Piped Classical Music Makes Train Station Troublemakers Behave

Regional rail franchisee TransPennine Express is experimenting with playing classical music in Hull train station, after a previous trial that saw the classics played over the speakers at Cleethorpes station reduced levels of antisocial behaviour by either calming the perpetrators or sending them home in disgust. Read More >>

Northern Rail’s Extra-Long Leeds Trains Are Going to be 2 Years Late

The promised six-carriage extra-long trains going to and from Leeds are going to be two years late, it turns out. Read More >>

Get Rid of Rail Franchises, Says Government’s Reviewer

The current system of parcelling up all the different bits of the train network into different franchises is broken and needs replacing, says the man the government has put in charge of a major rail review. Read More >>

HS2 Has Already Spent £5.5bn

Developers of HS2 have already managed to spend £5.5bn on the next big thing in UK railways, and that's before any of the important work is done like... the building of the railway. And the... getting of the trains. And the... construction of the stations. Read More >>

Train Companies Propose Major, Surprisingly Sensible Changes

A huge list of frankly amazing-sounding changes to the UK's train system has given us hope that things might not always be this rubbish, at least in terms of getting anywhere on our tiny island. Read More >>

Video of India’s Fastest Train Zipping by at ‘Lightning Speed’ Actually Just Sped Up

It’s a hell of a time to spread misinformation in India—especially if you’re a member of parliament and a government minister. Read More >>

Government Sources Say Cancelling HS2 is Still an Option

A Channel 4 hatchet job on the HS2 project is set to air tonight, with the Dispatches team quoting sources within the government who warn that the cost may soon be considered so high that the entire thing may be binned – or perhaps terminated once the first stretch of the new rail line reaches Birmingham. HS 0.5 they could call that. Read More >>

PAYG Travel for National Rail on the Cards for 2020

The government has opened a new public consultation on What To Do About Train Tickets?, with one of the key proposed ideas being a national launch of a tap in/out PAYG travel system, as used to such success in the barriers and stations of London's transport network. Read More >>

Government Scraps Plans For 5G Train Trials

It sounded too good to be true, and it was. Read More >>

How Scientists Used a 1906 Photo to Find the Centre of San Francisco’s Most Infamous Earthquake

Researchers used a grainy photograph of a toppled train combined with an eyewitness account to analyse the deadly earthquake that struck San Francisco over 110 years ago. Read More >>

There’ll Be Steam Trains On The Tube Again This Year

Looking at the news, it seems we've gone back in time in many ways -- so the fact that there'll be steam trains on the District Line once again this year doesn't seem entirely out of place. Read More >>

Why Aren’t Travelcard Adverts Like This Anymore?

There have been no less than two new travelcards launched recently – the Millennial one and the whippersnappers' one – and neither of them have had a telly ad anywhere near as good as this effort from 1989. Read More >>

New Railcard Means 16 and 17-Year-Olds Count as Kids Again

It's railcard day, apparently -- in addition to the Millennial Railcard finally launching (not its real name), the government has announced an unexpected new card that allows 16 and 17 year olds to travel on child fares again. Read More >>

Rail Passengers Join in the Fun of Striking Today

People who rely on trains for their daily getting about the place chores are protesting today, in an attempt to make a bit of noise about the ever increasing cost of buying train tickets in the UK. Read More >>

The 26-30 Railcard Finally Goes on Sale at Noon Today

It seems like it's been a lifetime since the government tried to win some political points from the youth of today, by announcing a new railcard for people who are older than 25. Now, after trial runs, delays, and all sorts of other things, that railcard is finally going on sale today. For real this time. Read More >>