Google Translate Can Help Doctors Bridge the Language Gap With Patients – But it’s Not Flawless

Doctors who serve diverse communities often face the challenge of communicating effectively with patients who don’t share their language. Some doctors are bridging this gap with help from Google Translate, an AI-driven app that has become increasingly sophisticated in recent years. But while a new study from California shows that the app can definitely help non-English speaking patients and their doctors, it isn’t flawless – rarely, the translations could even cause harm. Read More >>

All Headphones With Google Assistant Will Soon Become Babelfish

Google Translate is full of wizardry that the Big G has historically been pretty bad at shouting about. For instance, hardly anyone seems to know that you can hold your phone camera over a menu in another language and see it in English via the magic of Word Lens, bought by Google in 2o14. Read More >>

Amazon Wants to Bring Real Time Translation to Alexa

For years people have dreamed about creating the real-world Babel Fish, that lovely creature imagined by Douglas Adams as being able to automatically translate all languages in real time. The tech companies have been on it recently, particularly where earbuds are concerned, and now Amazon seems to want that feature built into Alexa. Read More >>

Hear2Read Promises Machine-learned Audio Translations for India

Text to speech tools are nothing new, but the one offered by Hear2Read -- for free -- is a little bit different from the rest. It uses machine learning to populate a database and compare the commonalities of Indian languages, offering translation on the fly without a massive bespoke list of words. Read More >>

Google Translate Now Works With 13 More Languages

ver had the urge to translate a website written in Corsican, Pashto or Luxembourgish? Good, because Google’s now got you covered. Read More >>

Cortana Can Be Your Own Personal Translator in Windows 10

One of Cortana’s capabilities that you might not noticed yet is the quick translation feature. Microsoft’s engineers recently upgraded this part of Cortana’s functionality, so you can now get multilingual help with words, phrases and sentences. The US English and Chinese editions of Windows 10 are the first to get the new features. Read More >>

Inside the Weird Brains of Real-Time Translators

The world's most powerful computers can't perform accurate real-time translation. Yet interpreters do it with ease. Geoff Watts meets the neuroscientists who are starting to explain this remarkable ability. Read More >>

Google’s Just Made Google Translate Your Ultimate Travel Companion

Let's face it, as good as Google Translate is, most of the best features require a data connection, which you probably don't have while travelling. Now an update has given Google Translate the power to save a whole bunch of phrases for offline use. Your pocket translator just got much more useful. Read More >>

Microsoft Can Convert Your Voice Into Another Language

It's unlikely that you speak Mandarin, but that doesn't mean you won't need to at some point. Now, Microsoft has created software that can analyse your speech, translate it and then spit out a new recording of your very own voice speaking in a different language. Read More >>

Does Your Sibling or Offspring Insist on “Txtin lik dis lol”?

Kids these days are rather lazy aren't they? With the ever growing number of people using text speak, not only in texts, a simple scroll through your Facebook or Twitter feeds can become a nightmare to understand. What does the lol mean and why does everyone end their sentences with it? When were numbers added to the damn alphabet? Read More >>

Incredible World-Translating App Word Lens Is Finally on Android

Basically the coolest and most futuristic app for iOS is finally on Android. Word Lens—the augmented reality app that translates signs, newspapers, menus, and anything else from one language to another in real time—is finally out on Android. Read More >>

Microsoft’s Working on a Real Electronic Babel Fish That’ll Have You Speaking a New Language Instantly

It almost sounds too good to be true, but apparently Microsoft’s developed the holy grail for Brits abroad -- a piece of software that learns your voice and uses it to speak in a language you simply can’t. Read More >>

Secret Code of Eye-Surgery Cult Gets Cracked

The secret rituals of an 18-Century German occultists have been revealed. The New York Times reports that an exceptional language nerd cracked their code. It sounds like something straight out of Hellboy, except with fewer fights and more computers. Read More >>