Get One Step Closer to Star Trek’s Universal Translator With This Little Pocket-Sized Device

If you're sick, tired, and frankly terrified of the wrath of the Duolingo owl, you can tell him to shove it right up his feathery arse. Why bother learning a new language when you can shout loudly at native residents on the sun-baked island you're holidaying at, and have them actually understand you for a change? Pocketalk's AI-powered instant voice translator can make that dream a reality, translating 74 languages bidirectionally. It's available in black, white, and gold, so you can add a touch of style to the wild and unnecessary gesticulating you'll inevitably end up doing as you use it. It's an unfortunate side effect of being a British national on foreign soil. Read More >>

Know What Your Dog Really Wants With This Pooch-to-People Translator

With an olfactory potency hundreds of times more sensitive than ours, a dog's nose is an invaluable tool in the service of humans. But understanding exactly what your dog's nose is picking up has traditionally been limited to specific yes/no answers, such as airport drug dogs ("do you smell weed on this suitcase, yes or no?"). A new device from the Georgia Institute of Technology, though, aims to drastically expand your dog's vocabulary. Read More >>