Air New Zealand is Getting Economy Bunk Beds

If you've ever glared enviously at first and business class passengers on flights, we have some good news for you. Air New Zealand is trialling some bunk beds for economy passengers. Read More >>

Uber Comfort Has Quiet Mode Now So You Can STFU Without Losing Your Rating

This week Uber announced some new features for Uber Comfort, including a quiet mode if you need a bit of shush. Read More >>

Airline CEO Nose-Dives Into the Seat Reclining Debate

Recently, the internet was split asunder by a great moral conundrum over a viral video of a man punching a woman’s seat when she tried to recline. Some people took the man’s side – tall people have knees and it’s rude to recline! Others took the woman’s side – she paid for her seat, and has every right! Well, everybody step aside because Delta Airlines CEO Ed Bastian has an opinion and officially weighed in on the matter. Read More >>

Brexit Voter Enraged by Long Airport Queue

A Brexit voter on holiday in Amsterdam was dismayed to find that he was required to stand in an immigration queue for nearly an hour, raging that it "isn't the Brexit [he] voted for." Read More >>

wuhan virus
US Airlines Announce Flight Cancellations Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

As an outbreak of coronavirus that reportedly originated in Wuhan, China continues to spread, U.S. airlines are beginning to be impacted by travel advisories and a decrease in demand for flights to China. Read More >>

Travellers to This Sleepy US Airport Have Voluntarily Thrown Away Nearly 40 Pounds of Weed

Who, the world collectively asked, would willingly throw out perfectly good weed? As it turns out – kind of a lot of people. Read More >>

Aussies Don’t Want Visa-Free Brits Lowering the Tone of the Place

The slight inconvenience of needing an easy-to-get digital visa before entering Australia will continue even after any post-Brexit trade deal has been organised, as the current Aussie government says it can't imagine opening up visa-free travel or work to Brits no matter what's offered in return. Read More >>

Why Am I Suddenly Afraid of Flying?

For years you’ve flown without issue – no breathing exercises, no pills – but suddenly you can’t board without picturing catastrophe. No one you know has recently died in a crash; you have not, to your knowledge, dwelled excessively on those Boeing catastrophes; and yet suddenly, out of nowhere, you’ve become the kind of person who’s afraid to fly. Read More >>

Avanti Plans “Premium Economy” Seats on Refurbed West Coast Trains

Avanti is planning to introduce a third pricing tier to its train tickets and travel options next year, as it believes its refurbished Pendolinos will be so posh that there's room to squeeze in an extra layer of slightly more expensive seats between standard and first. Just don't go calling the newly demoted cheapest tickets "third class" or you'll get done for hate crimes. Read More >>

Why The Bermuda Triangle Became The Subject Of Supernatural Speculation

The Bermuda Triangle, located in the North Atlantic Ocean, has become a symbol of mystery and intrigue in pop culture. Read More >>

Non-Stop Heathrow-Sydney Test Flight to See if Passengers/Crew Go Mad

Aussie airline Qantas is running a direct flight from Heathrow to Sydney tomorrow, carrying an invited passenger list of just 50 people on the 18.5-hour direct flight around the world. It's being described as a "research flight" to see how passengers and crew take to the idea of being in the air for such a long time. Read More >>

Honestly, a Video Game That Strands You On a Boring Six-Hour Flight Is Just What I Need Right Now

Video games can be a fantastic escape from the stresses of every day life, but not when you’re chasing high scores, or screaming at the screen because you just got sniped. A new game called Airplane Mode might provide the most relaxed gaming experience imaginable, as players are only tasked with enjoying the ride as a passenger on a six hour trans-Atlantic flight that plays out in real time. Read More >>

Living Travel Agent Buys Recently Deceased Travel Agent

Hays Travel, which you may have heard of but probably haven't as our reader stats suggest you're 30 years too young to be hanging around in package holiday shops weighing up 11-day cruise options, has come to the rescue of Thomas Cook. Hays has agreed to buy the entire high street portfolio of the broken travel firm from accountants managing the collapse, potentially saving the jobs of as many as 2,500 suited holiday bookers. Read More >>

Thomas Cook Refund Site Crashes on Takeoff

Those trying to get their ATOL-protected refunds for the Thomas Cook collapse are, of course, finding it very difficult, as the online part of the process managed by the Civil Aviation Authority is currently broken. Read More >>

Boeing Engineer Filed Ethics Complaint Over Scrapped 737 Max Safety System: Report

According to an internal complaint submitted by a Boeing engineer after this year’s 737 Max crashes, the company declined to put a proposed safety system in the plane in an effort to keep costs low – a decision that may have contributed to the crashes in India and Ethiopia that collectively killed 346 people. Read More >>