Trevor Baylis, Inventor of the Hand-Cranked Radio, Dies at 80

The hand-cranked radio allows people in remote communities to have access to modern broadcasting—all without needing an external power source, aside from your own hand. The technology’s inventor, Trevor Baylis, died today at the age of 80. The death of Baylis was announced by David Bunting, the chief executive of Trevor Baylis Brands, according to The Guardian. Read More >>

Trevor Baylis
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Trevor Baylis: From Inventor’s Bliss to Patently Broke

When you think of Trevor Baylis, you think of the invention that was meant to have made him, the wind-up radio. An innovation that easily ranks within the 50 best British inventions of all time, and which should have made him a mint, but for various reasons, didn't. Baylis may be an inventor and a dreamer, but did you know he was also an aquatic stunt performer; an escape artist, and served in the army? Now he's broke, and this is why that's a crying shame... Read More >>