Chinese Citizens With Bad ‘Social Credit’ to Be Blocked From Taking Planes and Trains

China’s terrifying “social credit” system isn’t planned to be fully implemented until 2020, but we’re already seeing facets of it being put in place. In May, people who have committed acts of “serious dishonour” will reportedly be unable to travel on trains or flights for up to a year. Read More >>

New Trial Sees London Business-Cattle Spend Their Commute Strapped into VR

If you've ever had the pleasure of commuting to and from London during rush hour, you'll know that it's anything but pleasant. People are packed into tiny rain carriages, the toilets are abysmal, and the conductors still manage to navigate the entire train to catch out people who snuck on with an off-peak ticket. Not that I have first-hand experience of that or anything... Read More >>

10 Tips to Find an Airbnb Accommodation That Probably Won’t Suck

You’ve opened up the Airbnb app or website with the intention of finding the perfect place to stay on your next trip—so how do you make sure you pick the right option out of what could be hundreds of possible choices? You want to avoid creepy hosts and run-down rooms. So here’s how to hunt down the perfect accommodation for you, not just the listing with the lowest price or the nicest photos. Read More >>

Woman Flushes Her Emotional Support Hamster Down Airport Toilet and I Have So Many Questions

Belen Aldecosea used to have a dwarf hamster that served as her emotional support animal. Then she tried to fly Spirit, which would not let her hamster on the plane. Then she claims a Spirit employee told her to flush the rodent down the toilet. Then Aldecosea—for reasons privy only to her—flushed that hamster down the toilet. Read More >>

Eurostar’s Direct London-Amsterdam Trains Launch in April

Eurostar's about to buck the trend and make our connections with Europe a little bit stronger, with a direct high-speed service from London to Amsterdam -- on a bloody train that goes under the sea, lest we forget to be excited about this bit of 1980s/1990s engineering -- starting in April. Read More >>

Google Now Tells You How Airlines Are Screwing You Over with Fees and Delays

Google’s flight booking service just added two updates that could make transatlantic flying slightly less frustrating—or at least help you manage your expectations. Read More >>

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This Video Proves We All Share the Exact Same Travel Photos on Instagram

Travelling today is less about visiting and experiencing exotic locales than it is about pointing your smartphone at famous landmarks in hopes of racking up Instagram likes. How bad have things gotten? Using public Instagram accounts and hashtags, filmmaker Oliver Kmia was able to assemble this entertaining compilation of unoriginal travel photos. Read More >>

It’s Going to Get More Expensive to Get Yourself a Passport

As if the poor state of the pound was bad enough, the home office has announced it plans to increase the costs associated with the right to leave the country. The cost of getting yourself a passport is set to rise by as much as 17 per cent, though the people who apply online won't be forced to fork over as much money. Read More >>

Holiday Firm Offers Pre-Booking for Sunbeds

Fans of comedy routines from the 1970s are dusting off some of the old material today thanks to holiday chain Thomas Cook, which has revealed a pilot scheme that lets travellers pre-book poolside sun loungers for the entire duration of their stay. Read More >>

Sleeper Train Bans Sharing Cabins With Strangers

For 145 years since sleeper trains running between Scotland to London were first introduced, single travellers have been given the option to pay a reduced fare to share a cabin with a stranger. But from next month, Caledonian Sleeper is changing its policy: no more sharing, meaning lone travellers will be forced to pay for a full cabin by themselves. Read More >>

Charing Cross Tube Station is Closed Following a Gas Leak

London commuters are in for a stressful start to their day after Charing Cross and Waterloo East stations have been closed due to a gas leak. Read More >>

Scottish Letter Enjoys Month-Long Holiday in Thailand

A letter sent in a remote part of the Scottish Highlands to a business 300m down the road found itself enjoying the sort of secret adventure worthy of a Pixar film, as it was accidentally sent to Thailand and took a month to eventually (bravely) make it back to its intended destination. Read More >>

The Government Just Announced its Plans to Boost Mobile Signal on Trains

When you're travelling across the country by train, there's nothing worse than dealing with the fact you don't have phone signal. Sure you can get wi-fi onboard, but it costs £4 for a couple of hours and doesn't even work 75 per cent of the time. Well a new government initiative is looking to sort this out, helping us all get better mobile signal on Britain's increasingly overpriced rail system. Read More >>

Former Hotel Owner Sued After Charging Woman £262 for Posting Negative Review Online

The US state of Indiana is suing the former owner of a hotel over a policy to charge guests $350 (£262) for making “disparag[ing]” public comments about the business. According to the state’s attorney general’s office, Katrina Arthur wrote a negative online review of Abbey Inn and Suites in March 2016. The hotel room, she says, was filthy, but hotel staff never responded to requests to clean it. Days after checking out, Arthur says she received a $350 credit card charge for leaving a negative review. Indiana argues this violates the state’s deceptive consumer sales act. Read More >>

Amazon is Bringing Original TV Shows, Like The Grand Tour, to the Eurostar

Travelling isn't fun, particularly when you have to plan ahead and make sure you have enough to do. For some that might involve downloading a bunch of films and TV shows, but if you're ravelling by Eurostar Amazon has you covered. It's bringing a bunch of its original programming to the train service, including Giz UK's favourite TV show The Grand Tour. Read More >>