There’s a Massive Ransomware Attack Spreading Globally Right Now [Updated]

A ransomware attack is quickly spreading across the globe rendering vital systems inaccessible. Read More >>

A Nostalgic Virus is Infecting Windows Machines

They don’t make them like this anymore.

The BBC’s Been Tricked Into Serving Dodgy Ads

Naughty cybercriminals have reportedly managed to dupe the Beeb into serving dodgy ads across the pond. The attack, which affected BBC.com, as well as a bunch of other major sites, including MSN, the New York Times and Newsweek, is believed to have been aimed primarily at US-based web surfers. Read More >>

Meet Regin, Super Spyware That’s Been Attacking Computers for Years

In case you needed more affirmation that the internet is not a safe place, Symantec published a report today detailing a sophisticated form of spyware known as Regin. Read More >>

Even Apple’s Website is Vulnerable to This Nasty OS X Trojan

Remember that whole I'm-a-Mac-you're-a-PC-you've-got-viruses-and-I'm-a-smug-healthy-git series of ads? Yeah, those ones. Well, they've been proved wrong yet again, 'cos OS X has another Trojan vunerability that'll spam your browser with a gazillion ads (and probably steal your card details to boot). Read More >>

Trojan Is Handing Out Free Vibrators Again — This Time to All the Nerds at CES

Maybe you heard Trojan was handing out free vibrators in New York this summer, and Washington DC this Autumn? It was a really popular giveaway. The next step, it seems is giving tech nerds some tools for love. Read More >>

Apple Let Malware Into Its iOS App Store

The iPhone's walled garden isn't quite as safe as Apple claims it is. Cupertino apparently let some sneaky malware through its approval process that stole your address book, Facebook and Twitter, and spammed your friends with text messages pretending to be you. Read More >>

Meet ‘Flame’, The Massive Spy Malware Infiltrating Iranian Computers

A massive, highly sophisticated piece of malware has been newly found infecting systems in Iran and elsewhere and is believed to be part of a well-coordinated, ongoing, state-run cyberespionage operation. Read More >>

A New IM-Attacking Trojan Takes You and Your Facebook For a Spammy Ride

It seems Mark Zuckerberg isn't the only one trying to make a tidy sum out of Facebook right now. There's a social-spreading, IM-attacking worm on the loose and it'll take hold of your Facebook and IM accounts to ruin everyone's day. Read More >>

Hackers Are Trying to Hold Your PC For Ransom In the UK

In the sneakiest of instant blackmailing attempts ever, hackers are trying to hold Windows PCs in the UK hostage until victims cough up a "release fee" of £50, and they're using the fear of being caught pirating music to do it too. Read More >>

Is This the End of the Mac Malware Safe-Haven?

Yet another OS X Trojan has been spotted stalking the wilds of the internet. It targets Java again, but this time comes in via good old Microsoft Office. Is the presumed natural immunity to malware Macs have enjoyed for decades coming to an end? Read More >>

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This Is How Condoms Are Made and Tested

Condoms exist in that uncomfortable category of things we accept as part of everyday life, but don't spend too much thinking—much less talking—about. That's silly. To help break the ice, here's a stimulating look at how Trojan condoms are made, because you really shouldn't put anything on your (or your partner's) junk without knowing where it comes from, right? Read More >>

You Don’t Even Have to Download an Attachment Anymore to Get Infected

Hackers just don’t take a break do they? You’ve heard of drive-by downloads, well meet drive-by emails -- the next stage in the evolution of the email-carried malware that you don’t even need to download. Read More >>