HS2’s Already Burned £600m on Buying Houses and Gardens to Flatten Out

The HS2 rail project has been busy handing out the money to smooth its passage through the country, with the first wave of land purchases along the proposed route costing the line, and therefore the nation, around £600m. Read More >>

Helium Balloons are the New Rail Infrastructure Scapegoats

There's a new Bad Thing About Balloons in town, and this one's not wildlife related. Railway manager Network Rail says it's seeing increasing numbers of delays caused by bunches of balloons getting tangled in power lines, as our love of the floaty things shows no sign of dying, even though they're rapidly becoming an environmental no-no too. Read More >>

Gatwick Boss Expands on Drone Attack “Insider” Theory

Gatwick's chief operating officer Chris Woodroofe is about to star on BBC's Panorama, where he'll make the claim that the drone chaos that struck the airport late last year was almost certainly an inside job. Read More >>

Despite Other Delays, Crossrail Should Still Hit Reading by December

Most of the recent news regarding London's Elizabeth Line hasn't been good, thanks to issues with delays, budgets, and all that. The good news is that the expansion over into Reading looks like it'll still arrive as scheduled. Read More >>

I Rode an E-Scooter as Far From Civilisation as Its Batteries Could Take Me

Almost as suddenly as the electric rent-a-scooters appeared, everyone had an opinion about them. They began clogging sidewalks across the Bay Area, California in late 2017 as brands with four-letter names like Bird and Lime fought for dominance in the latest vampiric startup scheme. Folks were excited to share their takes, even if you never asked. Read More >>

Virgin Atlantic Draws Men on its Aeroplanes

Virgin is about to change one of the mildly sexist legacy things it inherited from back when women were only things, and is to start adding men and people of all sexual orientations and skin colours to its planes' cockpit figurehead series. Read More >>

Last of the Big Train Stations Remove Toilet Charges

The turnstiles at three more national rail terminals have been set to infinite/free rotation, as Network Rail completes its plan to stop charging silly money for toilet access at key mainline sites. Parents waiting two hours for a train with a child rejoice. Read More >>

Airline Tortures Passengers With Six-Hour Plane Replacement Bus Service

Regional operator Flybe had a new and previously unimaginable horror to spring on its customers this weekend – an aeroplane replacement bus service. Read More >>

Ride a Restored Bus from the ’40s to Kew Gardens and Greenwich

The lovely London Transport Museum has announced two new excursions, both on restored RTW buses – that's the precursor to the Routemaster, fact fans – originally introduced in the 1940s and not seen on London's roads since 1966. Read More >>

Sadiq Khan Wants TfL to Take Over London’s Railways

The state of Britain's railways is lamented in angry social media posts every day of the week, yet progress and change is slower than the 10.06 to Ebbsfleet. Read More >>

British Airways Flight Lands at Entirely Wrong Airport

A British Airways flight has made a mammoth international error, somehow managing to take its passengers to Edinburgh instead of Dusseldorf after submitting incorrect paperwork and getting everyone very confused. Read More >>

This Truck Spilled 40,000 Pounds of Printer Ink In a Crash That Probably Cost a Gazillion Dollars

If you’ve ever griped about the cost of printer ink—and at this point, who hasn’t?—then prepare for some well-deserved schadenfreude. On Wednesday morning, a tractor-trailer spilled 40,000 pounds of printer ink onto a highway in the US city of Atlanta, Georgia in what is undoubtedly a really freaking expensive crash. Read More >>

Timing Change Likely to Classify More Trains as Late

From April 1 the way in which train punctuality is recorded is changing, and it's going to bring good news for people who enjoy complaining about such things. Trains will be timed upon arrival at each station, to the minute, which'll create mountains of additional delay data to crunch, tut over, and perhaps even write emails about. Read More >>

Job of Postman Gets Worse

Imagine, for a minute, being a postman around the fringes of a city. Imagine having to find Flat 4b of 17 Meadowlands Court with some arsehole's internet shopping in your bag. It's upstairs. The stairs smell. And he's not in so you have to do a post card. Not just once, but 200 times. Every day. And guess what? It's about to get worse than that for some poor urban postpeople, as they'll soon be expected to do it all while riding and taking care of a massive bike. Read More >>

Cambridge Plans £4bn Futuristic Tram Network

The mayor of Cambridgeshire & Peterborough seems to think him and his mates can rustle up £4bn to create a local tram network linking the city centre to surrounding towns, and he has the numbers to prove it's a good idea. Read More >>