Sweden Has Officially Named a Train Trainy McTrainFace

The Boaty McBoatFace joke stopped being funny the second people started naming things after the (in)famous online poll. But people can never let stuff go, and every time the public has been given the option of naming something Xy McXFace has always been there. Those suggestions are usually ignored, but in Sweden someone caved - meaning Trainy McTrainface is a real thing. Read More >>

A New ‘Millennial’ Railcard for 26-30 Year Olds Is Launching Next Year

As someone who recently started having to go without a 16-25 rail card, it's pretty horrifying to see exactly how much train tickets are when you don't get that juicy third off the regular price. Luckily things might be changing, because a new 'millennial' rail card is launching next year for people between the ages of 26 and 30. Read More >>

First Christmas Train Travel Engineering Misery Announced

Ah Christmas. The most wonderful time of year, unless you have to go literally anywhere that's out of walking distance. It's the ultimate Christmas tradition to find that getting anywhere is almost impossible. Whether it's because of extreme traffic, or because all the trains have shut down for over a week. Read More >>

British Trains Are The Envy Of Europe… When It Comes To Data, Anyway

When it comes to trains, the conventional wisdom is that Britain doesn’t have much to be proud of. We may have invented the steam engine, but today we can look at France with its extensive high speed TGV network, or Switzerland with its punctuality… and suddenly our trains instinctively feel a bit… shit, right? Read More >>

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This Footage of a Drone Buzzing a Cargo Train Turned My Stomach Inside Out

Your childhood fantasies of soaring through the air like Iron Man or Superman will seem far less fantastic after this sobering first-person footage of a drone racing alongside a moving cargo train reveals just how terrifying (and slightly nauseating) it would be to actually fly. Read More >>

Virgin Trains Ad Mines Live Traffic Data to Shame Car Drivers

A new interactive billboard advert for Virgin Trains is doing something rather clever with data and APIs, using live road traffic reports to gauge problems on the road and tell suffering drivers, live, how much quicker it all would've been had they got the train. Plus it might've been one with a phone charger and there could've been a buffet trolley with crisps. Read More >>

Bristol Wants an Underground Too

Bristol's mayor is imagining the future of his city right now, and guess what he sees? Trains. Trains going underground, so people can get to, like, the airport, without too much stress. Read More >>

Shock Horror: The UK’s Worst Value Train Tickets Are All To or From London

Train journeys are a rip-off, there's no doubt about that. It doesn't matter if you live in a bustling urban metropolis, or on the top of a remote Welsh mountain, if you need to get the train you'll be overpaying for a service that leaves a lot to be desired. Some are better value than others, however, and according to new analysis by The Sunday Times the five worst ones are to or from London. Read More >>

London to Scotland Sleeper Trains to go Full Travelodge From 2018

Did you know, right, that there's an overnight train that connects London to Scotland? With beds? Proper, lie-down-in, beds? And someone to bring you a cup of tea in the morning? Well there is, and even though the shaver plug sockets have been upgraded and turned into USB outputs in the last year or two, it's all a charmingly old fashioned experience. But that is to change from 2018, when a new fleet of 75 bespoke modern carriages enters service. Read More >>

George Osborne Has Urged the PM for an ‘HS3’ in the North of England

It's no secret that a lot of the country's money gets funnelled into areas in around London. That's where a significant chunk of the population are, and where a lot of big business is, so it gets priority over everywhere else. Now former chancellor of the exchequer, George Osborne, has called on Theresa May to skip tradition and launch a high-speed rail line connecting Liverpool and Hull. Read More >>

Virgin East Coast is Halving the Price of Over 500,000 Tickets

Trains are expensive, there's no doubt about that, but Virgin East Coast is doing something about that. Not permanently, but it is slashing prices of over 500,000 tickets between now and 28th August. Read More >>

Northerners Schedule Day of Complaining About Rubbish Trains

People who suffer on the rail network in the north of the country are being urged to take part in a coordinated mass moaning session, orchestrated by a think-tank that says the top two-thirds of the country needs a £59bn investment to get its rail infrastructure up the the level of the south. Read More >>

Phone Storage for Digital Railcards is Coming This Autumn

Any national railcards that you're young enough to have or travel enough to have will soon be able to be stored digitally, with a system to let train travellers store their discount-enablers in a smartphone app finally ready to launch. Read More >>

London Rail Fares Are the Most Expensive in Europe, Reports Bear Shitting In Woods*

So here is news that shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. Our trains are expensive. Very expensive. More expensive than the rest of Europe, as it turns out. In fact, anyone commuting into London can expect to pay four times more than their counterparts who work in cities like Berlin, Brussels, and Rome. Read More >>

Your Chance To Ride The Secret Undergound Mail Rail Has Just Arrived

An underground railway used from transporting mail from Paddington to Whitechapel for 75 years is to become a tourist attraction that people can ride from September. Part of the larger Postal Museum, Mail Rail will allow people to have a ride on a portion of the 6.5 mile track which operated until 2003. Read More >>