The Government Wants to Trial 5G on Train Routes Between Manchester and Leeds

With the launch of 5G services sort-of imminent, there's a lot of work being done testing and trialling 5G services in various part of the country. Even if most of those locations seem to be in or near London. Now, though, the government has decided it wants to have a 5G trial on trans-Pennine train routes between Manchester and Leeds, and is looking for someone to get involved. Read More >>

Welcome to the UK – Here’s a Massive Queue and a Packet of Crisps

People landing at Heathrow from countries outside of the European Economic Area are facing such lengthy queues to have their passports looked at that airlines are handing out drinks and snacks to stop people passing out or kicking off, with border control routinely keeping visitors lining up at passport control for more than two hours. Read More >>

British Train Companies Are Releasing Data to Make Travel Apps Better

Rail travel sucks. It's awful. The southern trains barely operate on time, and the incoming passengers all swarm around the door while people are still trying to get off the damn things. The northern trains might as well not exist, seeing as how utterly terrible they are. What's the government doing about it? No clue, but the Department for Transport has teamed up with rail companies to try and make travel apps better. Read More >>

HS2 is Already Transporting Gravy to Staff Troughs

Outrage has been sparked by HS2, and it hasn't even got so far as cancelling services and laying on replacement buses for an entire bank holiday weekend. This outrage is to do with staff salaries, with data showing that a significant chunk of its current staff are already staggering under the weight of all the money they're taking home in the boots of their Audis. Read More >>

US Man Starts ‘Amish Uber’ With Horse and Buggy

An Amish resident of the Colon village in Michigan has launched his own ride-sharing service with his horse and buggy, and he’s calling it “Amish Uber.” Read More >>

Crappy Buses Stop People Holding Down Jobs

Researchers tasked with doing a bit of Orwellian investigation into the lives of your everyday folk in the north of England have come to the conclusion that the buses need to be better, finding that people are missing job interviews and losing work opportunities simply because the public transport system is so unreliable. Read More >>

Wizz Air Wins (AKA Loses) in Most-Delayed UK Flier Stats

Hungarian flier Wizz Air has been outed as the least punctual airline operating on routes in and out of the UK, recording average delays of nearly 23 minutes per flight over the last year. Read More >>

Eurotunnel Turns Hoses on Dogs and Kids as Heat Breaks its Trains

Here's a classic bit of UK infrastructure news: the air conditioning on the Channel Tunnel trains isn't working very well because it's too hot. Hence thousands of angry people are hoovering up the mobile internet in the Folkestone area and complaining about massive delays in getting the family off to France. Read More >>

Ryanair Says No to Strike Cancellation Compensation

This week's Ryanair strike that saw as many as 600 flights cancelled across Europe and perhaps 100,000 travellers having their flights axed is not the end of the nightmare for company bosses, as it's now embroiled in a battle to avoid having to pay out compulsory compensation to all 100,000 binned-off passengers. Read More >>

Engineers Imagine London-Orbital High-Speed Rail Line HS4Air

Engineers thinking of ways to make travel around London less of a nightmare for their children's children have come up with a concept they call HS4Air – a high-speed rail link that connects the south of the city to rail links in the north and that big airport to the west, building a rail equivalent of the M25 in layout at least. Read More >>

Hundreds of Flights Cancelled as Ryanair Staff Refuse to Fly Ryanair

Next week's insane summer holiday getaway disaster scenario is going to be even more miserable than usual for some, thanks to a Ryanair strike causing hundreds of flights to be cancelled across Europe. Read More >>

Passengers Left on Planes at Heathrow as Staff Watched World Cup Games

Pity anyone trying to land or get off an aeroplane in the UK this evening, as during one previous World Cup match travellers were left on aeroplanes as border staff took time off to watch the England team scrape through on penalties against Colombia. Read More >>

Hot Weather is Making Boris Bikes More Popular Than Ever

If you've been in London recently you'll know that it's damn hot, and it's been that way for a while. It's the kind of heat that makes it a bit of a nightmare to go on any public transport that doesn't have air conditioning - which is most of it. But rather than jumping on the Bakerloo Line or a Roastmaster to boil in your own juices, you could grab yourself one of the Santander Bikes. Assuming there are any left. Read More >>

TfL Proposal Could Mean Stricter Congestion Charge Exemption Rules From Next April

Do you ever drive through London for reasons other than "it's your job"? Well what's wrong with you, why would you do that to yourself? Not only are London's roads horrendously busy, going into the centre means you have to contend with the congestion charge. Don't go claiming you're OK because you have an 18 year old Prius. Transport for London proposed tightening the congestion charge exemption criteria from next April, and it could mean your old hybrid might become ineligible. Read More >>

We Now Know When the Next Stage of Crossrail Will Launch

Whether you call it Crossrail, the Elizabeth Line, or the Purple Line, we've been looking forward to London's newest train line for quite a long time. The first section, ferrying passengers between Liverpool Street and Shenfield opened last summer, while services between Paddington and Heathrow terminals two, three and four began in May. Now we know when the third stage will open up across the rest of Central London. Read More >>