These Magical Sculptures Look Like Animations But They’re Actually Real Objects

Artist John Edmark has done it again. With the clever use of a strobe light, he’s created sculptures that move like weird computer animations but are actually real, 3D printed objects that physically exist. It’s a bit hypnotising but so, so cool, because they move and grow and essentially come alive in such a bizarre way. Read More >>

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Trippy Video Uses 3D Printing and Stop-Motion Animation to Make a Statue Sing

Here’s a really cool music video that uses 3D printing, stop-motion animation, and projection mapping to make a model come alive to sing a song. It’s a especially trippy, because it’s like seeing a statue start talking out of nowhere. Read More >>

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I Need to Ride This Trippy Slide Right Now

You could get on this water slide completely sober and emerge feeling like you went on the wildest acid trip ever. Read More >>

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Biking Through This Moving Fun House Looks Like a Trippy Video Game in Real Life

What a complete and total mind spin. Kriss Kyle and Red Bull teamed up for this totally trippy BMX video called Kaleidoscope that employs what is essentially a fun house filled with ramps that are moving around, and fun little holes to spin in until you disappear, and so much more cool stuff. It’s like a bizarre level in an old video game, only in real life (or like being inside a kaleidoscope that’s constantly being turned). Read More >>

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This Trippy Animated Video is a Roller Coaster Through the Internet

Austin Motion Artists Group's computer-animated space warp is the grooviest three minutes you'll witness today. It's positively mesmerising. Read More >>

What the World Would Look Like if You Could See Mobile Phone Signals

There are thousands of invisible signals bouncing around us all the time, and the world would be a very different place if we could seem them. Visualiser extraordinaire Nickolay Lamm already showed us what the Wi-Fi noise would look like, and now he's back to illuminate the mobile phone signals all around us. It's trippy. Read More >>

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This Isn’t an Animation

Have you ever wondered what the visuals look like on hallucinogens? This isn't far off (um, I've "read"). This is not an animated gif, and nothing is actually moving. It's all in your head. Your trippy, trippy head. Read More >>