All The Best Articles from Giz UK Transport Week

That was the week that was! We're departing from Transport Week here on Gizmodo UK and looking longingly out of the window at what's gone by. It's been a great event filled with loads of interesting articles, so here is your one-stop shop of all the best bits from across the week, collected in one easy place for you to explore. Without further ado... Read More >>

10 Techy Ways to Keep Your Bike From Being Stolen

If you’re a bike rider in a big city you’ll know someone who’s had their bike nicked, or perhaps more annoyingly, badly damaged by thieves. Although tempting to resort to shipping chain and hungry Dobermanns to secure your pride and joy, we’ve sourced some of the best low-tech locks and hi-tech alternatives to keep your bike safe and where you left it. Read More >>

10 of the Most Bizarre Cars Ever Made

You'd be forgiven for thinking cars are pretty boring in 2016. Four wheels, petrol, diesel or electric motors, seats – they all use a similar recipe. But it hasn't always been like that. Read More >>

Orange Train Tickets Expected to be Killed Off by 2022

Earlier this month, it emerged that orange train tickets were being scrapped by a small number of rail operators and it made us sad. According to an apparent insider, they’ll be all-but-gone by 2022. Read More >>

The Retired Public Transport Vehicles Still Serving us Today

What happens to old buses and trains when they die? Most are recycled into tuna tins and foil, probably, but a few, like the old railway carriages you see in odd places about the country, survive as relics of a bygone era. Recycling our history is not only about middle class people turning phone boxes into libraries; there are some cracking converted old utilities out there. Read More >>

Never Accept a Ride From a 2 Star-Rated Uber Driver Abroad: A Cautionary Tale

Ahh, Uber rides – the only time it’s acceptable to get in the back of a stranger’s car and pay them for the privilege. It’s weird how normal it’s become for someone you’ve never met to take you somewhere you’re too lazy to walk to and then happily accept peanuts for it. I guess that’s how taxis were once, before cabbies realised how much they could get from ripping off tourists. Read More >>

These Transport Safety Videos Are So Gruesome They Just Might Work

What would convince transport riders to pay attention to an oncoming train instead of Instagram? Apparently, a graphic depiction of certain dismemberment. Read More >>

A Brief History of Speeding in the UK

This article was first published on January 28th, 2015, but it was so good that we brought it forward for you, in honour of Transport Week. Enjoy! Read More >>

The 14 Craziest, Most Dangerous Airports in the World

This article was first published on July 21st, 2015, and we have brought it back to your attention for our Giz UK Transport Week. Enjoy! Read More >>

How Far Are We From a Supersonic Air Travel Future?

Unless you can afford your own private jet to travel the skies in luxury, or a pricey business class ticket, the experience of taking a flight can be a stressful, uncomfortable one. Bad food. Screaming babies. No leg room. It's a chore only amplified during long haul flights, when terra firma could be the best part of a day away. Read More >>

Transport Week: London Bus Facts Revisited

All aboard! London's buses are as recognisable as cultural icons go, and as part of Transport Week were are revisit a great round-up of London bus facts, spanning from their Victorian origins to today's modern machines. Read it here. Read More >>

Watch an Apocalyptic Timelapse of an Underground Station Flooding

Earlier this week a subway station in Washington DC turned into a surprise water park ride. It wasn’t a huge deal — the station was closed for a few hours, the water drained, and service went back to normal — but it certainly looked like it. Seeing a timelapse of the whole thing from the station’s entrance shows how this happened. Read More >>

Solar Impulse 2 is the First Solar-Powered Aeroplane to Conquer the Atlantic Ocean

Solar Impulse 2 has almost completed its journey around the world, after successfully making it across the Atlantic from New York to Seville. It becomes the first solar-powered aeroplane to conquer the ocean, with pilot Bertrand Piccard describing the feat as ‘symbolic’. Read More >>

The Bizarre Evolutionary Anomaly That is Travel Sickness

They say it’s not about where you’re going, but how you get there. And that you should enjoy the journey or the ride as much as the destination. But you know what makes that really hard? Feeling like you’re actually about to die when you’re travelling anywhere. At any time. In any conditions. Read More >>

How Do They Number London’s Bus Routes?

Who decided that the 172 should be the bus that goes from the middle bit to the south-east corner? And why do some have letters in their official designations? Why is there a 474 and a 476 but not a 475? And is it really OK to eat a burger on a packed one during rush hour? Read More >>