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A Devastating Holocaust Documentary Proves VR Filmmaking Isn’t Just a Gimmick

It’s really easy to mess up a film project about the Holocaust. The wrong tone, the wrong direction, and it can all go horribly awry. Add cutting-edge technology operated by unskilled hands to a topic as devastating as survivor testimony, and you could have a disaster. Fortunately, the VR film The Last Goodbye, which debuted at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival, gets it right. Read More >>

These Award-Winning Vines Are Everything a Six Second Film Should Be

Vines aren't exactly the newest from of high art. But while poorly edited Vines of your friends' cats doing nothing are probably what you see most often, there are some pretty good ones, with a bit more meat to 'em. These Tribeca Vine Competition winners are a pretty good sample. They're so good you might even go "huh!" Read More >>

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The Top 40 Vines from the Tribeca Film Festival Will Convince You That Vines are Actually Great

Barely even four months old, Twitter's Vine video service has already delighted the film world to the point that the Tribeca Film Festival is giving ephemeral attention spans their very own Vine competition. And the people were ready. After sorting through over 400 Vines or approximately 40 minutes' worth (for those of you keeping score at home), the judges came out with 40 of the very best abridged tales they could find in four categories: Auteur, Animage, Genre, and Series (with each submission being a Vine trilogy). Read More >>