travel’s Publicity Stunt Wants Dog Reviewer for Pet-Friendly Hotels Around the World is looking for a pampered pooch accustomed to the finer things in life to review pet-friendly hotels around the world. Read More >>

Cathay Pacific CEO Resigns, Airline Releases Cryptic Statement About Hong Kong

Rupert Hogg, the CEO of Cathay Pacific Airways, has resigned following conflict between the Hong Kong-based airline and the Chinese government in Beijing. The new CEO will be Augustus Tang Kin-wing, according to the South China Morning Post, and the airline released a bizarre statement about the future. Read More >>

virtual reality
As if Flying Didn’t Make You Sick Enough, British Airways is Rolling Out VR on Some of its Flights

Happily, it's highly unlikely that you'll be caught in a sudden bout of turbulence while your headset's on, as VR entertainment is being trialled for first class customers only, travelling from London to JFK. Read More >>

Eighth Busiest Airport in the World Shuts Down For Second Day Over Pro-Democracy Protests in Hong Kong

Hong Kong International Airport has been shut down for the second time in two days after pro-democracy protests disrupted normal operations. The airport, which handles 75 million passengers a year, is the eighth busiest in the world and a major international hub in Asia. Hong Kong chief executive Carrie Lam warned that Hong risked sliding into “an abyss.” Read More >>

Hong Kong Cancels All Flights as Thousands of Pro-Democracy Protesters Occupy Airport

Hong Kong International Airport has cancelled flights for the day after 6 PM local time as pro-democracy protests in the city rage on for the tenth consecutive week. Incoming flights will be allowed to land, but outgoing flights for the night have been halted and it’s not clear when air travel might resume. Read More >>

‘Turn it Off and On Again Every 149 Hours’ Is a Concerning Remedy for a £300 Million Airbus Plane’s Software Bug

Having to occasionally reboot a sluggish laptop after a few days of use is a minor inconvenience for a £1,000 gadget. But what about a £300 million+ commercial plane? Airlines who haven’t performed a recent software update on certain models of the Airbus A350 are being told they must completely power cycle the aircraft every 149 hours or risk “...partial or total loss of some avionics systems or functions,” according to the EASA. Read More >>

What’s the Best Aeroplane Snack?

Flying is objectively horrible. We let the magic of heavier-than-air transport cloud the fact that we pay hundreds of pounds to be squeezed into spaces too small for comfort so we can be treated like shit and spew greenhouse gas into the air. Unless we’re rich or flying across the world, we usually don’t even get a free meal out of it. Read More >>

Primark’s New Birmingham Store Is so Popular That Holiday Websites Are Adding It as a Destination

Ever since Primark opened its largest store in Birmingham, the shop has become quite the attraction, with a number of travel agencies cashing in on the excitement by offering excursions to the store. Read More >>

How to Recline Your Aeroplane Seat Without Being a Jerk

Modern life may be filled with mundane annoyances, but nothing dehydrates the soul quite like commercial air travel. Stressed, scanned, patted down, and crammed in, airline passengers seem to be research subjects in some kind of grand experiment in humiliation. And we pay hundreds, sometimes thousands, of pounds for the pleasure. Read More >>

Cumbria’s Airport Opens for Business After 25-Year Rest

There's a new airport populating the drop-down menu of exotic places to fly to and see if it's any better there from today, with Carlisle Lake District Airport now open for your staycation consideration. Read More >>

Boeing Says It’s Open to Changing the Name of the 737 MAX to Something That’s Not Associated With Plane Crashes

After three months of being grounded following two fatal crashes in Ethiopia and Indonesia, the 737 Max may be up for a rebranding. Read More >>

What’s the Worst Way You Ever Screwed Up on an Aeroplane?

Flying is, in theory, meant to make long distance travel a faster and more streamlined experience. In reality, flying is often hectic, cramped, and perhaps even terrifying, depending on your flight’s particular model of flying metal tube and other factors mostly out of your control. Read More >>

Social Media Screening Will Now Affect Nearly All U.S. Visa Applicants

U.S. State Department requests for some visa applicants to hand over information related to their various social media accounts will now extend to nearly all applicants, including those travelling to the U.S. for education or business, the Associated Press reported Sunday. Read More >>

Boeing Reports Up to 148 Parts For Its Aircraft Were ‘Improperly Manufactured’

Adding to an ever-growing list of Boeing public relations issues, the aircraft manufacturer has informed the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that some of its 737 jets may have “improperly manufactured” wing parts that don’t meet strength and durability standards. Read More >>

Get One Step Closer to Star Trek’s Universal Translator With This Little Pocket-Sized Device

If you're sick, tired, and frankly terrified of the wrath of the Duolingo owl, you can tell him to shove it right up his feathery arse. Why bother learning a new language when you can shout loudly at native residents on the sun-baked island you're holidaying at, and have them actually understand you for a change? Pocketalk's AI-powered instant voice translator can make that dream a reality, translating 74 languages bidirectionally. It's available in black, white, and gold, so you can add a touch of style to the wild and unnecessary gesticulating you'll inevitably end up doing as you use it. It's an unfortunate side effect of being a British national on foreign soil. Read More >>