Trains in General Hit Lowest Performance Levels in 20 Years

Stats charting the lateness and reliability-ness of the UK rail network show it hit a shameful milestone this summer, with the overall reliability of the nationwide train system hitting a 20-year low. Read More >>

Public Transport In Luxembourg Is Now Free And We Will Be Moving Forthwith

As if rail fares going up 3% isn't bad enough, now Luxembourg's gone and made us even grumpier with the state of UK public transport by making all its trains, trams and buses completely free. Read More >>

Scotrail Cancels Free Train Tickets for Kids

One of the benefits of taking children anywhere is about to be taken away by the Scrooges at Scotrail, which is about to end the free travel tickets for children deal it's been running for years. Read More >>

Northern Rail Network Asked Not to Bin its Guards

The crisis of the day on the rail network is another admin nightmare for the Northern franchise, which has been told to back down on its plans to run services with only a driver onboard. Read More >>

Train Complaints Super Boss Promises to Listen and Get Your Back 

There is a new caring ear promising to listen to your rail travel horror stories and say "Oh I know" in a sad and understanding voice until you blow yourself out, with the Rail Ombudsman and all its new punishment and arbitration powers now open for business. Read More >>

Yorkshiremen Will Build London’s Next-Gen Tube Trains

London's long-running plan to upgrade part of the Underground fleet has taken a big step into actually happening, with Transport for London announcing that it's going ahead with the ordering of 94 all-new next-gen tube trains – to be built by Siemens in East Yorkshire. Read More >>

Gorgeous 1930s Art Deco Trains Might Return to The Tube

The London Transport Museum is busily restoring three beautiful 1930s tube carriages that were withdrawn from service almost 50 years ago. Read More >>

Virgin Trains Makes Cheap Tickets Work on Friday Afternoons

Virgin Trains is trying a little something to make getting to your internet girlfriend on a Friday evening slightly easier – it is removing Friday afternoon from the peak ticket restriction period for all trains leaving London Euston, so more departures are accessible for people with cheaper off-peak tickets. Read More >>

Scotland’s Refurbished Trains Still Shit on the Tracks

Bear with us on this one, right, but if the Pope was to visit Inverness and Glasgow on an official visit to Scotland, and let's say he travelled by train and needed a poo mid-journey, then Read More >>

The 26-30 Railcard Will Be Available Nationwide By The End of the Year

Earlier this year, National Rail released a limited run of a 'millennial' railcard, offering discounted off-peak travel to 26-30 year olds. What originally started as a trial for people who happened to live in the Greater Anglia area became national in March this year, but the catch was only 10,000 cards were available. Turns out they were quite popular, and clearly way more than 10,000 people would have wanted one. Read More >>

Miniature Railway Nationalised by Council

The Poole Park mini railway has been effectively nationalised by its local council, after a long-running dispute over improvement costs, a licence suspension and the odd minor derailment threatened to close it for good. Read More >>

Manchester Oxford Road is Britain’s Most Disrupted Train Station, Says Which? Study

Go to a train station, any train station, ans you'll find at least one service disruption for some random bullshit reason. Whether it's leaves in the tracks, missing staff members, or simply because the train companies felt like going "hah, fuck you", the British rail system is a massive pain in the arse. But have you ever wondered which train station suffered the most disruptions? Which? did, and it turns out it's Manchester Oxford Road. Read More >>

New App Aims to Make Train Travel Easier for Disabled Passengers

Public transport isn't the most user-friendly way of travelling around if you have some sort of mobility restriction, especially where trains are concerned. Assistance is available, but the system still is time consuming and doesn't account for delays, cancellations, and all those other things that happen far too often in this country. But the Rail Delivery Group has now announced it's moving this system into a new app, which will allow passengers to amend any assistance requirements they might need. Read More >>

Fancy New Electro-Diesel Trains Aren’t Compatible With Old Tracks

A new fleet of trains due to be rolled out at the end of this year on the East Coast mainline is being held back due to out of date equipment on the tracks. Azuma trains, operated by LNER, use both electric and diesel to reach higher speeds more efficiently than older trains. But old signals and points in certain parts of the country aren't compatible with the trains' electric technology, meaning that they're limited to using only diesel, and therefore much more slowly than they're designed to be run. Read More >>

Researchers Reckon Your Commute Should Be Classed As Working Hours

It seems a lot of us who use public transport to travel to and from work are using our time sat on the train/bus to deal with work emails and other work-related tasks. As a result, some researchers reckon that the working day structure needs to be looked at, with the commute time included as part of our standard working hours. Read More >>