Uber’s Blowing Through Billions Faster Than Ever, Which Is All According to Plan

Uber is huge and blowing lots of cash to stay huge. Finance reports revealed to investors show the ride sharing titan lost $4.5 billion (£3.2 billion) in 2017, its annus horribilis that began with accusations of heinous sexism and ended with bombshell revelations about a dubiously legal network of spies. Co-founder and CEO Travis Kalanick was replaced by Dara Khosrowshahi, who promises a kinder, gentler Uber in 2018. Read More >>

London Plans £6m Secret Bus Driver Toilet Network

London's mayor has brought to light a problem we didn't know existed: the how and where of bus drivers going to the toilet. We always assumed they held it in until they got back to the depot and were perhaps trained in advanced muscle control and peristaltic wave interruption, but apparently not. Read More >>

Virgin East Coast Has Killed The Quiet Coach (But Only in First Class)

If you're lucky (or rich) enough to be able to buy first class train tickets, you may want to think twice about travelling on Virgin East Coast without a decent pair of noise cancelling headphones. The company has just announced that it's pulling quiet carriages from the first class service from May, so it might get a little rowdy. Read More >>

Who Won and Who Got Totally Screwed in Waymo v. Uber

Halfway through a contentious trial, Waymo settled its high-profile lawsuit against Uber in a deal that gives Google’s parent company Alphabet $245 million (£177 million) in Uber equity—a slightly larger stake than Google already has—and allows Waymo to keep tabs on Uber’s self-driving car programme. Read More >>

Waymo, Uber Settle Lawsuit Over Automated Vehicle Trade Secrets

Waymo attorney Charles Verhoeven on Friday announced it had settled its lawsuit against Uber over its alleged use of stolen trade secrets, bringing a sudden end to a year-long legal battle. Read More >>

It’s OK, They’re Putting Some Grass Over the Stonehenge Tunnel

Highways England has shown its first design illustration of how the massive tunnel underneath the fringes of the Stonehenge site may look, with the consultation attempting to appease anti-roads protesters by making the possible tunnels, cuttings and intersections look all lovely and green. Read More >>

Eurostar’s Direct London-Amsterdam Trains Launch in April

Eurostar's about to buck the trend and make our connections with Europe a little bit stronger, with a direct high-speed service from London to Amsterdam -- on a bloody train that goes under the sea, lest we forget to be excited about this bit of 1980s/1990s engineering -- starting in April. Read More >>

Angry Commuter Automates Social Shaming of Train Companies

A man, fed up of not getting a sit down on his train to work in the morning, is trying to make a difference. That man is Nick Schutz and he knows how to make a mobile phone application for iOS. Read More >>

Waymo Attorney Says Uber’s Travis Kalanick Cheated to Win Self-Driving Car War

In his opening statement, Waymo attorney Charles Verhoeven pointed out multiple references in messages and public statements by former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick to what he viewed as an all-out war to dominate the self-driving car market. Read More >>

Airbus Has Finished the First Test of Vahana, its Autonomous Air Taxi

The idea of the flying car has been thrown around for as long as cars have been around, but no one's been able to make it work. Recently attempts have shifted towards using giant autonomous drones as a flying vehicle of sorts, and Airbus has just finished its first successful test. Read More >>

Brace Yourself For Uber Bike-Sharing

Uber’s latest experiment in ditching drivers has nothing to do with autonomous cars. Read More >>

London’s Unlimited One Hour Bus Hopper Fare Comes Into Effect Today

Back in November London Mayor Sadiq Khan announced that the London's Bus Hopper scheme would be getting a mini expansion in the new year. Today is the day that goes into effect, which should save some commuters a bit of extra cash. Read More >>

Lyft Investigating Claim Employees Accessed Info of Mark Zuckerberg and Others

In an email to Gizmodo, Lyft confirmed that it is investigating an anonymous claim that employees used its customer database to access the personal information of romantic partners and technology executives like Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Read More >>

The Department of Transport Wants to Let Road Users Report Accidents Online

As things are at the moment, any road accidents need to be reported to the police. Serious accidents require you to call 999, and less serious bumps mean you need to head to a police station within 24 hours. The Department of Transport wants to change that, however, with a new consultation looking into the prospect of letting road users report their accidents online. Read More >>

Ford Files Patent for Autonomous Robocop Car That Learns How to Hide From Drivers

First spotted by Motor 1, the patent—which represents more of a moonshot project than a pending invention—would nonetheless really round out the most dystopian visions of our future. Read More >>