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Adidas’ Game of Thrones Trainers Are Not That Game of Thrones-y

Do you like Game of Thrones? Do you feel an affinity with House Targaryen, their dragon-scales-and-golden-eggs aesthetic, and their badass house words 'Fire and Blood'? Read More >>

All Aboard the Tube Trainers: Adidas Reveals London Underground Shoes

The London Underground visual identity is one of the few things called 'iconic' that actually is, so it's no surprise that a whole bunch of merch exists. Read More >>

Adidas’ New Biodegradable Trainers Are Made From Ultra-Strong Artificial Silk Fibres

Of all the things you wear on a daily basis, shoes endure the most wear and tear, and thus rarely survive for more than a few years. Your options are usually limited to tossing the work out shoes in the bin. Now Adidas has created a new pair of trainers that will completely biodegrade when you’re done with them. Read More >>

Nike LunarEpic Flyknit is an Appropriate Name For a Crazy-Looking Trainer

Nike has just launched its new LunarEpic Flyknit trainers, and don’t they look lovely? If you watch football, you’ll no doubt be familiar with the eye-catching design. Nike’s essentially attached a sock directly to the trainer’s opening, making it look more like a boot. Read More >>

Corporate Worlds Collide to Create PS4 Nike Air Jordans

This ridiculous pair of shoes comes with a fake HDMI output socket on them, so you can pretend to be... watching your shoes. Which would probably be more fun than slogging through Destiny. The JRDN 4 X PS4 will come in a limited run of just 10 and cost around £700, so they'll only be baffling the likes of Kanye West. [Dual Shockers via The Verge] Read More >>

They Should Make These Tron Trainers for Real

The French illustrator Romain Trystram thinks trainers are an important part of the contemporary culture, and he is right. That why he decided to make these cool series of digital drawings where he mixes them with popular culture icons like Tron, Futurama, Star Wars or even Kebabs. Read More >>

Adidas is Letting You Make Instagram Shoes Because Everything’s Terrible

Looking at every meal, snowflake, and sunset through a sepia-toned screen is nice, sure, but you're going to run out of battery at some point. Now, thanks to Adidas, you'll never have to spend another Kelvin-free minute again—just look down. Read More >>

Nike Skunkworks Vandalises/Enhances Classic De Tomaso Pantera

The De Tomaso Pantera was one of your standard Italian pointy sports cars from the 1970s, rather nice for its time but now looking a bit aged. Like a sideboard. It took an intervention from shoes people Nike to create the above Pantera re-imagining, helped by custom car company Ringbrothers. Read More >>

Nike’s Flyknit Lunar2 Will Gently Tongue Your Toes for £135

Nike's revealed an update to its Flyknit technology, with the new lightweight Flyknit Lunar2 set to arrive in a couple of weeks. The updated 2013 Flyknit now has a Nike Lunarlon sole for really knowing about it when you stand on an ant. Read More >>

No-One Will Mistake You For a Tourist With These Tube-Themed Shoes

Nike's branching out from trainers and into the niche market of £100 in-jokes, with a pair of trainers inspired by the classic seat cover pattern from old District line tubes. Hopefully these won't have quite as much gum stuck to them. Read More >>

From Chucks to Dunks: 100 Years of Trainer Design Visualised

Shoe companies have been mass-producing trainers since the Converse All Star first appeared all the way back in 1917, and their designs have changed immensely since. But how did we get from no-frills kicks to Jeremy Scott's garish winged monstrosities? A print from PopChartLabs shows the evolution over almost a century of sneaker design. Read More >>

A Window Cleaning Vacuum Thing Is Your Deposit-Deduction-Avoidance-Gadget Deal of the Day

Summer's coming and we want our windows to be nice and clean for when the Sun gleams in through them. You remember the Sun, right? But getting those windows cleaned by a professional can cost a lot of dough. Better off doing it yourself. Read More >>