Uber Comfort Has Quiet Mode Now So You Can STFU Without Losing Your Rating

This week Uber announced some new features for Uber Comfort, including a quiet mode if you need a bit of shush. Read More >>

This Rooftop Microphone Alerts Drivers to Emergency Sirens Long Before They Can Hear Them

In many places pulling over and making room for an approaching emergency vehicle with its lights and sirens on is the law, but that’s assuming you can hear or see it coming, which isn’t always easy when you’re behind the wheel. A new device promises to not only listen for emergency vehicles, but also let a driver know which way it’s coming. Read More >>

Government Considers Northern Slowerhouse HS2 Redesign for Top Bits

The government's transport secretary has hinted that the decision to rubber-stamp the build of HS2 could come at a cost for the more northern sections of the line, which may end up being built to a lower spec that would reduce overall speeds. Read More >>

Airbus Tests Sci-Fi-Shaped Aeroplane of the Possible Future

Airbus has been messing about with a small demonstrator aeroplane that looks like something you'd see orbiting a moonbase on the cover of a 1970s science fiction novel, with its blended-wing aircraft design possibly sailing to the rescue of the air industry thanks to offering a quantum leap in fuel efficiency. Read More >>

Storm Ciara Boosted BA Flight to New Transatlantic Crossing Record

A British Airways flight from New York to London set a staggering new speed record thanks to the extreme westerlies of storm Ciara, maxing out at a ground speed of 825mph and arriving an unprecedented 80 minutes ahead of schedule. Read More >>

Giving One Town Electric Buses is Today’s World-Saving Initiative

The Department for Transport would like to be considered the pioneering good guys of today, as it's revealed a weird sort of regional lottery from which one lucky town will benefit from enough money to revolutionise itself with a fleet of all-electric buses. Read More >>

E-Scooters Solve Nothing, Says European Environment Agency

The grim flood of crappy e-scooter hire schemes we're about to see enabled will not do anything for the environment or the cleanliness of our grey city air, because the people likely to impulse-hire one for a ten-minute laugh would've walked or got the train or bus instead, had the thing not been temptingly dumped in a tangled pile of metal in some urban doorway. Read More >>

British Airways and easyJet Laughably Pretend They’ll be “Net Zero” by 2050

A new international oxymoron has been formed, with the members of the Sustainable Aviation consortium promising to effectively decarbonise air travel by the year 2050. The key word in the net-zero plan being net, as the plan is to run the mother of all offsetting schemes rather than pray for any massively radical new plane tech or fuels – or to take the wings off them, put them on bogeys, and roll them along the ground. Read More >>

E-Scooter Legalisation Would See Them Lumped in With Electric Bikes

The government's about to open up a consultation that may get electric scooters out of their current quantum entanglement purgatory where they simultaneously exist yet are not allowed to be observed being used anywhere, with the preferred legal change being to pretend they're simply smaller, more wobbly versions of electric bikes. Read More >>

Northern Rail Nationalisation Could Happen This Week

Rumours from within government suggest that troubled rail franchise Northern may be ended this week, with a nationalisation set to end the Arriva-owned line's many troubles. Read More >>

Explosions, Crashes, and Shocks: E-Skaters Are Building a New Culture of Skateboarding

It’s impossible to go a day in San Francisco without hearing the words ‘tech’ and ‘gentrification’ in the same sentence. And with the tension compounded by outlandish housing costs, a homeless crisis, and fears over major cultural changes being inflicted onto the city, you start to see a culture where it’s easy to find targets that might serve as one of the reasons you feel your hometown has been hijacked by an elite class of outsiders. Read More >>

Birmingham Approves Huge Plan to Sideline Private Cars

Birmingham and the West Midlands as a whole have been operating under a self-declared state of climate emergency since 2019, and now they have a plan. It's to make "active travel" the first choice in the region's big city while building a "fully integrated, high quality public transport system," relegating the place of the car to that of a historical aberration. Read More >>

Heathrow Starts Segregating Chinese Arrivals as Coronavirus Threat Ramps Up

We're about to start seeing coronavirus menace stories in the UK press, as Heathrow Airport is preparing to make arrivals from the affected area of China stand in a whole separate room by themselves, juuuust in case. Read More >>

Driverless Pods to Ferry Shoppers Around in Bristol’s Cribbs Causeway Mall in Week-Long Trial

The future is now - well, just until the end of the week anyway, but still. And you can be a part of it if you head to The Mall at Bristol's Cribb's Causeway. Read More >>

Lexus Designers Draw Up Some Sweet Lunar Rides

Even if NASA does somehow end up making its 2024 Moon landing deadline, it still has another big problem to reckon with: How to get its astronauts around in style. Because let’s face it, Boeing’s bare-bones moon buggy of yesteryear is so mid-century gauche. Read More >>