Asus Makes Transforming Windows Tablets Way Less Chunky

Asus popularised the cheap detachable laptop, but they've always been chunky little things. Not the Transformer Book Chi. Asus claims the new 10.1-inch T100 Chi is the thinnest Windows tablet ever made. And the 12.5-inch T300 Chi—combined with its keyboard—is now thinner than a MacBook Air. Read More >>

Asus Transformer Book V: A 5-in-1, Android-Windows Phone, Tablet and PC

ASUS has just announced one of its most unusual products yet: a 5-in-1 device that's a phone, tablet and PC, which runs both Windows and Android. No, really. Read More >>

The Porsche 911 Targa Hardtop Convertible is as Cool as Any Transformer

Jalopnik says that the top of the Porsche 911 Targa is completely bonkers. I think I agree. Instead of the entire hard top roof disappearing into the car like other hardtop convertibles, the 911 Targa gets to keep the slick curved glass back while in topless mode. That is pretty damn awesome. Read More >>

Asus Transformer Book Duet: One Laptop, Two Tablets, All the Crazy

Once upon a time (last June) Asus announced its Transformer Book Trio; a Windows PC with an Android tablet hiding inside. Now with the Transformer Book Duet, Asus is pushing its "more is more" approach one step further by adding "Windows 8.1 tablet" to the repertoire. Read More >>

Asus Throws Five New Android Tablets at Unsuspecting IFA Audience

Asus, triumphant from the successes of the Nexus 7 series, has gone completely tablet bonkers at IFA this week, revealing five new types of slightly different black and white rectangle for those not won over by the 7-inch Nexus. Read More >>

Asus’ New Three-in-One: Crouching Windows PC, Hidden Android Tablet

Asus has already been experimenting with mixing Android and Windows in the same device with its bizarre but intriguing 18.5-inch Transformer All-in-One desktop, giant-Android-slab-thing. Now, it's taking the concept to its logical extreme with the new Transformer Book Trio, dual processor-weilding device that staking its claim to tablet, notebook, and desktop territory. Read More >>

Next Asus Transfomer Tablet Will be a Religious Experience, Judging by the Trailer

Asus has clearly been over doing it with the Jesus Juice in this hot weather, as the above video is some sort of teaser trailer for a new tablet. Either that or Asus has decided to declare itself a religious organisation to lower its corporate tax bill. Read More >>

The Court Transcript For the Hasbro vs. Asus Transformer Prime Case Is Hilarious

Last year it was announced that Hasbro was going to sue Asus over the branding of the Transformer Prime; apparently, people all over the planet were confusing a tablet with shape-shifting robots. Now the case has been settled — Hasbro lost — but the court ruling is quite hilarious. Read More >>

iPad Test Notes: Speed (Versus Tegra 3)

Apple made some bold claims about its new A5X chip, claiming it would give a 4x graphical boost over Nvidia's Tegra 3. At the same time, the Tegra 3 is a powerhouse of computational processing. So lets put 'em to the test. Read More >>

UK’s Eee Transformer Android 4.0 Update Due Today

Greta news for those who currently own one of the original Transformer tablets, as Asus has just said its "Ice Cream Sandwich" update for the TF101 should hit the UK today. That makes Asus the best of any Android maker, ever, at releasing a continual stream of updates. Keep checking your notifications, it's very near. [Asus UK] Read More >>

Asus Transformer Bootloader Unlock Available for Download

When the Asus Transformer Prime launched, there was outcry from developers over the fact that its bootloader was locked. Asus eventually crumbled, and announced that they would remove the restrictions. Now, almost two months later, you can download the fix. Read More >>

Hasbro Sues Asus Over the Name Transformer Prime

I don't know about you, but I often get confused between fictional robots that can assume the form of everyday objects, and fancy new Android tablets. Fortunately, toymaker Hasbro feels my pain. Read More >>

lightning review
Asus EeePad Slider Lightning Review: Fat Tablet for Clickity-Clackers

The Asus EeePad Transformer with its detachable keyboard dock has been one of the best-selling Android tablets yet. The EeePad Slider's keyboard is permanently attached, so you can type wherever you go. Better, right?! Maaaaaaybe. Read More >>

Asus Transformer Prime Landing Next Week According to Leak

Looks like the world will get to see the Asus Transformer Prime a little sooner than we thought, as a leaked Investor Conference slide pegs the launch for November 9th. Read More >>

Leaked Photos of Asus’ EeePad Transformer 2 Shows Its Zenbook-Like Beauty

The best thing about Asus' Zenbook line of laptops, as discovered in our review? That gorgeous brushed aluminium and sleek, sleek lines. Asus obviously knows a good thing when it sees it, as leaked photos of the EeePad Transformer 2 show a real departure from the first model. Read More >>