These Scenes from Trainspotting and Its Sequel Look Exactly the Same

I’ve never actually watched Trainspotting and I’m not sure if it needs a sequel 20 years later but I do think it’s kind of cool that there’s so many shots and scenes from the sequel that looks exactly like the shots and scenes from the original movie. Candice Drouet spotted the similarities in the recently released trailer for T2: Trainspotting and stacked them against the first film to show how much has stayed the same. Read More >>

Ewan McGregor and Danny Boyle Up for a Bit of Porno

Ewan McGregor has dropped a rather large hint that he may be about to team up with Danny Boyle once again, suggesting that a sequel to Trainspotting could be ready to start filming in 2016 – a year that marks the 20th anniversary of the launch of the film that made McGregor an international star. Read More >>