as of next week probably) Google, but the trusty hard drive isn’t dead just yet. Read More >>