1,000 Sad Uber Employees Reportedly Sign Petition Demanding Terrible CEO Return

Employees at Uber are apparently circulating a petition demanding that Travis Kalanick be reinstated as CEO of the company, despite how royally he fucked it all up this past year. Read More >>

12 People Rumoured to Replace Uber CEO Travis Kalanick

News broke overnight that embattled Uber CEO Travis Kalanick is stepping down. Kalanick will still serve on the company’s board, but the company needs a new CEO. And it needs one quickly, if it wants to calm down some nervous investors. Read More >>

Travis Kalanick Has Resigned His Role As Uber CEO

Uber’s founder and CEO Travis Kalanick has resigned after mounting pressure from shareholders over a string of workplace scandals. Previously, he said he would take a temporary leave of absence in the wake of an investigation into Uber’s company culture, which was said to foster harassment and discrimination. Read More >>

Uber Has Been Sued Over Mishandling the Medical File of a Woman Who Was Raped by Uber Driver

A woman who was raped by an Uber driver in India is suing the company after reports that several senior executives obtained her medical files and used them to sow doubt about her account of the crime. Read More >>

Embattled CEO Travis Kalanick Takes Leave of Absence in Wake of Uber’s Sexual Harassment Investigation

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick will take a leave of absence from the company he founded and the company will make changes to its culture, following a highly-anticipated investigation into sexual harassment and toxic workplace culture at the ride-hailing startup. Read More >>

Uber’s CEO Searches for Enlightenment in Company Lactation Room

“Uber is going through a big transformation right now, and it has to start at the top,” Huffington Post founder member Arianna Huffington told CNBC. The change it needs is for founder and CEO Travis Kalanick to step away, briefly occupy a space reserved for nursing mothers, and reflect on himself for a little while. Read More >>

Uber Exec Dismissed After Sharing Rape Victim’s Medical Records

After an Uber driver raped a customer in India, an Uber executive obtained the victim’s medical records and shared them with the company’s CEO, Travis Kalanick, and its senior vice president, Emil Michael. The executives then questioned the medical record and suggested that it was a sabotage attempt by a competitor, Recode reports. Read More >>

Uber Will Finally Let You Delete Your Account Without Begging

After weeks of bad press, Uber finally did something that isn’t totally dishonest or gross. The popular ride-hailing service said today that it’s going to make life easier for people who want to delete their Uber accounts permanently by letting them do it from within the app. Read More >>

Uber’s Old YouTube Channel Is Awkward, Involves Nazis

Today, people know Uber as a bloated, embattled, and probably evil transportation company. But seven years ago, it was a brand-new startup still beta-testing its iPhone app and beginning to market its service. If the company’s old YouTube channel is any indication, however, it’s a damn miracle that Uber lasted more than a year. Read More >>

Uber’s CEO Became a Big Boy When Tim Cook Gave Him a Stern Talking To

Controversial Uber CEO Travis Kalanick received a career retrospective profile in the New York Times today that covers his awkward early years and his propensity to invite conflict. Among the new information that it reveals, there’s an enlightening story about the time Tim Cook had to summon Kalanick after discovering that Uber was still tracking iPhones after its app had been deleted. Read More >>

Uber Is Trying to Keep Its Court Battle With Google Out of the Public Eye

Last month Google filed a lawsuit against Uber alleging that the ridesharing company colluded with a former Google engineer to steal trade secrets and proprietary designs from the Waymo self-driving car unit. Today, Uber’s lawyers filed a motion to move the case into the dark hole of arbitration. Read More >>

Report: Uber CEO’s Group Trip to Escort Bar Made Female Employee ‘Feel Horrible’

Allegations of sexual harassment, among other issues within Uber, have been particularly persistent since the beginning of this year. A new report paints Uber’s toxic culture as a problem that goes all the way to the top. Read More >>

Uber’s President Just Quit Suddenly After Six Months

Uber president Jeff Jones abruptly left the crisis-hit company yesterday after just six months in the role. Hours later, the Vice President of Maps Brian McClendon also jumped ship. Read More >>

Billionaire Uber CEO Yells at Bankrupt Driver: ‘Some People Don’t Like to Take Responsibility’

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick’s net worth is £5 billion, but if you’re a turd, you’re a turd, and all that wonderful cash can’t buy you a better personality. There’s a video to prove it: Bloomberg obtained footage of Kalanick getting into a heated argument with an Uber driver. Read More >>

Things Uber CEO Travis Kalanick May Have Said in His TED Talk Today

Yesterday in Vancouver, mind orgy headquarters TED welcomed Uber CEO Travis Kalanick to the stage to talk at TED2016, the latest in its annual series of events. Did he talk about the logo? Did he talk about how cities are bringing him down? What did he say? You could wait a few months for the video — or you could take these people’s words for it. Read More >>