paris agreement
The United States Pulls Out of the Paris Agreement

The White House began its formal process to pull the United States out of the Paris Agreement on Monday. Read More >>

American Astronauts Are Going Back to the Moon

President Donald Trump has signed a directive that authorises NASA to return American astronauts to the Moon—a mission that would lay the foundation for a possible mission to Mars. The renewed emphasis on space exploration, said Trump, is to ensure America’s primacy in space, to protect its citizens, and to create jobs. But while a coherent and ambitious space program is welcome news, the announcement can also be seen as a distraction. Read More >>

Trump Was Instructed Not to Delete Tweets Illegally

Remember the day after the inauguration? Okay, we were hungover, too, but do you remember how Trump violated federal records-keeping laws by illegally deleting his tweets? Turns out, the National Archives also heard about that and took action. Read More >>