Government Tells Network Rail to Put Down the Chain Saws

Network Rail thought it was on to a winner with its tree maintenance programme, because it's had enough of people banging on about leaves on the line for the last 30 years and is taking steps to stop it happening any more -- by cutting down trees. Problem is, people actually like trees and are a bit horrified at how rapidly rail bosses appear to be cutting them down. Read More >>

New “Northern Forest” to Cover the Troublesome Non-London Bits of the Country

Instead of building train tracks and roads and tunnels and loads of expensive cycleways up there, the government's had a much better idea about what to do with the north -- cover it in trees and say it's a forest. Forests don't need massively expensive east/west rail links or hospitals. Job done. Read More >>

Dangerous Christmas Tree Cordoned Off

Parents and children within the Derby area have been warned of a potentially dangerous Christmas tree in the city centre, with the tree causing such a potential health and safety menace that it's been cordoned off by the local council. Read More >>

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Watching Leaves Defy Gravity on a Trampoline is the Best Way to Welcome Autumn

The arrival of pumpkin spice jokes is often seen as the first sign of fall, but a trampoline full of gravity-defying dead leaves is a far more satisfying way to welcome the arrival of cooler temps and gourd-flavoured coffee. Read More >>

Titchmarsh Prepares to Chain Himself to the Queen’s Tree Over Road Battle

A plan to expand access to the M25 is coming under pressure from garden enthusiasts, with king dominant male gardener Alan Titchmarsh leading the charge against the proposals. Read More >>

Trees are Staying up Too Late as Well

Streetlights are causing the urban trees of the towns and cities of the planet to stay up past their bedtimes, as the natural world falls victim to the modern world's need to have an electric light illuminating everything all the time. Read More >>

This Colour-Coded Map Of London Street Trees Is Our New Favourite Thing

Lots of interesting applications of London data have come out of the open-access London Datastore since its launch, but our new favourite is an interactive map of street trees. Read More >>

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Riding a Logging Machine Like a Rodeo Bull Is the New Definition of Terror

Hopping on a well-padded mechanical bull at a bar is already terrifying enough for most people. Trying to survive eight seconds on the real thing at a rodeo is a whole other level of fear, but that still doesn’t come close to the terror of trying to stay in the saddle while the robot arm of a logging machine is trying to whip you off a flying log. Read More >>

Watch This Stump Grinder Basically Vaporise a Tree Stump

It shouldn’t exactly be a surprise that a stump grinder would be so good at, well, grinding away tree stumps, but this Arborwolf Pro 75ss Stump Grinder just freaking inhales them in any situation. Read More >>

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Watch a Guy Chop Down a Tree and Make a Longbow Out of It

Chop a tree. Wait three years. And then you can make yourself a longbow. Read More >>

Here Are the Trees That Will Start to Vanish Thanks to Climate Change

The natural world is changing in significant ways thanks to human-caused climate change. While some species are flourishing, others are already gone forever. Now scientists are looking specifically at how US forests will transform due to the increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide. Bye, Eastern hemlock, it was nice knowing ya. Read More >>

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A Tree on Fire in the Forest Can Be Quite Beautiful

Before we all freak out, this was a controlled burn in the Kaibab Forest in northern Arizona and it was totally (mostly?) safe to film. Well, I sure hope it was. Either way, the individual trees that were on fire look spectacular against the starry night sky and the rest of the forest. Read More >>

Trees Are Even More Amazing Than We Realised

Trees, is there anything they can’t do? Doubtful. Let’s see: producing half the world’s oxygen, providing habitat for millions of species, creating the soil and timber resources we depend on. Not bad. But all that’s just scratching the surface. As new research shows, there’s a lot more going on beneath the forest floor than we realised. Read More >>

This is What You See When You Scan a Forest With Lasers

Do not adjust your monitor. This is a perfectly normal forest, but it happens to be the view that’s seen through the eyes of a 3D laser scanning system developed by a company called Treemetrics. Read More >>

Madrid Bans Cars, Plans Plants

Cities have been kicking out cars to curb pollution and boost the well-being of their residents. But Madrid has proposed something even smarter. It’s not only banning cars from its downtown, it’s adding more green space. This is an important part of the equation that many cities don’t get right. Read More >>