Trump Administration Creates Crime Hotline to Report Aliens, Immediately Gets Trolled

Yesterday the Department of Homeland Security launched a new hotline to “assist victims of crimes committed by criminal aliens.” The resulting “fuck you!” from average Americans was swift and hilarious. Read More >>

Facebook “Troll” Outed as 32-Year-Old… Policeman

The nasty man who launched a staggeringly wide-ranging series of attacks on Nicola Brookes through Facebook has been identified, with police revealing the crazed social stalker is a copper from Birmingham. Read More >>

Smart Shows You Precisely How to Deal With Twitter Trolls Using Bird Poop

Let's be fair, the Smart Car isn't the biggest or manliest car around, but when someone attempts to crap on it, Smart replies with hilarious, spot-on science. That's the way to fight your corner, with pure piss-taking poop facts. Read More >>

Facebook Ordered to Unmask Internet Trolls

Internet trolls are a sad reflection of human society let lose on the internet. They spread their bile behind the protection of anonymity, and can follow you anywhere on the internet and out on the street. Now one woman is taking the fight to back to them; she has a court order forcing Facebook to unmask the vile hate mongers. Read More >>

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This Is What I Imagine an Internet Troll Thinks He’s Like In Real Life

We found out what an internet troll actually looks like in real life, but this is what he thinks he looks like in real life -- hard as nails and creepy as hell. I’m not sure what’s weirder though; the troll face or the disembodied stickman sauntering along the pavement while people try to beat him. Read More >>

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The BBC Shows You What an Internet Troll Looks Like In Real Life

We all suffer trolls badly; some of us are even guilty of a bit of trolling ourselves. But have you ever wondered what they look like in real life? Wonder no more -- the BBC managed to track down the prolific troll Nimrod Severn and confronted him for Panorama. Read More >>

Nikon Trolls Photographers Saying You’re "Only As Good As Your Equipment"

This is what Nikon said in its Facebook page 15 hours ago: "A photographer is only as good as the equipment he uses, and a good lens is essential to taking good pictures!" Apparently, photographers with no Nikon equipment are shit: Read More >>