15-Year-Old Gets Points on Non-Existent Driving Licence for Electric Scootering

The coming of the age of the electric scooter is bringing some tedious administrative problems into the lives of their oblivious riders, what with the popular gadgets not allowed by law to be used on anything other than a private bit of land. And Argos not doing a very good job of communicating this boring legislative fact to buyers. Read More >>

You’re Totally Going to Bone in Self-Driving Cars, Scientists Predict

If humans are dependable for anything, it’s discovering new ways to get horny over new tech. And according to a new report, self-driving will really get people riled up. Read More >>

A Scooter-Sharing Company is Coming to the UK, Even Though They’re Technically Illegal Here

Over in the States there are people losing their mind over eScooter companies, because they don't have docks and can be left just about anywhere. Even South Park felt the need to make fun of them and their aggressive expansion. Despite many companies that have European ambitions none of them have come to the UK, because they're technically illegal. That's not stopping Bird, though. Read More >>

Fight Between Lime and Segway Over Alleged Flaming Scooters Is Getting Heated

The heat is on in an apparent fight between two e-scooter companies after Lime said earlier this week that some of the batteries made by one of its manufacturers, Segway Ninebot, could catch fire. Now, Segway is squaring up against the allegation, suggesting instead that Lime doesn’t understand how batteries work. Read More >>

Uber Is Planning to Resume Its Self-Driving Car Programme in the US

Uber is planning to put its self-driving car technology back on the streets in Pennsylvania after it suspended the programme earlier this year. The ride-sharing company ceased operations of the programme in several cities following a fatal crash in which one of its cars was involved in Tempe, Arizona in March. Read More >>

Virgin Trains Makes Cheap Tickets Work on Friday Afternoons

Virgin Trains is trying a little something to make getting to your internet girlfriend on a Friday evening slightly easier – it is removing Friday afternoon from the peak ticket restriction period for all trains leaving London Euston, so more departures are accessible for people with cheaper off-peak tickets. Read More >>

Waymo’s Automous Cars Are Coming to US Roads—Without Human Safety Operators

Drivers in the US state of California might want to watch out—Alphabet-owned autonomous vehicle firm Waymo won the right from the California DMV yesterday to deploy its cars to the cities of Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, and Palo Alto, without the characteristic human safety operators that have been a hallmark of AV testing. Read More >>

Scotland’s Refurbished Trains Still Shit on the Tracks

Bear with us on this one, right, but if the Pope was to visit Inverness and Glasgow on an official visit to Scotland, and let's say he travelled by train and needed a poo mid-journey, then Read More >>

45,000 Dead People Rehoused to Make Room for HS2

Archaeologists are starting a grim job on the future site of the expanded HS2 terminal at London Euston station, as before any flash new buildings go up some dirty olden days work needs to be done. Project bosses anticipate that around 45,000 skeletons from a historical burial site must be removed, as you can't leave them there and end up with a haunted terminus. Read More >>

The 26-30 Railcard Will Be Available Nationwide By The End of the Year

Earlier this year, National Rail released a limited run of a 'millennial' railcard, offering discounted off-peak travel to 26-30 year olds. What originally started as a trial for people who happened to live in the Greater Anglia area became national in March this year, but the catch was only 10,000 cards were available. Turns out they were quite popular, and clearly way more than 10,000 people would have wanted one. Read More >>

Lorry Driver Uses Bridge to Slice Roofs Off Range Rovers

A lorry driver has had a worse and sadder day than is usual even for lorry drivers, after managing to not notice that a bridge in Perth was substantially lower than the top of his load. Read More >>

Large Steel Balls Wreak Havoc on Seattle Neighbourhood After Driver Fails to Secure His Load

The Seattle Police Department (SPD) in the US state of Washington was forced to shut down a road in West Seattle on Wednesday after a semi-truck unleashed its massive load of steel balls onto its streets. The 2-pound grinding balls, ultimately totalling a dumped load of 44,000 pounds of steel, wreaked havoc on the neighbourhood and damaged several cars. Read More >>

Miniature Railway Nationalised by Council

The Poole Park mini railway has been effectively nationalised by its local council, after a long-running dispute over improvement costs, a licence suspension and the odd minor derailment threatened to close it for good. Read More >>

Gatwick Might Do Itself a Second Runway Anyway

The generations-long fuss about expanding London's airport capacity may be about to take a new turn south, as perennial second option Gatwick could soon trump rival Heathrow's expansion plans by bringing a second runway online before Heathrow's new strip is completed. Read More >>

Manchester Oxford Road is Britain’s Most Disrupted Train Station, Says Which? Study

Go to a train station, any train station, ans you'll find at least one service disruption for some random bullshit reason. Whether it's leaves in the tracks, missing staff members, or simply because the train companies felt like going "hah, fuck you", the British rail system is a massive pain in the arse. But have you ever wondered which train station suffered the most disruptions? Which? did, and it turns out it's Manchester Oxford Road. Read More >>