London’s Boris Bikes Might be Shut Down [Update: Mayor’s Office Denies]

Update: The London Mayor's office has denied that Boris Bikes will be phased out. Instead it's been in touch to say Comissioner Brown was actually talking about incorporating technology from other bike-sharing schemed to improve them. Read More >>

TfL Reveals How Much It’ll Cost to Travel via Crossrail

London's Crossrail service, officially known now as the Elizabeth Line, is set to open later this year, and slowly we're getting a picture of what it will be like to travel on the brand new section of the Underground. We've seen the fancy new trains that will be in operation, and now TfL has confirmed how much it will cost to use. Spoiler: It's basically the same as the regular Tube, unless you're travelling to Heathrow. Read More >>

Uber’s Bringing Uber Movement to London, Making Anonymous Ride Data Available to All

Last year Uber launched Uber Movement, an urban planning tool that made anonymous ride data available to governments and the public - the idea being that they can utilise Uber's data as they would other information collected on how people use and interact with public transport. Now that tool is going live in London. Read More >>

This Clever Tool Will Tell You How Many Londoners Share Your Commute

Have you ever squeezed on to the Tube in the morning and got a sense of déjà vu? If you look up from your phone and into the dead-eyed faces of the other commuters, don't some of them seem... a little familiar? That might be because in a city of eight million people, some of them are the same people day in, day out. Read More >>

Here’s Our First Look at Kitty Hawk’s Ambitious Autonomous Air Taxi 

While the rest of us are still waiting for self-driving cars to become available, Google cofounder Larry Page and self-driving car pioneer Sebastian Thrun are already working on the Next Big Thing™ with Cora, the pilot-less air taxi from the ambitiously named Kitty Hawk aircraft company. Read More >>

Virgin Trains Will Accept an Avocado in Place of a Millennial Railcard

Virgin Trains has launched a thing it's calling the Avocard. It's a joke, but one that comes with real benefits. The same benefits, in fact, as the recently launched 26-30 "millennial" railcard. Read More >>

Virgin Trains’ Spring Sale Begins This Thursday

The cost of train travel is obscene, and for all the pounds you spend you end up with a poorly-cleaned train that smells like there hasn't been any fresh air inside for at least five years. So any excuse to save a bit of money is more than welcome, and Virgin Trains' spring sale is one of them. Provided of course that you're travelling between some pre-set dates. Read More >>

Can’t Get a Millennial Railcard? Don’t Worry, You Might Still be Able to Get Big Discounts on the Train

Today is the day that the new 'millennial railcard' goes on sale outside of East Anglia, for people within the 26-30 age bracket. Only 10,000 cards are available, and demand is so high that the website has crashed making it impossible for anyone to get there hands on one. Luckily that's not the only railcard out there. Read More >>

The 26-30 Railcard Website is Kind of Dead Right Now

Yesterday it was announced that the 26-30 'millennial' railcard was going on sale today, but in limited quantities on a first come first served basis. So naturally 20-somethings across the UK are scrambling to try and get one for themselves, because it's not clear when they'll be available again. Read More >>

A Limited Number of 26-30 ‘Millennial’ Railcards Go on Sale Tomorrow

Last year the government announced it would be launching a new 'millennial' rail card for people between the ages of 26 and 30 - netting them a third off rail fairs up and down the country. A trial version launched last December for people living in East Anglia, but now it's opening up to everyone within that age bracket. Read More >>

Virgin Atlantic Offers Travellers a Bit of “Economy Delight”

Virgin Atlantic has tweaked its budget seat options, with the travellers of the near-future invited to order something described as "economy delight" for their next trip. Sadly this does not involve being touched by Richard Branson or a neatly bearded pilot. It's a way of giving people the illusion of more choice in the cheap seats. Read More >>

Ryanair Says it Probably Won’t Detonate its Business to Make a Point About Brexit

You'll never guess what. Ryanair has backtracked ever-so-slightly over its boss's pronouncement that he'd like to ground his fleet to teach Brexit voters a lesson, with the flier saying it'll try not to deliberately make anyone's life harder or stop them going to nice places. Read More >>

Ryanair Boss Threatens Brexiters With Holidays to Scotland

Ryanair's outspoken boss Michael O’Leary has had a cracking idea about how to get Brexit voters to change their minds and petition the government to call the whole thing off -- ground his planes and make everyone go to Scotland for their holidays instead. Read More >>

Train Station Toilet Charges Axed From 2019

All train stations managed by Network Rail will see the joy of free toilets restored from 2019, as the outgoing chief executive tries to return a bit of dignity to the art of travelling by rail. Read More >>

More Trains Might Mean the End of the Rail Timetable

The boss of Network Rail has had an idea: no one can complain about trains not keeping to timetables if there aren't any timetables. At least, that's what might be behind his bonkers suggestion that train timetables could soon be a thing of the past, thanks to... more trains. Read More >>