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Watch This Time-Lapsed Day in the Life of London

Stitching 35,000 photos together into 80 clips, shot by 40 photographers, LapseLondon is a record-breaking time-lapsed look at the UK capital. Read More >>

Triggertrap Redsnap Camera Trigger is Fast Enough to Snap a Bullet in Flight

The Triggertrap camera system is an office-wide favourite here at Giz UK, but even its advanced shutter trigger system has its limitations. With the Redsnap kit, the Triggertrap team look to go one better, offering a modular system for remote snapping of all kinds of high-speed subjects. Read More >>

Just Scream to Trigger the Camera

If you came and visited us at the Mini Maker Faire in Elephant and Castle this weekend, you may have experienced me asking you (very nicely, of course), if you wouldn't please come shout at my camera. (I even asked one poor girl whether I could shout at her cupcake. Everybody agreed that this was, without doubt, the worst pick-up line ever). Read More >>

Triggertrap Adds Wireless To Its Credentials

Triggertrap, the budding little app that could (invented by a former Gizmodo UK writer!), has seen a handy little upgrade that adds WiFi support to the Triggertrap system. Adding a bit of WiFi magic to the mix "enables photographers to leverage the range and speed of a Wi-Fi network to control the dynamic fuctions of Triggertrap remotely". [Triggertrap] Read More >>

Triggertrap Mobile: Bringing DSLR-Triggering Fun to Your Android Phone

We've covered Triggertrap back when it was in its infancy still, as a budding young Kickerstarter project. Since then, the developers have been hard at it, releasing a iOS app, and now a brand new Android counterpart, bringing all the functionalities of the standalone device, and more. Read More >>

Triggertrap Mobile: Turn Your Phone Into a DSLR-Triggering Powerhouse

Sometimes when you're shooting photos from a distance, but you want to change a few extra settings, a standard trigger won't do. Enter Triggertrap Mobile, an app version of the Kickstarter product we've covered in the past, that has more than just a few additions. Read More >>

How I Invented a Gadget and Made Thousands on Kickstarter

You've probably been there; Late one night in the pub, after a few too many beers, you have a bloody fantastic idea. A revolutionary idea. An idea that's going to change the world. The chances are that come the morning you’ll realise that your beer-addled brain had slightly overstated your own awesomeness, but sometimes (just sometimes!) the spark is there. The sparks of my idea began to fly about five years ago before, eventually, they caught light. Today, I'm waiting for a factory in China to start manufacturing something I invented -- the Triggertrap, an Arduino-based open-source universal camera trigger. Read More >>

Triggertrap Breaks Free of Kickstarter and Hits Production

We covered the Triggertrap when it was in its infancy as a budding Kickstarter project. Now the universal camera trigger is fully funded and in production. The device comes packing light, laser and sound sensors, as well as a timer, so you can use pretty much anything to set it off -- perfect for that millisecond capture you're struggling to make. Read More >>