IT Glitch of the Day: Train Ticket Machines Offline Across the Country

Today's calamitous IT failure has been revealed: the trains. Specifically, people trying to buy train tickets this morning noticed that automated machines at stations to travel on many rail franchises were broken, with server issues meaning the systems couldn't process payments, therefore making the buying of tickets impossible. Read More >>

You Can Ride An Elizabeth Line Crossrail Train TODAY!

It won't be until December 2019 that the tunnelled section of the new Elizabeth Line will be fully open - and it won't be until May next year when the new line begins officially operating above ground in East London, between Shenfield and Liverpool Street. Read More >>

Virgin Trains are Facing Delays Because a Trampoline Was on the Track

There are a lot of ridiculous-sounding reasons why trains get delayed or cancelled. We've all heard of the "leaves on the track" line, or that the tracks are too hot, too wet, or the train in front flushed a particularly large poo onto the tracks and your driver needs to wait for someone from National Rail to clean it up. Read More >>

Eurostar Will Go Direct From London To Amsterdam This Year

Eurostar plans to offer a direct route from London to Amsterdam before the year is up. You can already use the service to get to the city now, but you need to change to a different, albeit high-speed, train to get to either Rotterdam or Amsterdam. The new service will go direct in little under four hours and there will be two trains per day. Read More >>

Flying Scotsman Forced to Run in Secret

Old men and their midlife crisis £1,400 cameras have forced the operator of the Flying Scotsman to start keeping the legacy steam train's timetables secret, over worries about the safety of rail enthusiasts encroaching the line to get a better view and Instagram shot. Read More >>

TfL has USB for DLR

The Docklands Light Railway, London's roomiest, monorail-iest and best train line by miles, is getting an upgrade. Transport for London is investing in 43 new trains for the line, which will come with air conditioning and USB sockets for executives to charge their iPhones on the way back home. Read More >>

Crossrail Trains Are Now Making Regular Appearances Ahead Of Schedule

Train fans will be excited to hear that the first Elizabeth Line (Crossrail) stock has started making regular appearances on the line, ahead of its official opening later this month (pinch, punch, etc). Read More >>

Could A Hydrogen-Powered Train Make Your Commute Smoother, Quieter, and Better For The Environment?

If trains are going to become any more environmentally friendly, like cars they need to beat their addiction to fossil fuels. In theory, this should be relatively easy: Trains travel on tracks, and the technology to power them by overhead rails has existed for decades (all you’d need to do is bolt a source of renewable energy on the end). In practice, however, it is much trickier as all that infrastructure is expensive. Read More >>

Sometimes You Can’t Get The Tube Because Of Burnt Toast

Everyone hates when tube stations have to close, but usually we understand if it's something serious like a security alert or an injury. Sometimes, however, the reason we're kicked out of the tube is that someone's burnt their breakfast. Read More >>

We’re Selling Some Stuff to China!

A new trade route has opened up between the UK and China, with a cargo train set to leave Stanford-le-Hope today to start on a staggering 7,500 mile overland journey to Yiwu in the Zhejiang province of China. Read More >>

Network Rail Says Our Trains Should be Batterified

The boss of Network Rail has had a great idea for a way to save the cost of electrifying the chunks of the UK's railway network that haven't been converted -- battery powered trains. Read More >>

Watch a Speeding Train Blast a Bunch of Commuters With Snow

Here’s a free piece of advice should you ever find yourself waiting for the first train to roll into a station after a heavy snowfall: Stand as far away from the tracks as possible, assuming you don’t want to get blasted with a massive shitstorm of snow. Read More >>

The Reason Trains Have Angled Wheels Is Incredibly Clever

The next time a subway car or commuter train rolls into the station, try to sneak a quick peek at its large metal wheels. You’ll notice that instead of being perfect cylinders, they’re actually angled. It’s a deliberate and clever design choice that allows your train to roll around corners without flying off the tracks. Read More >>

We Have a Scheduled Passenger Steam Train Running Again

A steam train of the actual old fire/smoke kind is running a scheduled service in the UK again this week, as enthusiasts have managed to get the restored engine Tornado operating daily runs between the northern powerhouses of Appleby and Skipton on the Settle to Carlisle stretch of line. Read More >>