At Least 222 Are Dead After Tsunami Crashes Into Indonesia, With Death Toll Expected to Rise

A deadly tsunami that struck Indonesia unexpectedly has reportedly left hundreds of people dead and many more missing and injured. Read More >>

Scientists Aren’t Sure What Triggered Indonesia’s Deadly Tsunami

Late on Friday, a magnitude 7.5 earthquake struck near Sulawesi, Indonesia, quickly followed by a highly localised, intense, and devastating tsunami. Waves up to 18 feet high inundated Palu Bay, drowning a beach festival, destroying buildings, and claiming over 800 lives. Read More >>

It Took 2.1 Years For Fukushima’s Radioactive Plume to Reach the US

Caesium 134 and caesium 137: The two isotopes that were released into the Pacific Ocean when an earthquake ruined the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant on the eastern coast of Japan in 2011. The panic over the leakage was instantaneous in the US—but a new study shows whether it was valid. Read More >>

This Home is Designed to Stand Up to a Tsunami

Little can actually be guaranteed to survive the high-velocity wave walls and pummeling winds of a tsunami—but this house will at least put up a damn good showing. Read More >>

Japan Turned the One Surviving Tsunami Tree Into a Gigantic Sculpture

Two years ago yesterday, Japan was ravaged by a horrible tsunami. And now, right on the anniversary of the disaster, there's a new memorial to the people and things who lived through it: the "miracle tree" that survived the surge has now been converted into a sculpture. Read More >>

It’s Official: The Fukushima Disaster Was Totally Avoidable

The operator of Fukushima—Tokyo Electric Power Company—has just confessed in a report that its post-tsunami nuclear crisis was totally avoidable. Ugh. Read More >>

Harley Davidson Lost In Japan Tsunami Washes Up in Canada Fully Intact

About a week ago, a soccer ball that belonged to a 16-year-old survivor of the Japanese tsunami was returned to him, after it was discovered on the Alaskan coast. But a beachcomber in Canada has since stumbled across an even more fantastic find: A Harley, with all its parts still in place. Read More >>

Japanese Tsunami Survivor’s Football Returned, via the Alaskan Coast

Last year, 16-year-old Misaki Murakami's life was turned upside down when Japan's tsunami claimed his home and its contents. But now a beachcomber from Alaska has found one of his most treasured possessions—an autographed football—washed up on the US coast, and is sending it back to him. Read More >>

KFC Thailand Exploits Tsunami to Sell Terror Chicken on Facebook

What's the first thing you crave when you're afraid a tsunami might be headed straight for you? The safety of your family? Peace with God? How about fried chicken? KFC sure thought natural disaster was a great way to sell. Read More >>

America: We Gon’ Blow Up That Japanese Tsunami Ghost Ship!

Japanese problem: an abandoned shrimping boat is found adrift near Canada, displaced by last year's tsunami disaster. American solution: let's sink that motherfucker. Read More >>

This Japanese Ghost Ship Lost in the Tsunami Was Found Floating Near the Coast of Canada

When the devastating earthquake and tsunami hit Japan last year, it created more than 22 million tonnes of debris—an unthinkable mess. Included in that debris was this ghost ship, a 150-foot long squid-fishing boat that's just been found, a year after the tsunami, near the coast of Canada. Read More >>

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What Is an Earthquake?

Who isn't afraid of being waken abruptly by a shaking building whose roof is caving in? Or a huge tsunami sweeping though your town? Earthquakes are terrifying. But what exactly are they? Why do earthquakes happen? Read More >>

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A Ghastly Cloud Tsunami Creeps Up on the Beach

Earlier this week, Panama City Beach, Florida was overwhelmed with a sweeping wave of fog that was not unlike a cloud tsunami. It creeped onto the beach and rolled right over buildings, giving off an almost supernatural aura. Read More >>

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This Scary New Footage of the Japan Tsunami Makes Me Glad to Live in the Safety of Britain

I may not speak Japanese, but “oh crap” is pretty much universal no matter what language you shout it in. As the water breaks over the sea wall you can see cars get taken out by the water, their poor drivers trapped, in this just released footage of the horrendous disaster. Read More >>