Google Translate for Android Can Read Pictures in Foreign Languages Now

Google Translate just got Word Lens, basically. The new feature in the latest update of the Google Translate app lets you take a picture in-app, and highlight text you want translated from one language into another. It's pretty cool. Read More >>

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Forget Google Glass, Raspberry Pi Powers This Amazing Universal Translator

The anticipated hotbed of indie development we were hoping to see triggered by the Raspberry Pi really has delivered some incredible concepts so far, and here's another stunner -- a real-time Google Glass-style wearable translator that generates subtitles when speaking to foreigners. Read More >>

Siri Can Translate Languages for You With a Tweak

Siri is more powerful than Apple lets on, so it's up to the tweaking, hacking, tinkerish souls of the jailbreak community to unleash her full potential. Like this latest Siri hack, Lingual. It's a jailbreak-only tweak that turns Siri into a translation device. Just say what you want to Siri, name the language you want to translate it to and Siri will display it in its translated glory. Read More >>

Like Jennifer Aniston, Google Translate Is Obsessed With Angelina Jolie

This is really weird. Apparently Google Translate seems obsessed with Angelina Jolie. Which, mind you, is completely understandable. Try the following: Read More >>

Google Translate for Android Now Supports Speech-to-Speech Translation in 14 Languages

Google has one of the best language translation technologies around, which they've continually improve it over the past few years. And now their Android app has the ability to support speech-to-speech translation in 14 languages. Read More >>