EasyJet Wants To Get You On a No-Frills All-Electric Jet

Running any kind of airline requires deep pockets and even the most well-heeled operation runs on very tight margins. So there’s not much going free in the skies these days. Our own national airline British Airways, for example, won’t give you a glass of cheap wine and a curled up sandwich in economy anymore. Nope, now you have to pay for something from M&S, although you can do it from the ‘comfort’ of your in-flight seat rather than buying it from the shop in the terminal. Read More >>

West Midlands Joins Las Vegas & Portland in Accepting Google Pay Travel Tickets

The West Midlands is blazing a trail in mobile ticketing, following the somewhat more globally-known US cities of Las Vegas, Nevada and Portland, Oregon in accepting Google Pay transit tickets. Read More >>

An AI Lie Detector Is Going to Start Questioning Travellers in the EU

A number of border control checkpoints in the European Union are about to get increasingly—and unsettlingly—futuristic. Read More >>

Gatwick Might Do Itself a Second Runway Anyway

The generations-long fuss about expanding London's airport capacity may be about to take a new turn south, as perennial second option Gatwick could soon trump rival Heathrow's expansion plans by bringing a second runway online before Heathrow's new strip is completed. Read More >>

Manchester Oxford Road is Britain’s Most Disrupted Train Station, Says Which? Study

Go to a train station, any train station, ans you'll find at least one service disruption for some random bullshit reason. Whether it's leaves in the tracks, missing staff members, or simply because the train companies felt like going "hah, fuck you", the British rail system is a massive pain in the arse. But have you ever wondered which train station suffered the most disruptions? Which? did, and it turns out it's Manchester Oxford Road. Read More >>

World’s Longest Nonstop Flight Starts Service From Singapore to New Jersey This Week

The longest flight in the world right now is from Perth, Australia to London, clocking in at roughly 17.5 hours. But that’s all going to change this week when Singapore Airlines starts flying from Singapore to Newark, New Jersey. Total flight time? Just under 19 hours. Read More >>

New App Aims to Make Train Travel Easier for Disabled Passengers

Public transport isn't the most user-friendly way of travelling around if you have some sort of mobility restriction, especially where trains are concerned. Assistance is available, but the system still is time consuming and doesn't account for delays, cancellations, and all those other things that happen far too often in this country. But the Rail Delivery Group has now announced it's moving this system into a new app, which will allow passengers to amend any assistance requirements they might need. Read More >>

Heathrow Goes Back To School As White Boards And Markers Replace A Broken Computer System

Last month Gatwick was hit with an IT glitch that killed its flight information screens, forcing staff to write down information on a whiteboard and shout at the big crowd of passengers squinting at the rubbish handwriting. It seems that these issues aren't restricted to the south London airport, because yesterday Heathrow was hit with a similar issue. As you would expect, the solution turned out to be very similar. Read More >>

Airline Passengers Bleed From Ears and Nose After Crew Forgets to Pressurise Cabin

If you’re already nervous about flying, you may want to skip this story. Passengers on Jet Airways Flight 697 from Mumbai to Jaipur, India, recently had a terrifying experience after the flight crew forgot to pressurise the cabin. Dozens of passengers on the flight yesterday started bleeding from their ears and nose in a complete panic as they were gasping for air. Read More >>

TripAdvisor Temporarily Suspends Reviews of Bude’s Historic Plastic Tunnel

TripAdvisor is not shying away from making difficult decisions online, as it's moved to suspend the controversial writing of positive reviews of a supermarket's transparent tunnel. Read More >>

Fancy New Electro-Diesel Trains Aren’t Compatible With Old Tracks

A new fleet of trains due to be rolled out at the end of this year on the East Coast mainline is being held back due to out of date equipment on the tracks. Azuma trains, operated by LNER, use both electric and diesel to reach higher speeds more efficiently than older trains. But old signals and points in certain parts of the country aren't compatible with the trains' electric technology, meaning that they're limited to using only diesel, and therefore much more slowly than they're designed to be run. Read More >>

Passengers Aboard Two More Planes Quarantined After Falling Ill

Following a quarantine at JFK Airport in the US state of New York on Wednesday that found around 100 passengers complaining that they felt ill, two flights into Philadelphia International Airport in the state of Pennsylvania sparked an investigation by the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) on Thursday afternoon after passengers reported experiencing flu-like symptoms. Read More >>

Yes, Vanilla Ice Really Was on That Quarantined Flight From Dubai

Yesterday, a flight that had left Dubai in the United Arab Emirates landed at JFK International Airport in the US state of New York with 549 passengers and crew on board—and was promptly quarantined due to a mysterious ailment spreading throughout the cabin. In the neighbourhood of 100 people on board showed symptoms including coughing, fever, and vomiting, though only 11 ended up being taken to hospitals for evaluation. Read More >>

Plane Quarantined at US Airport After Passengers Mysteriously Fall Ill

Investigators from the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) are currently investigating a plane on the tarmac at JFK International Airport in the state of New York after several passengers became ill. Read More >>

Researchers Reckon Your Commute Should Be Classed As Working Hours

It seems a lot of us who use public transport to travel to and from work are using our time sat on the train/bus to deal with work emails and other work-related tasks. As a result, some researchers reckon that the working day structure needs to be looked at, with the commute time included as part of our standard working hours. Read More >>