Fancy New Electro-Diesel Trains Aren’t Compatible With Old Tracks

A new fleet of trains due to be rolled out at the end of this year on the East Coast mainline is being held back due to out of date equipment on the tracks. Azuma trains, operated by LNER, use both electric and diesel to reach higher speeds more efficiently than older trains. But old signals and points in certain parts of the country aren't compatible with the trains' electric technology, meaning that they're limited to using only diesel, and therefore much more slowly than they're designed to be run. Read More >>

Researchers Reckon Your Commute Should Be Classed As Working Hours

It seems a lot of us who use public transport to travel to and from work are using our time sat on the train/bus to deal with work emails and other work-related tasks. As a result, some researchers reckon that the working day structure needs to be looked at, with the commute time included as part of our standard working hours. Read More >>

British Train Companies Are Releasing Data to Make Travel Apps Better

Rail travel sucks. It's awful. The southern trains barely operate on time, and the incoming passengers all swarm around the door while people are still trying to get off the damn things. The northern trains might as well not exist, seeing as how utterly terrible they are. What's the government doing about it? No clue, but the Department for Transport has teamed up with rail companies to try and make travel apps better. Read More >>

HS2 is Already Transporting Gravy to Staff Troughs

Outrage has been sparked by HS2, and it hasn't even got so far as cancelling services and laying on replacement buses for an entire bank holiday weekend. This outrage is to do with staff salaries, with data showing that a significant chunk of its current staff are already staggering under the weight of all the money they're taking home in the boots of their Audis. Read More >>

Eurotunnel Turns Hoses on Dogs and Kids as Heat Breaks its Trains

Here's a classic bit of UK infrastructure news: the air conditioning on the Channel Tunnel trains isn't working very well because it's too hot. Hence thousands of angry people are hoovering up the mobile internet in the Folkestone area and complaining about massive delays in getting the family off to France. Read More >>

Engineers Imagine London-Orbital High-Speed Rail Line HS4Air

Engineers thinking of ways to make travel around London less of a nightmare for their children's children have come up with a concept they call HS4Air – a high-speed rail link that connects the south of the city to rail links in the north and that big airport to the west, building a rail equivalent of the M25 in layout at least. Read More >>

After 60 Years, Brio Has Reinvented Its Toy Trains for the Future

Brio’s magnetic wooden trains are as iconic a toy as Lego bricks or Hot Wheels cars. Traditionally kid-powered, a few years ago electric motors were introduced to the line, but this year Brio trains are being upgraded with smart features that allow them to interact with tracks and playsets. Don’t hit the panic alarm just yet, though; Brio’s SmartTech toys aren’t going to rob your kids of their imagination-driven adventures. Read More >>

We Now Know When the Next Stage of Crossrail Will Launch

Whether you call it Crossrail, the Elizabeth Line, or the Purple Line, we've been looking forward to London's newest train line for quite a long time. The first section, ferrying passengers between Liverpool Street and Shenfield opened last summer, while services between Paddington and Heathrow terminals two, three and four began in May. Now we know when the third stage will open up across the rest of Central London. Read More >>

New Proposal Would See the Launch of a Budget Train Line to Rival the Eurostar

The Eurostar is great. You can get on a train in London, then travel under the sea to mainland Europe, either to France, Beligum, or the Netherlands, and in pretty quick time too. In fact the journey from London to Paris is only eight minutes longer than a Virgin train from Euston to Manchester Piccadilly. The problem is that it's pretty pricey, as I found out recently, even if you have regular tickets. So someone's proposed a budget version, and made the poor decision to liken the way it'll operate to budget airlines. Read More >>

Northern Rail Passengers Will Get Compensation for the Trainwreck ‘Service’ They’ve Been Getting

It's no secret that the British train system is a garbage system filled with garbage trains, but the issues surrounding the Northern franchise have been taking things way beyond what people will actually put up with. The good news is that officials are about to sign off on a compensation package for the people worst affected by the chaos. No word on whether the service will get better, though. Read More >>

Chinese Rail Giants Tipped to Win HS2 Operator Contract

The two Chinese entrants on the HS2 operator bids shortlist are likely to win, according to sources, not just because they're the best and have the deepest, state-backed pockets, but also due to the UK's rail franchises not exactly filling everyone with confidence. Read More >>

National Rail is Celebrating the Longest Day by Livestreaming the Longest Train Journey

In case you haven't noticed, today is the Summer solstice. It's the longest day of the year, and after today the nights will draw in and the weather will slowly get colder and colder. Not that it's particularly warm at the moment. But I digress. To commemorate the day, National Rail has decided to stream the longest train journey in the UK - in case you like watching a trains-eye view of the British countryside. Read More >>

Officials Called Northern Rail Routes ‘Valueless’, According to Leaked Emails

It's safe to say that the Northern railway system is an absolute shambles at the moment. Northern introduced a new timetabling system that's resulted in chaos across is routes, to the point where old diesel trains have been brought back in to make sure people can actually get to where they need to go. If it wasn't such a shitshow I'd be impressed. I imagine it's quite difficult to take Northern's shite service and make it even worse. Read More >>

40-Year-Old Diesel Engine Comes Out of Retirement for Mainline Rescue Mission

Heritage rail company West Coast Railways is chuffing to the rescue of abandoned commuters who live, work and travel along the Lake District line, with the mass cancellations of franchise holder Northern leading to an ancient old diesel coming online to save the day. Read More >>

Here’s Our First Look at Upgraded Trains Coming to London’s Piccadilly Line

It's hardly a secret that the London Underground is old. In fact the trains used on the Bakerloo line have been around for over 45 years at this point, and some of the others aren't much younger. So it's no shock to hear that TfL is getting the old rolling stock upgraded, and we've just had our first look at the new trains heading to the Piccadilly Line. Read More >>