I Stepped Into the World’s First Full-Size Hyperloop Capsule

As I was driving from Malaga to Cadiz for the unveiling of the first full-scale Hyperloop capsule, I got stuck on a simple math problem: “If it takes me two and a half hours to travel this 150-mile route, then the Hyperloop would take...” Oh, what does it matter? The road is steep and the chances that someone will build a giant tube between both cities are scarce, at least in my lifetime. Then all of a sudden, I ran into a thick fog — courtesy of the Strait of Gibraltar — and thought: “Well, this is the perfect metaphor for the Hyperloop. No one knows what’s next or where the limit is.” Now that I have seen it in person, I am even more uncertain about its future. Read More >>

New App Aims to Make Train Travel Easier for Disabled Passengers

Public transport isn't the most user-friendly way of travelling around if you have some sort of mobility restriction, especially where trains are concerned. Assistance is available, but the system still is time consuming and doesn't account for delays, cancellations, and all those other things that happen far too often in this country. But the Rail Delivery Group has now announced it's moving this system into a new app, which will allow passengers to amend any assistance requirements they might need. Read More >>

This Bizarre Taxi of the Future Was Supposed to Fit So Many People

Futuristic headlines here in the year 2018 might make you ask “why?” But back in the 1950s, illustrators were asking “why not?” And perhaps nothing demonstrates that thinking better than this comic strip from 1958 by Arthur Radebaugh. Read More >>

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Homeless Man Shaving on Train Goes Viral Because Humans Are Terrible and Social Media was a Mistake

The world is a cruel place. And nobody knows that better than Anthony Torres, a 56-year-old man in New York who was recently the butt of jokes when a video of him shaving on a train went viral. Torres talked with the Associated Press and explained that he doesn’t have a home right now and had just spent a few days in a homeless shelter. Read More >>

Bristol Airport Denies Paying Hackers to Get its Displays Working Again

Staff at Bristol Airport have been forced to pull a Gatwick over the weekend, after computer problems caused their departures and arrival screens to be taken out of service and they had to write up flight times by hand. The embarrassing reason for the IT failure? Its systems were broken into by what appears to have been a random drive-by ransomware attack. Not really what you'd expect of an airport. Read More >>

BA Shamed as Least Efficient Transatlantic Passenger Hauler

If you want a slightly less environmentally toxic way of managing your luxury winter shopping holiday to New York, use any airline that isn't British Airways. That's the conclusion of a report into transatlantic passenger flights assembled by the International Council on Clean Transportation, which blames everything from old planes to space for more luxury seating for BA's poor economy averages. Read More >>

Fancy New Electro-Diesel Trains Aren’t Compatible With Old Tracks

A new fleet of trains due to be rolled out at the end of this year on the East Coast mainline is being held back due to out of date equipment on the tracks. Azuma trains, operated by LNER, use both electric and diesel to reach higher speeds more efficiently than older trains. But old signals and points in certain parts of the country aren't compatible with the trains' electric technology, meaning that they're limited to using only diesel, and therefore much more slowly than they're designed to be run. Read More >>

Uber Finally Adds Safety Features It Should Have Had Years Ago

Uber announced it was “getting serious about safety” in April — just shy of a decade since Uber was founded—and pointed to a number of forthcoming features that would support that declaration. On Wednesday, CEO Dara Khosrowshahi asserted in a blog post that the company was “raising the bar on safety” with another round of new safety updates. Read More >>

Put Road Signs on the Ground to Protect Phone-Using Pedestrians, Says Transport Expert

A transport expert tasked with stopping us lot strolling into traffic each time a bot likes one of our rubbish tweets has had an idea, suggesting that the pavements of the future might be embedded with more pedestrian advice so we might stand a chance of seeing it in the peripheral vision that surrounds our exciting telephone worlds. Read More >>

Quebec City’s New, Over-Designed Bike Racks Cost a Staggering £14,000 Each

Making a bustling city more bike-friendly can be a good way to cut down on traffic and congestion. But while introducing dedicated bicycle lanes to existing roads can be an expensive upgrade, adding more bike racks shouldn’t be, which is why cyclists in Quebec City, Quebec, are miffed that the city is adding just seven of them at a cost of $165,000 CDN (£99,000). That comes out to a little over £14,000 each. Read More >>

Chinese Ridesharing Service Didi Chuxing Suspends Carpooling Option After Second Murder of Year

Chinese ridesharing service Didi Chuxing has suspended Hitch, its free carpooling component that allows passengers to ride along with drivers headed in the same direction, after the second murder of a passenger this year. Read More >>

Airline in Trouble for Filtering Out Boys as Pilots and Giving Girls the Drinks Trolley

There's a minor sexism furore kicking up around small UK flier TUI, which thought it was doing a great job of engaging with child travellers by giving them stickers. Two gender neutral stickers — as in, neither of them are pink — have been created to be handed out to kids, celebrating careers in the sky. Which is lovely, except whoever's doing the handing out has been guilty of a bit of entrenched sexism, as the girls have all been given "Future Cabin Crew" ones while the "Future Captain" stickers all found their ways onto the yoghurt-covered lapels of boys. Read More >>

Ryanair Bounces Compensation Cheques in Most Ryanair Style Thing Ever

Passengers who found themselves and their flights disrupted in the wake of the Ryanair strike series of cancellations have found yet another way to be annoyed with the airline, thanks to some of its compensation cheques going out unsigned and being returned unpaid by their banks. Or bounced, as they used to say, back in the days before money was digitally grabbed out of accounts within seconds. Read More >>

The Government Wants to Trial 5G on Train Routes Between Manchester and Leeds

With the launch of 5G services sort-of imminent, there's a lot of work being done testing and trialling 5G services in various part of the country. Even if most of those locations seem to be in or near London. Now, though, the government has decided it wants to have a 5G trial on trans-Pennine train routes between Manchester and Leeds, and is looking for someone to get involved. Read More >>

Welcome to the UK – Here’s a Massive Queue and a Packet of Crisps

People landing at Heathrow from countries outside of the European Economic Area are facing such lengthy queues to have their passports looked at that airlines are handing out drinks and snacks to stop people passing out or kicking off, with border control routinely keeping visitors lining up at passport control for more than two hours. Read More >>