New Airport Tech Could Screen Your Luggage While You Shop

One of the most annoying things about airports, aside from having to get there so early and the obscene cost of everything inside, is getting through security. Or rather, the queue before you get to the machines. Well as ever tech might help solve that problem, letting you go off and do some duty free shopping while someone scans your hand luggage. Read More >>

Sweden Has Officially Named a Train Trainy McTrainFace

The Boaty McBoatFace joke stopped being funny the second people started naming things after the (in)famous online poll. But people can never let stuff go, and every time the public has been given the option of naming something Xy McXFace has always been there. Those suggestions are usually ignored, but in Sweden someone caved - meaning Trainy McTrainface is a real thing. Read More >>

A New ‘Millennial’ Railcard for 26-30 Year Olds Is Launching Next Year

As someone who recently started having to go without a 16-25 rail card, it's pretty horrifying to see exactly how much train tickets are when you don't get that juicy third off the regular price. Luckily things might be changing, because a new 'millennial' rail card is launching next year for people between the ages of 26 and 30. Read More >>

First Christmas Train Travel Engineering Misery Announced

Ah Christmas. The most wonderful time of year, unless you have to go literally anywhere that's out of walking distance. It's the ultimate Christmas tradition to find that getting anywhere is almost impossible. Whether it's because of extreme traffic, or because all the trains have shut down for over a week. Read More >>

Monarch Airlines Has Gone Into Administration

If you've booked a holiday with Monarch sometime in the near future, you're in trouble. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has announced that the airline has ceased trading, and all 300,000 of its future booking have been cancelled. Read More >>

EasyJet is Putting its Faith in Electric Planes

In this modern world electric cars get all the attention, because they're already a viable method of transportation with new advances coming all the time. But there's still the problem of commercial planes, which generally use massive amounts of kerosene-based fuel to get off the ground. Thankfully some progress is being thanks to EasyJet. Read More >>

The Ultimate Lego Experience Opens in Denmark Next Week

If you're as much a fan of the interlocking plastic brick as we are here at Gizmodo, you may want to consider booking yourself a flight to Denmark sometime very soon. The Lego House opens in Billund, the birthplace of Lego, on 28th September, and it looks awesome. Read More >>

Citymapper To Launch A New London “Bus” Route That Uses Gett Taxis Instead Of Buses

Gett Together, operated by Gett, has announced a partnership with Citymapper to make its service as effective as possible. If you're unfamiliar with it, Gett Together is a taxi service, but one that sees black cabs travel along fixed routes, and you just hop in and out anywhere along its path. So, er, a bit like a bus. Read More >>

Want a First Class Train Upgrade? You Can Bid for It

First class upgrades when travelling by train are notoriously expensive, especially when you buy them on the day. As someone who frequently travels, and frequently sees dozens and dozens of plush first class seats available while I'm sandwiched in standard class like I'm being shipped to some kind of cattle market, it's more than just a bit frustrating. Read More >>

Ryanair Cancels Hundreds of Flights After ‘Messing Up’ Pilot Holidays

Budget airline Ryanair has said it'll cancel 40-50 flights every day over the next six weeks as pilots take last minute holidays. Read More >>

This Inflatable Suitcase Made Out of Old Lorries Works Surprisingly Well

A pitch recently landed in my inbox that didn’t make a lot of sense. Some designers were working with Freitag, a Swiss company that makes bags out of old lorry tarps, and they were launching a Kickstarter. The product: the Zippelin, a foldable suitcase with bike tubes that inflated to create a frame. It sounded so weird it just might work. And it does. Read More >>

Lightning Strikes Belfast Plane

Being struck by lightning while being 30-odd thousand feet in the air inside a metal bird is surely one of the most pants-wetting scenarios you can think up, but for 74 passengers flying from Belfast to East Midlands, that's exactly what happened. Read More >>

Ryanair is Cutting Passengers’ Hand Luggage Allowance

Ryanair has announced that it will no longer be letting passengers take two pieces of hand luggage onto its planes, in order to try and ease delays. Read More >>

Experts Say Cleaning Underwear in a Hotel Kettle is ‘Super Super Super Super Gross’ So Maybe Don’t Do It

"Real question: does anyone I know clean their underwear in a kettle when travelling?" Read More >>

London Rail Fares Are the Most Expensive in Europe, Reports Bear Shitting In Woods*

So here is news that shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. Our trains are expensive. Very expensive. More expensive than the rest of Europe, as it turns out. In fact, anyone commuting into London can expect to pay four times more than their counterparts who work in cities like Berlin, Brussels, and Rome. Read More >>