‘President Supervillain’ Puts Trump’s Quotes in Red Skull’s Mouth, and It’s Disturbingly Perfect

He’s barely been in office for a month, but already Donald Trump has given the world a fearsome amount of wild, delirious quotes. They’re sentences that not even the best satirical writer could come up with—and weirdly enough, they make for uncomfortably believable quotes for Marvel’s premiere fascist supervillain. Read More >>

Members of Trump’s Club Can Just Pose With the President’s Nuclear Codes Guy Now

Image: Facebook
Do you have £160,000 and a fascination with the prospect of nuclear annihilation? You may want to look into purchasing a membership at Mar-a-Lago, the “winter White House,” where this weekend some guy posted a selfie with the Trump aide who carries the United States’ nuclear football. Read More >>

Why Twitter Can’t Make Money From Donald Trump’s Insane Tweets

Twitter announced its Q4 2016 earnings on Thursday, and the results weren’t great. Despite being the social platform of choice for the leader of the free world, Twitter missed analyst revenue expectations. Even more disturbing, its ad revenue was actually down for fiscal year 2016 from 2015. That’s right, in a year where Twitter was in the media more than ever before, it’s advertising revenues decreased. Read More >>

Uber’s CEO Praises the ‘Magic of America’ in Toothless Statement on Immigration Ban

Being part of Trump’s economic advisory team and the head of an international Silicon Valley company has Uber co-founder Travis Kalanick in a bit of a pickle. His official statement regarding the president’s immigration ban takes virtually no position, aside from that America is great. Read More >>

Wikihow Turned Obama, Jay-Z, and Beyoncé White to Explain ‘How to Become A Congressman’

Wikihow, the people who brought you “How to Stop Being Racist” and the Mother’s Day classic, “How to Hide an Erection,” (not to be confused with “How to Suppress An Erection”), has leapt over its own absurdist bar with “How to Become a Congressman.” This time, the tutorial stars Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Former President Barack Obama as white people. Read More >>

Russian Propaganda Mysteriously Cut Into C-SPAN’s Web Feed and No One Knows Why

This afternoon, online viewers of politics-meets-Ambien channel C-SPAN were treated to a disturbing change in programming: For around 10 minutes, the web stream aired RT (formerly Russia Today) instead. Read More >>

Mark Hamill is Dubbing Trump’s Tweets as the Joker

Mark Hamill has perfectly voiced one of the future president’s tweets as the Joker, and we could see more of them in the future. That might be one of the most beautiful sentences ever uttered — if it wasn’t also tragic. Read More >>

Chrome App Replaces Trump With Kittens

Chrome app Make America Kittens Again has one simple goal -- to hijack your browser's image loading procedures and replace all photos of the weird angry American dude who's always on the news with images of kittens. Read More >>

You Probably Can’t Afford This Gold-Plated, Diamond-Encrusted Trump iPhone Case

Goldgenie, a store in the UAE that essentially slaps a golden coating on everything it possibly can before selling it to people with lots of money and exquisite taste, has created the product of the year -- we’re calling it -- a gold-plated, Donald Trump-emblazoned iPhone case studded with diamonds. Read More >>

The Official Giz UK Post-Brexit & Post-Trump Christmas Gift Guide

2016 has been a hellish year, all things considered - but looking ahead to 2017 and things could be about to get even worse. On January 20th, Donald Trump will be moving into the White House - and no doubt cladding it in gold straight after. Over here in Britain, Theresa May has said that she’ll invoke Article 50 by the end of March, starting the countdown clock on Britain leaving the European Union. Read More >>

FBI Now Agrees That Russia Hacked the US Election

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is supporting a CIA assessment that Russia intervened in United States elections, according to a Washington Post report quoting anonymous US officials. Read More >>

Facebook Says It Won’t Help With Hypothetical ‘Muslim Registry’

Facebook won’t be helping Donald Trump build a registry of Muslims. Hold your applause, people. Read More >>

Why Trump’s Tech Summit is Going to Be Super Awkward

This Wednesday, President-elect Donald Trump will meet with — or “summon,” as it were — leaders from across the tech industry for a round-table chat. On paper, this appears to be a very sensible meeting. Silicon Valley nurtured a deliciously cosy relationship with the Obama administration, and it stands to reason that it will try that route with the Trump regime. Read More >>

CIA Report Concludes That Russia Tried to Help Trump Win

Following President Obama’s order for a full report on “cyber attacks and foreign intervention into the 2016 election,” multiple sources are telling multiple publications that Russia used hacking as a tool to benefit the election of Donald Trump and harm his opponent, Hillary Clinton. A flurry of information has led to accusations of partisanship harming national security. Read More >>

Trump Just Met With Al Gore to Discuss Climate Change

Trump may never remove that dumb tweet about climate change being a Chinese hoax, but there are signs that America's prez-elect is warming up to the notion that maybe — just maybe! — global warming isn’t a liberal conspiracy. The latest signal came on Monday, when Trump met with former presidential candidate and noted climate activist Al Gore to discuss our ever-warming planet. Read More >>