Self-Transforming Robot Takes Us a Step Closer to Actual Transformers

The path toward humanoid robots capable of transforming themselves into trucks, dinosaurs, and airplanes is now a bit shorter, thanks to the invention of a modular robot that can alter its physical form to match the needs of a situation. Read More >>

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I Want This Custom Bluetooth Soundwave Boombox, Even if It Doesn’t Transform

Optimus Prime and Grimlock were among the most popular Transformers characters from the original animated series, but Soundwave, who spoke like he’d swallowed a synthesizer, was undoubtedly every kid’s favourite. I still have the original toy, but as an adult, I want this custom Soundwave-shaped boombox even more. Read More >>

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The Newest Bumblebee Trailer is Packed With Other Transformers

There’s no way that Paramount’s upcoming Bumblebee movie could have worked without a bunch of other Cybertronian Transformers worked into the mix and the latest trailer shows off just how many of them are due to get in on the action. Read More >>

Wizards of the Coast Is Making a Transformers Card Game

The company behind Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: The Gathering is adding another card game to its tabletop roster, only it’s slightly less weird than fantastical loot-happy heroes or elemental-plane-hopping monsters summoners. It’s about those giant robots in disguise that you know and love. Read More >>

Transforming Dino-Cassettes Join a Retro ’80s Bumblebee For This Comic-Con Exclusive

It’s hard to lament Comic-Con’s lack of focus on actual comic books when the convention also brings us some of the best and exclusive collectible toys of the year. In addition to new figures of Star Wars’ latest heroes, Hasbro will be tapping Transformers fans’ wallets with a new Bumblebee set featuring a retro gold Camaro and a pair of rare dinosaur cassette bots. Read More >>

The First Bumblebee Trailer Is a Heartfelt Blast From the Past

The first trailer for the Bumblebee movie is finally here and against all odds, it actually looks rather charming for a Transformers film about a robot that can’t really speak. Read More >>

Transformers: The Last Knight Is Over-Stuffed and Completely Insane

Remember 10 years ago when director Michael Bay took the simply designed cartoon Transformers of the ‘80s and made them into ultra-complex, shiny beings with so many moving parts they made no sense? Well, what Bay did to the Transformers themselves is what he’s done to the fifth film in the franchise, The Last Knight. Read More >>

Mark Wahlberg Is Probably Done With the Transformers Movies

Shia LaBeouf left after three films, Megan Fox two. And now it seems like it’s possible the latest Transformers star, Mark Wahlberg, won’t be around for much longer. Read More >>

The Transformers Spinoffs Are Sending Bumblebee to the ’80s and Other Robots to Ancient Rome

Yes. You read that right. A movie about Transformers in Ancient Rome. If they do not fight for the entertainment of the masses in the Coliseum, it will be a travesty. Read More >>

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The New Transformers: The Last Knight Trailer Is Just Goddamn Bonkers

Okay, look. I need to ask something: Transformers franchise, are you okay? Because this... thing you’ve unleashed upon the world feels like you’re not. Are you entering your angsty teen years? Is that what all the swords are about? Read More >>

The Transformers: The Last Knight Trailer Is Appropriately Insane and Over the Top

Say what you want about the Transformers movies, and we all have, but there’s no denying they deliver spectacle on a level unto themselves. That trend looks like it’ll continue with the fifth film, Transformers: The Last Knight. Read More >>

Transforming Coffee Table Just Keeps Getting Bigger and Bigger

When you’re living in a small flat you need furniture that does more than just sit there looking pretty. This nondescript coffee table, created by Studio Ozeta, magically raises and expands, again and again, to become a dining table capable of seating up to ten dinner guests. Read More >>

This Company Will Build You a Real-Life Transformer

Admit it, ever since you learned that Optimus Prime and the rest of the Autobots and Decepticons crashed on Earth, you’ve secretly always wondered what a real-life, full-sized Transformer would look like. Good news, a company in Turkey wants to sell you one. Read More >>

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3D Print Your Own Transformers Matrix of Leadership So Optimus Prime Doesn’t Have to Die

30 years ago, every kid who was lucky enough to see Transformers: The Movie in cinemas must have had something stuck in their eye when Optimus Prime died. But if the Autobots had had access to a 3D printer, maybe Optimus wouldn’t have had to die before passing the Matrix of Leadership on to Hot Rod—they could have just 3D-printed a perfect duplicate like Bob Clagett did. Read More >>

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This Live-Action Transformers Fan Film is Better Than All of Michael Bay’s Attempts

Using a mix of computer graphics, remote control miniature models, and some truly impressive costumes, Lior Mocho and the crew at Chisel Pixel have created the live-action Transformers fan film we all hoped Michael Bay’s first effort would have been. Read More >>