Officials Called Northern Rail Routes ‘Valueless’, According to Leaked Emails

It's safe to say that the Northern railway system is an absolute shambles at the moment. Northern introduced a new timetabling system that's resulted in chaos across is routes, to the point where old diesel trains have been brought back in to make sure people can actually get to where they need to go. If it wasn't such a shitshow I'd be impressed. I imagine it's quite difficult to take Northern's shite service and make it even worse. Read More >>

40-Year-Old Diesel Engine Comes Out of Retirement for Mainline Rescue Mission

Heritage rail company West Coast Railways is chuffing to the rescue of abandoned commuters who live, work and travel along the Lake District line, with the mass cancellations of franchise holder Northern leading to an ancient old diesel coming online to save the day. Read More >>

Here’s Our First Look at Upgraded Trains Coming to London’s Piccadilly Line

It's hardly a secret that the London Underground is old. In fact the trains used on the Bakerloo line have been around for over 45 years at this point, and some of the others aren't much younger. So it's no shock to hear that TfL is getting the old rolling stock upgraded, and we've just had our first look at the new trains heading to the Piccadilly Line. Read More >>

Police Find ‘Human Body Parts’ in Crack in Japanese Bullet Train’s Nose

A bullet train en route to Tokyo reportedly struck and killed a 52-year-old man on Thursday afternoon, but the man’s death wasn’t uncovered until some 20 miles later, where authorities made a grisly discovery. Read More >>

Government Suggests Hiding Trains to Beat Overcrowding

The Department for Transport has hit upon a genius method of solving some patches of train overcrowding. It is not more trains. It is not longer trains. It is not making trains worse so people would rather walk 14 miles in the rain or buy a car. It is, incredibly, hiding packed trains from the public so they can't and don't get on. Read More >>

Cheap Advance Train Tickets Could Go in Massive Industry Shake Up

A group of men sipping tea from chipped Intercity mugs are bored of being told that buying a train ticket is too complicated a task, so have decided it's time to simplify the process. Which is lovely, although one idea they're putting forward won't go down well -- binning advance tickets. Read More >>

Poundland Warns That “Poundland” Should Not be Used as an Insult

Poundland threw a wobbly on the internet yesterday, after the social account manager for the Thameslink rail franchise apologised for poor service by saving its schedules have been "a bit Poundland" of late. Read More >>

Government Tells Network Rail to Put Down the Chain Saws

Network Rail thought it was on to a winner with its tree maintenance programme, because it's had enough of people banging on about leaves on the line for the last 30 years and is taking steps to stop it happening any more -- by cutting down trees. Problem is, people actually like trees and are a bit horrified at how rapidly rail bosses appear to be cutting them down. Read More >>

The Rail Companies are Changing the Ticketing System, Supposedly to Make it Fairer and Easier

You'd think buying a train ticket would be easy. It is if you're at a kiosk with a living person inside, since they do all the hard work and you stand there for five minutes while they use whatever slow operating system their machines run on. But the number of times I've accidentally bought a single from the automated machines is absurd. But does that say something about how much attention I pay to things or the state of the machines themselves? Maybe it's me, but the rail companies think it might be the way the ticketing system is set up. Read More >>

A 24-Hour Train Network is on Network Rail’s Ideas List

The head of Network Rail is bracing himself for a flurry of requests from rail franchises to start operating 24-hour services, as the thrill of London's all-night tube service is set to spread. Read More >>

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Northern Rail Boss Goes on Twitter Customer Blocking Rampage

The boss of Northern Rail has gone a bit Kanye on social media, using his own personal Twitter account to aggressively interact with complaining customers -- and blocking people he doesn't like the opinions of. They're just like us, these big business types. Read More >>

TfL is in Talks to Extend Crossrail Further East and Into Kent

London's Elizabeth Line, still known to many as Crossrail, isn't set to be fully operational until next December when the Reading service opens its doors, but there are already plans to extend the line. London Mayor Sadiq Khan has just confirmed TfL is in talks to extend the line eastwards towards Ebbsfleet in Kent. Read More >>

Skyscanner’s Added the Option to Buy Train Tickets, With No Booking Fees

Air travel is what immediately comes to mind when you think of Skyscanner, especially with that name, but the booking app offers a lot more like hotels and car hire. Now there's a new addition, because you can now book train tickets through the app and avoid giving your booking fee money to the Trainline. Read More >>

Driver Temporarily Relegated to Doorman Role as First Self-Driving Train Launches

The UK's first "driverless" overground/mainline train has performed some semi-autonomous duties out there on the live lines, with Thameslink letting a train use an automated system to accelerate and brake while traversing the clogged arteries of the London rail network. Read More >>

Government Plans a Private Railway for London

The government's had an idea about how to build railways on the cheap in London — get a private company to pay for it. That's the idea at this stage, anyway, with the transport department thinking that a new direct line linking south-ish terminal Waterloo to Heathrow is appealing and potentially lucrative enough to encourage a private company to put up the billions it would cost. Read More >>