Conker Trees Added to List of Dying Out Things

The mighty horse chestnut, AKA the conker tree, is one of the highest profile additions to the International Union for Conservation of Nature's very long list of tree species at risk of being obliterated by the modern world, but humankind as a whole is off the hook for this one; it's because of moths. Read More >>

More Than Half of European Trees Found Only in Europe Face Extinction

A new assessment shows that more than half of the trees only found in Europe are at risk of extinction. Read More >>

Climate Change Will at Least Bring Interesting Trees for the Cockroaches to Shelter Beneath

There's good news about climate change out there today, if you squint a bit and try not to think about it on more than one level, as botanists are reporting that an unusual plant is really enjoying our warmer weather. Read More >>

Tree Experts Say Help Them With Bathwater

Trees unfortunate enough to have been planted in urban areas could do with our help, with tree enthusiasts saying we should assist our councils by watering young saplings ourselves with bathwater or grey washing up waste. Read More >>

Tree Believed to Have Inspired Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax Has Died

Theodor Geisel (aka Dr. Seuss) once wrote his popular children’s books atop Mount Soledad in San Diego, California. From there, he could see a single Monterey Cypress tree that sat within Ellen Browning Scripps Park in La Jolla, California. That tree is thought to have helped inspire The Lorax. Read More >>

Rewilding Britain Says “Rewild Britain” Funnily Enough

Everyone likes trees, right? That's the concept behind pressure group Rewilding Britain, which says we should come up with a strategy to cover as much as a quarter of the country in trees to offset climate change and ensure we can still fly to warmer places on aeroplanes without feeling too much guilt at drinking a £2.75 Diet Coke as we punch holes in the sky. Read More >>

Owner of Stolen 400-Year-Old Bonsai Worth £70,000 Pleads on Facebook: ‘Are They Giving You Enough Water?’

A couple who was robbed of at least £92,000 worth of precious horticultural rarities has one plea for the thief: water the trees. Read More >>

Government Climate Committee Says Let’s Go Back to Being a Nice Forest

Maybe we should stop trying to compete with the world and go back to eating things that hang low down on trees is the sort-of conclusion reached by the UK's official governmental Committee on Climate Change, which actually says we should put the brakes on agriculture and double our efforts to reforest the land. Read More >>

You’d Better Start Panic-Buying Christmas Trees

A UK-based grower of a variety of tree that botanists refer to as the "Christmas tree" has warned shortages may be coming, as this year's bonkers spell of foreign hot weather that came over here to laugh at us has destroyed many of his trees. Or at least turned bits of them brown; so brown you might not even be able to cover the patches up with tinsel. Read More >>

HS2 Cost Rises by £2m to Buy Trees

The government is putting another couple of million into the cash pile that's to pay for HS2, with a plan to build what it calls a "Green Corridor" along parts of the line seeing the planting of millions of trees. Read More >>

Government Tells Network Rail to Put Down the Chain Saws

Network Rail thought it was on to a winner with its tree maintenance programme, because it's had enough of people banging on about leaves on the line for the last 30 years and is taking steps to stop it happening any more -- by cutting down trees. Problem is, people actually like trees and are a bit horrified at how rapidly rail bosses appear to be cutting them down. Read More >>

New “Northern Forest” to Cover the Troublesome Non-London Bits of the Country

Instead of building train tracks and roads and tunnels and loads of expensive cycleways up there, the government's had a much better idea about what to do with the north -- cover it in trees and say it's a forest. Forests don't need massively expensive east/west rail links or hospitals. Job done. Read More >>

Dangerous Christmas Tree Cordoned Off

Parents and children within the Derby area have been warned of a potentially dangerous Christmas tree in the city centre, with the tree causing such a potential health and safety menace that it's been cordoned off by the local council. Read More >>

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Watching Leaves Defy Gravity on a Trampoline is the Best Way to Welcome Autumn

The arrival of pumpkin spice jokes is often seen as the first sign of fall, but a trampoline full of gravity-defying dead leaves is a far more satisfying way to welcome the arrival of cooler temps and gourd-flavoured coffee. Read More >>

Titchmarsh Prepares to Chain Himself to the Queen’s Tree Over Road Battle

A plan to expand access to the M25 is coming under pressure from garden enthusiasts, with king dominant male gardener Alan Titchmarsh leading the charge against the proposals. Read More >>