How Big Would a Single Tree Need to be to Support Human Life?

Trees are vital for human life: they use up CO2 and pump out oxygen, as well as providing food, fuel and, err, climbing frames, too. But how big would a single tree need to be in order to sustain the human race? Read More >>

Is This the Most Over the Top Christmas Tree Ever? Maybe

I came across this image buried in one of those wacky picture dumpster sites, wandering from url to url across the web. I don't know who set the tree up. I don't know how many thousands of LED lights are around that tree. And I don't know why people spend so much money making these things. Read More >>

How Does an 800-Year-Old Giant Tree Go Missing?

Enterprising tree poachers have stolen a gold, er, woodmine of a target: an 800-year-old red cedar tree that's one of the largest in the Vancouver Island area. It's gone now and it was stolen under a two-part operation that's been underway for the past year. Read More >>

North Korea Is Threatening South Korea with "Psychological Warfare" Because of Christmas Lights

If there was ever such a thing as a country run by Grinches, North Korea would be that country. Why? Well, according to the BBC, North Korea has warned neighboring South Korea of "unexpected consequences" if South Korea decides to light up Christmas trees near their border. Read More >>