Violence On The Tube Has Shot Up

Data from the British Transport Police shows that violent crime on the London Underground system has soared by over 43% in the last three years. Read More >>

HS2’s First London Building is a Mystery Cube

The only way we'll see inside this HS2 building is by either working for the company or relying on the breaking and entering skills of a dick on YouTube, as it's not a station. It won't sell coffee or pasties. It's a vent. A lovely new vent. Read More >>

Lime Reportedly Pulls Glitchy E-Scooters in Switzerland Following Abrupt Braking, Injuries

E-scooters can be crazy dangerous even if they’re functioning properly, but especially if they experience glitches or design flaws that can put riders at risk. In Switzerland, an alleged Lime glitch has reportedly left electric scooter riders with serious injuries. Read More >>

Uber’s Clean Air Charge Kicks In This Week

Remember when Uber pledged £200m of your money to clean up London's air, via a 15p-a-mile surcharge on every journey? Read More >>

Bird Upgrades to Business Class Migration

A bird in Singapore appears to have made a staggering evolutionary leap, after it opted to travel from Singapore to Heathrow on a Singapore Airlines flight rather than continually flap its own wings for days on end and get cold and wet. Read More >>

Ford Abandons its Local Mini Bus Fleet

Something you might vaguely remember but probably never used is closing. We could do a blog entirely about things we half remember and are now closing. This time it's Chariot, Ford's international attempt to convince the world to group-book public transport, and it's closing at the end of January as but one prong of the carmaker's latest grand restructuring scheme. Read More >>

Why Aren’t Travelcard Adverts Like This Anymore?

There have been no less than two new travelcards launched recently – the Millennial one and the whippersnappers' one – and neither of them have had a telly ad anywhere near as good as this effort from 1989. Read More >>

The Air On The London Underground is Really, Really Bad

Everyone knows we've got air quality problems in London, but it might surprise you to hear that the air on the underground is even worse. Read More >>

ces 2019
CES 2019: Mobileye And Ordnance Survey Team Up On Mega-Detailed UK Maps

Intel company Mobileye has announced a partnership with mapping authority Ordnance Survey to create super-detailed maps of UK roads, down to things like where the manholes and drain covers are. Read More >>

New Railcard Means 16 and 17-Year-Olds Count as Kids Again

It's railcard day, apparently -- in addition to the Millennial Railcard finally launching (not its real name), the government has announced an unexpected new card that allows 16 and 17 year olds to travel on child fares again. Read More >>

Rail Passengers Join in the Fun of Striking Today

People who rely on trains for their daily getting about the place chores are protesting today, in an attempt to make a bit of noise about the ever increasing cost of buying train tickets in the UK. Read More >>

The 26-30 Railcard Finally Goes on Sale at Noon Today

It seems like it's been a lifetime since the government tried to win some political points from the youth of today, by announcing a new railcard for people who are older than 25. Now, after trial runs, delays, and all sorts of other things, that railcard is finally going on sale today. For real this time. Read More >>

The Deadly Recklessness of the Self-Driving Car Industry

Autonomous vehicles were supposed to make driving safer, and they may yet—some of the more optimistic research indicates self-driving cars could save tens of thousands of lives a year in the US alone. But so far, a recklessness has defined the culture of the largest companies pursuing the technology—Uber, Google, and arguably even Tesla—and has led directly to unnecessary crashes, injury, even death. Read More >>

NYE Train Strike Messes Up People’s Party Plans

There's nothing more British than public transport entirely failing on the biggest days of the year, so it's not terribly surprising that there's a strike on the South Western Railway today. Read More >>

Government Imagines Shoving Micro-Robots Down Pipes to Fix Leaks

Someone within government has fallen for the hype about robots being able to do anything more than shit themselves when confronted by some stairs, and genuinely believes that they may be able to do the tasks currently undertaken by our brave all-weather armies of men in fluorescent jackets. So much so that millions of pounds have been set aside to look at the potential to roboticise the underground maintenance works of the distant future. Read More >>