Random Architects Propose Billions-Cheaper HS2 Reconfiguration

A gang of architects no one asked to has redesigned a critical section of the HS2 plan, suggesting that adding a full-power HS2 interchange beneath Manchester Piccadilly Station would enable direct high-speed services from Liverpool, Leeds and York to travel via Manchester, invigorating the Northern Powerhouse concept by doing a bit more for east-west travel that's not all about when you get to London. Read More >>

e-Scooter Legalisation: What You Need to Know

This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article. Read More >>

Teesside Looks Like Winning the First e-Scooter Launch Battle

The mayor of the Tees Valley region is perhaps about to go down in history as the man who first introduced electric scooters to his people, and is expecting 100 of the newly-legal devices to hit the streets later this month. Read More >>

Boris Johnson Declares War on Underground Train Drivers and Demands a Driverless Future

The prime minister has fired a warning shot over the offices of Transport for London, threatening the London body's funding with a veto unless it agrees to speed up the transition of the Underground network to a driverless system. Read More >>

First Look at the James Bond Gadgets in Aston Martin’s £2.75 million Goldfinger DB5

Over a year ago we discovered Aston Martin was releasing its first DB5 vehicle in 50 years. This stunning car was made famous by Sean Connery’s portrayal of James Bond in Goldfinger. So naturally, Aston Martin filled this new version full of spy gadgets. Now, the first one has come off the production line. Read More >>

Rail Industry Promises Longer Trains for Easier Social Distancing Upon Return

The rail industry sees you shitting yourself about going near a train again, and has preempted our national angst by introducing a Safer Travel Pledge to reassure everyone that standing armpit-to-armpit with others on the daily commuter run will be perfectly safe. Read More >>

Charity for the Blind Not Keen on Looming e-Scooter Rental Legalisation

The sudden UK legalisation of electric scooters has found a surprising enemy in the form of the Royal National Institute of Blind People, which says it's shocked that the speed limit for the things has been set at 15.5mph. Read More >>

Rented e-Scooters are Legal from Saturday, But Private Ones are Still Banned

Back in May the government announced that it was fast-tracking e-scooter legalisation, so people could whiz around the streets in a post-lockdown Britain and stay off public transport. There's a huge catch, though. While rental e-scooters are going to be permissible in the eyes of the law, private ones won't. Read More >>

Transport Secretary Hints of a Tearing-Up of Rail Franchise Rules in September

Transport secretary Grant Shapps has been coming across all mysterious and enigmatic, and this time it's not as a cover for having no idea what is going on. He does know what's going on, but isn't saying. Read More >>

The Original Segway Is Officially Being Retired on 15 July

When first revealed to the world back in December of 2001 Dean Kamen’s Segway promised to revolutionise urban mobility. But sticker shock, and cities quickly banning the self-balancing standing scooter, meant the Segway never came to close to realising that dream. Nineteen years later, on 15 July, the original Segway will officially roll off into the sunset. Read More >>

Current Lockdown Rail Subsidy Bill Stands at £3.5bn

The government's sort of emergency nationalisation of the railways has cost it, and therefore us, a staggering £3.5bn so far, as the mess of coronavirus ratchets the good old national debt up by yet more unimaginable piles of money. Read More >>

Hydrogen Train Calls at Whitehall for £400,000 More Development Money

The HydroFLEX hydrogen-powered train that's been in development for quite a few years already has received another lump of government money, this time a £400,000 investment via the InnovateUK First of a Kind programme to fund the final steps in readying the final-final-v2.8c-actually-ready full production design and finished article. Read More >>

Planes Mount Each Other in Low-Speed, Zero-Death Accident in Aberdeen

Two aeroplanes experienced a very slow and uninteresting crash at Aberdeen Airport this week, wedging the planes together as one got into position while preparing for takeoff. Read More >>

EasyJet Phases Itself Back into Being an Airline

The orange budget aeroplanes are back in the sky, or at least a few of them are, thanks to easyJet tentatively pushing a big ceremonial lever forwards at its HQ and restarting a few of its shorter routes. Read More >>

Scooter Demand Has Trebeled Because People Are Avoiding Coronavirus-Exposure on Public Transport

When you ask someone to think of scooters, and they don't get confused with the foldable metal contraptions, they probably think of food delivery people or teenagers who are too young (or otherwise unable) to drive a car. But apparently there's a lot of increased demand right now, all thanks to the coronavirus. Read More >>