Google Boss Brings Digital Skills Training to the UK

We've done something to please Google CEO Sundar Pichai, as he's in the UK right now and has announced a plan to offer a chunk of free digital skills training to anyone who thinks they might benefit from five hours of being told how the internet works. Read More >>

How to Learn to Control a Submarine Engine on Land

Learning to pilot a submarine is not straightforward. But these days, the US Navy doesn’t need to build as many large-scale physical simulators—because much of it can be achieved on-screen. Read More >>

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Watch This Bad Ass Guy Go Through a 9G Centrifuge test

Here’s a guy who just passed his 9G centrifuge test, going through four different bouts of 9 G-force and even lasting 10 seconds under 9G’s. High-G training is done to train pilots and astronauts to get them ready to deal with the crazy g-forces you feel when you fly (and to help you not pass out). Read More >>

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These Badass Korean Soldiers Beat Any Nuclear Sub

The cold weather training of South-Korean army's special warfare force is high level badassery of the level I have never seen before. It's like when nuclear powered attack submarines break the Arctic sheet after surfacing through three feet of ice. But these are humans. Quite literally cool [Republic of Korea Armed Forces] Read More >>

Garmin’s Edge 1000 May Be the Smartest Bike Computer Yet

While the phones in our pockets have been getting smarter and smarter at an alarming rate, bike computers (despite having the word "computer" right in their name) have been lagging way behind. But as sensors, radios, and chips have shrunk smaller and smaller, we've seen more and more intelligence come to the handlebars. The new Edge 1000 from Garmin is trying to pack the most in. Read More >>

I Wore the US Navy’s Oculus Rift, and it Showed Me the Future of Warfare

When we think of the future of military, we think of bigger and better weapons. Laser canons and the like. But what about the people operating those lasers? How can a behemoth like the US Navy ready its future sailors for the high-tech combat of tomorrow? Believe it or not, with an Oculus Rift. Read More >>

Training for Underground Warfare at a Nuclear Weapons Complex

In the early, angst-filled days of the Cold War, miners started carving the insides out of a hill between Dallas and Austin, Texas. The workers didn't know what they were building, but—at 7,000 acres—it was huge. At that point in time, it was only known as "Project 76." Read More >>

This ‘Check’ Fitness Training Gadget Knows to Warn You When You’re Knackered

From sports-orientated wristwatches to apps that have you fleeing from a zombie horde, there are plenty of tech-savvy ways to get in shape these days. But while many are prepared to push you that extra mile, few (if any) care about the state your body is in before egging you on. Check by FAM Sports bucks that trend. Read More >>

“Tech Levels” are the New A-Level Equivalent for Practical Students, Apparently

The government plans to further alter the educational system by introducing Tech Levels, which will be an A-Level equivalent qualification for those taking skills-based vocational courses. When will the government's education meddling end? Read More >>

How Novice Runners Should Start Training for Maximum Results

Most running novices plot their early runs in terms of distance. "I used to be able to run X distance in school; I'm going to run that same distance today." Then they spend the next two weeks hobbling around like a broken grandpa. There's a better way. Read More >>

Nike+ Kinect Training Hands On: Some Serious Home Exercise

With some exceptions, when you think "gamers" you don't generally think "paragons of health and fitness." But maybe you should. There are already a lot of fitness games on the market, and they range from good to horrible, but this collaboration between Nike and Microsoft is something else. Read More >>

This Is One of the Worst Deaths I Can Imagine

I hate, hate, HATE, the idea of being trapped in the water upside down. Or down upside. Or whatever side. It's one of the worst deaths I can imagine. Thankfully, if you are a USAF helicopter pilot, there's a way out: Read More >>

The Best Way to Get Fit: Leave the Gym

I'm just going to come out and say it: screw the gym. Screw it right in the face. There is a better way to get the body you want, one that's actually fun and that uses your brain's reward system. Really. Read More >>

Vibrating Suit Lets Athletes in Training Know When They’re Doing It Right

It seems the home team might have a bit of an advantage at this Summer's Olympic games. British athletes have been training with what's called the MotivePro Suit, an awkward-looking getup that tracks their movements and provides vibrating feedback when they've nailed a routine. Read More >>

Spring-Mounted Training Board Provides an Easy Way To Snap Your Ankle In the Off-Season

If board sports are your thing, but the current weather and conditions aren't ideal for snowboarding, skateboarding, or surfing, this spring-mounted Gyroboard alternative promises to keep you in shape and let you train all year round. Read More >>