Three is Giving Customers Priority Boarding With EasyJet

Flying with budget airlines has its perks. Well one, because it's cheaper than flying with someone fancier, but that's about it. If you want other things like priority boarding, getting to choose your own seat, and so on, you generally have to pay extra. But if you're a Three pay monthly customer you'll be able to get some of those things absolutely free - just as long as you're flying with Easy Jet. Read More >>

I Saw Ant-Man and the Wasp Early and so Can You. Just Go to France

Normally the UK is quite fortunate when it comes to major film releases, particularly with Marvel films that have generally arrived in our cinemas about a week before they debut in the United States. Gone are the days when the film would come out in the US, and then months would pass by before it arrived on big screens across the Atlantic. Or so we thought. With the release of Ant-Man and the Wasp (and The Incredibles 2) Disney decided to push back the UK release - seemingly thanks to the World Cup which ended this past weekend. Read More >>

Vaping Pilot Trying to Hide E-Cig Cloud Accidentally Sends Passenger Flight Plummeting

An Air China flight crew had to enact emergency protocols during a flight from Hong Kong to the city of Dalian on Tuesday, all because a co-pilot tried to sneak in a vape break. Read More >>

Live Python ‘Artfully Concealed’ in Hard Drive Enclosure Fails to Get on Plane

A snake is still stranded in the United States after airline security refused to allow it to board a plane to the Caribbean. Read More >>

What Happened to All the Zeppelins?

You’ve seen video of the Hindenburg disaster from that flame-filled day in 1937. But what about the zeppelins that didn’t crash? How did they work and what did people imagine they would do to revolutionise air travel? Read More >>

Gatwick Airport is Testing Self-Boarding Gates to Keep Planes Running on Time

These days it seems as though speaking to people is a rarity. Supermarkets have self-checkouts, fast food chains have machines that take your order for you, and airports have machines that let you check in and check baggage all by yourself. Now Gatwick is taking things a step further, trialling self-boarding gates to help improve departure times. Read More >>

Ryanair is Changing its Early Check-in Policy Again

You know the drill. There are airlines out there that will try and lure you in with cheap tickets, only to try and gouge as much money out of you in other places. Whether that's asking for your credit card when you want to choose your own seat, removing a few inches of legroom so they can fit more people on board, or charging you £5 for a panini the size of a stamp. Read More >>

Study: That Airbnb You’re Staying in Might Be a Fiery Death Trap

Before you book your next stay in an Airbnb, check to make sure it doesn’t run the risk of becoming a blazing hot inferno that will lead to your untimely demise—especially if you're taking a jaunt across the Atlantic. A study published in the journal Injury Prevention found an alarming number of Airbnb venues in the US lack basic safety protections that are required of hotels and other lodging options. Read More >>

The Rail Companies are Changing the Ticketing System, Supposedly to Make it Fairer and Easier

You'd think buying a train ticket would be easy. It is if you're at a kiosk with a living person inside, since they do all the hard work and you stand there for five minutes while they use whatever slow operating system their machines run on. But the number of times I've accidentally bought a single from the automated machines is absurd. But does that say something about how much attention I pay to things or the state of the machines themselves? Maybe it's me, but the rail companies think it might be the way the ticketing system is set up. Read More >>

star wars
Heathrow Airport Wins Star Wars Day

When it comes to a specific 'day' in the calendar, there's a tendency for brands and big companies to takeover and use it to advertise themselves or peddle you stuff you don't really need. Like April Fool's Day, which is now less about pranks and more about big brands acting as though you'll fall for their outlandish shtick.  But sometimes things work out ok, like how Heathrow Airport decided to celebrate Star Wars day. Read More >>

EU Ambassadors Approve Electronic Travel Authorisation System For “Third Countries” (That Means Us Now)

Another slow clap for the Brexiteers today as ambassadors to the European Union have all agreed on a new system that will see the EU adopt an ESTA-style visa approval system for anyone visiting the Schengen Area from a non-EU country. And because Britain is in the midst of a national nervous breakdown, where we voted to make life actively worse for ourselves, that will include us too. Read More >>

Skip the Tourist Stuff and Just Lock Yourself Up in This Hotel’s Bananas Gaming Suite

If you’re a gamer who doesn’t want to haul a PC with you on holiday, you could book your next trip to Panama City where the local Hilton has packed a ridiculously customised hotel room full of high-end gaming gear and accessories. The beanbag chairs, VR goggles, and racing seat all make sense to me, but why did the designers bother including a shower and two beds? Read More >>

Airbus Wants to Stuff a Bunch of Comfy Beds Into a Plane’s Cargo Hold For Long Flights

Airbus apparently didn’t get the memo that air travel is only supposed to get more cramped and uncomfortable year after year. Instead of designing even tinier seats, the company has revealed plans to create swappable modules that turn a plane’s cargo hold into spacious flying dorm rooms packed full of comfy-looking beds. Read More >>

Skyscanner’s Added the Option to Buy Train Tickets, With No Booking Fees

Air travel is what immediately comes to mind when you think of Skyscanner, especially with that name, but the booking app offers a lot more like hotels and car hire. Now there's a new addition, because you can now book train tickets through the app and avoid giving your booking fee money to the Trainline. Read More >>

Airbnb Will Start Automatically Handing Over Guest Info to China’s Authorities

Airbnb China notified users Wednesday that, as required by law, guest information will soon be automatically logged with the government. Read More >>