The First Living Donor Uterus Transplants Have Been Performed in the US

A new medical breakthrough could have major implications for thousands of US women without a uterus. According to a Time report, the first living-donor womb transplant in the US was performed at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas last month. Read More >>

Russian Man Volunteers For First Human Head Transplant

In news that is so weird, you almost won’t believe it, a Russian man has volunteered to be the guinea pig for the world’s first head transplant, which two doctors want to perform early next year. Valery Spiridonov — a 31-year-old Russian man who operates an educational software company out of his home in the small city of Vladimir, Russia — suffers from Werdnig-Hoffmann disease, which confines him to a wheelchair. The disease is genetic and usually fatal, a disorder “that wastes away muscles and kills motor neurons — nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord that help move the body". Read More >>

This Sensor Can Be Implanted in Your Body and is the Size of a Grain of Sand

Many people may not be ready yet for transhumanist body implants, but a recent study at UC Berkeley promises that future may be one step closer regardless. Read More >>

Bone Marrow Transplants Remove All Sign of HIV in Two Men

It's turning into quite a year for HIV treatment. First a baby girl was functionally cured of the HIV virus, then 14 adults were successfully treated with early-stage ARV drugs. Now, two men with longstanding HIV infections have been freed from HIV drugs thanks to bone marrow transplants. We're really getting there. Read More >>

This Lab-Grown Kidney Can Keep Rats — and Maybe Even You — Alive

For the first time ever, a whole lab-grown kidney has been successfully transplanted into a rat, where it allowed the creature to process urine like a really kidney would — and it could someday save your life. Read More >>

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After You Croak, the OrganOx Will Keep Your Liver Fresh for the Next Guy (NSFW)

Liver transplantation has become a victim of its own success with far more recipients registered to waiting lists — roughly 30,000 in the US and Europe — than there are available donor organs. What's more, a staggering 2,000 viable livers must be discarded annually because they didn't survive the journey from donor to recipient. However, this new organ transporter will keep livers warm, oxygenated, and active during its trip, potentially saving thousands of lives yearly. Read More >>

Facebook Makes Organ Donation Social

This morning, Facebook announced that it's making organ donation social. From today, you'll be able to declare that you're an organ donor on your timeline—something that Zuckerberg hopes will drive more people to sign up to donate. Read More >>

One Kidney Has Been Inside Three People In Just Two Weeks

When Ray Fearing received a kidney from his sister, Cera, after a long battle with a disease which forms scar tissue on the kidney, he was extremely relieved. Sadly, his condition worsened and the doctors had no choice but to remove the kidney—but it went on to find itself inside a third patient. Read More >>

Man Transplants Faeces Into Himself

It's gross, but faecal transplants can save lives. A Nova Scotia man living in Cape Breton Island, Canada, read about it and decided to stop an intestinal bacterial infection, doing the faecal transplant himself—using faeces from his cousin. Read More >>

The Taboo Treatment: How Fecal Transplants Save Lives

Some medical treatments often go unspoken about because they're icky. But here's one you should know of: fecal transplants. Because while having someone else's excrement put inside your body does sound gross, it's a process that's saving lives. Read More >>