Vandalised Model Railway Club Pulls in Enough Donations to Launch Mainline Franchise

You may have seen Market Deeping Model Railway Club in the news over the weekend, after some of those "youths" we are routinely menaced by broke into the club's hall and smashed up an entire installation of scores of people's beloved model rail lines and miniature trains. Read More >>

House of Lords Suggests a Cheaper, Slower HS2

A House of Lords committee having another of those long and hard looks at HS2 has warned that costs are already out of control, and says the government should admit as much and come up with some alternative plans to reign in spending. Read More >>

Unruly Trainspotters Endanger Future of Flying Scotsman Runs

Rail operator Network Rail has warned that the fun may soon end for steam enthusiasts, thanks to aggressive trainspotters getting too near the tracks whenever their beloved restored old Flying Scotsman powers through. Read More >>

Crossrail Delays Blamed on Tunnels Being Hard

Crossrail's chief exec is starting the excuse-making process with regards to the rail project's string of delays, and this latest explanation covers why the Bond Street stop and interchange is running an entire year behind the development other stops. Read More >>

New Sleeper Trains Arrive Three Hours Late on Maiden Chuff

The new Caledonian Sleeper trains with their satisfying modern inbuilt device charging options made their first runs between London and Glasgow last night, with this new dawn of overnight rail failing to beat the classic old problem of arriving at the destination in style but obscenely and unbelievably late. Read More >>

Glasgow Has Radical Idea of Making Trains Go to the Airport

You southern softies in your plimsolls reading this in your 5G testbeds while a man on a moped brings you a £15 cup of tea in a disposable bamboo flask may not be aware of the transport intricacies involved in getting to Glasgow Airport, but honestly, it's a nightmare. Read More >>

Virgin Wants Plane-Style Tickets and Departure Slots for All Trains

Virgin Trains has submitted some ideas to the government on how the futures of all our trains might be better organised, ideas which it says are all about improving the services. Services that Virgin probably won't be providing any more. Read More >>

HS2’s Already Burned £600m on Buying Houses and Gardens to Flatten Out

The HS2 rail project has been busy handing out the money to smooth its passage through the country, with the first wave of land purchases along the proposed route costing the line, and therefore the nation, around £600m. Read More >>

Despite Other Delays, Crossrail Should Still Hit Reading by December

Most of the recent news regarding London's Elizabeth Line hasn't been good, thanks to issues with delays, budgets, and all that. The good news is that the expansion over into Reading looks like it'll still arrive as scheduled. Read More >>

Fancypants New Sleeper Trains are Like “Hotels on Wheels”

If you've always fancied travelling on a sleeper train (as we have, after watching Some Like It Hot), this announcement might be a sign from the universe to go for it. Read More >>

9 Out of 10 Train Journeys will Soon Offer Smart Tickets

Paperless tickets really are on their way to our creaking train network, insists the Rail Delivery Group (RDG), which represents train companies. Read More >>

Last of the Big Train Stations Remove Toilet Charges

The turnstiles at three more national rail terminals have been set to infinite/free rotation, as Network Rail completes its plan to stop charging silly money for toilet access at key mainline sites. Parents waiting two hours for a train with a child rejoice. Read More >>

Sadiq Khan Wants TfL to Take Over London’s Railways

The state of Britain's railways is lamented in angry social media posts every day of the week, yet progress and change is slower than the 10.06 to Ebbsfleet. Read More >>

Timing Change Likely to Classify More Trains as Late

From April 1 the way in which train punctuality is recorded is changing, and it's going to bring good news for people who enjoy complaining about such things. Trains will be timed upon arrival at each station, to the minute, which'll create mountains of additional delay data to crunch, tut over, and perhaps even write emails about. Read More >>

Piped Classical Music Makes Train Station Troublemakers Behave

Regional rail franchisee TransPennine Express is experimenting with playing classical music in Hull train station, after a previous trial that saw the classics played over the speakers at Cleethorpes station reduced levels of antisocial behaviour by either calming the perpetrators or sending them home in disgust. Read More >>