Amazon’s New Offices Will Contain Literal Jungle

Employee perks at some companies include watery coffee all day and maybe a table tennis table. Employee perks at Amazon will soon include treehouses where engineers commune with nature to refresh their minds and meet in rooms with walls crawling with vines. Read More >>

Adults Who Live in Treehouses Aren’t as Weird as You Might Think

Before I was born, my mother lived in a treehouse in the Smoky Mountains and had a pet goat with one ear. His name was Van Goat. This was the late '70s, and even then, it was a unique lifestyle. But my how treehouse culture has evolved. Read More >>

I Want to Spend all Weekend in This Treehouse Perched Over a Pond

Like a tiny wooden spaceship, this two-story treehouse by the German treehouse design specialists at Baumraum is picturesquely perched over a pond, as if it's preparing for blast off. Read More >>

This Amazing Treehouse Is Hidden on Whistler Mountain

The HemLoft is a beautiful egg-shaped treehouse built on Whistler Mountain, in the States. It's magnificent, though because it was built in secret on government land, the fate of the wonderful orb is uncertain. Read More >>