Comedian Changes His Name to Hugo Boss to Troll Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss has been throwing its weight around, issuing Cease & Desist orders to small companies and charities who dare to use the completely cromulent word 'boss,' and comedian Joe Lycett is not having it. Read More >>

Twitter Says It Will Crack Down on Posts Encouraging Others to Harm Themselves

Twitter, the social media website best known for ignoring its abuse problem until it metastasized into a full-blown presidency, has as of late been trying to change its image. It’s stripped some far-right and white supremacist users of their verified badges and banned others, as well as rolled out what it says is harsher enforcement of rules against abuse, sexual and racial harassment, and threats of violence. Read More >>

Amber Rudd Was Targeted by an Email Troll Pretending to be Theresa May’s New Communications Chief

Pretending to be someone else and conversing with politicians via email seems to be the next big thing in online trolling. Recent victims include members of Donald Trump's family, former White House communications chief Anthony Scaramucci, and our own nonsense-spewing home secretary Amber Rudd. Read More >>

British Troll Fools Trump Administration Officials With His Email Prank

The Trump administration is not exactly known for its critical thinking skills. Read More >>

Exclusive: Think Boaty McBoatface is Bad? We Reveal What The Research Ship Could Have Been Named

Last Spring the British public took part in a major vote - one that would have profound consequences for generations to come. No, not the EU referendum, but the competition held by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) to name their new £200m polar research ship. Read More >>

Man Installs ‘Relationship Saving Station’ At His Local Ikea

Having an argument in Ikea is pretty much the worst thing in the world. Everyone stares at you with patronising sympathy and you don't feel like getting an ice cream after the tills. Most of the time, you don't even get the good half of the 100 Days of Summer montage – it's just utensils, cushion covers, breakup. Read More >>

Google’s Made an API for Identifying Troll Comments

Google's Counter Abuse Technology team and Jigsaw (part of Alphabet) are working on a way to identify and weed out angry manchildren in website comment sections. Read More >>

Is David Hockney’s Trollish Logo For ‘The Sun’ An Act Of Revenge?

Veteran artist David Hockney is a household name for a reason: he's incredibly talented. So when The Sun unveiled the one-off reworking of its logo that they'd commissioned from Hockney and it came out looking like something a preschooler made in MS Paint, questions were understandably asked as to whether Hockney was taking the mick. And it turns out he might have a reason. Read More >>

Twitter is a Troubled 10-Year-Old That’ll Forever be Tainted

Ten years ago today, a brand new social network exploded into the public’s consciousness, attracting as much attention for its slick look and feel as it did utter confusion for what it was actually meant to be used for. Though the service was founded in March of 2006, it wasn't until this date in July of that year that it was properly launched. Read More >>

Taser Employees Appear to Troll Anti-Taser Documentary With Fake Reviews

Killing Them Safely is a documentary taking issue with the ‘less than lethal’ part of Taser’s stun guns. Read More >>

Anonymous is Really Messing Up its War on Islamic State

This should not come as a surprise, but Anonymous is probably not going to rid the world of terror with its many “ops”. In fact, the latest reports indicate that the leaderless pack of hacktivists is not only incapable of disrupting so-called Islamic State (IS), it seems like Anonymous is totally fucking this one up. Read More >>

Donald Trump Duped into Retweeting Picture of Jeremy Corbyn

Donald Trump really should double check the things he retweets, because once again he's retweeted a picture of someone without realising who they really are. But instead of retweeting pictures of serial killers, this time he retweeted a picture of notable leftie (and newly elected leader of the Labour Party) Jeremy Corbyn. Read More >>

The Birth of the Internet Troll

Trolls are shitting all over our internet. You can hardly search for something as innocuous as "dog" on Google without coming across inflammatory attacks on every possible dog-related opinion under the sun. All horrible things have to crawl before they can walk/crush spirits, though. Even trolls. Read More >>