Today’s London Tube Strike: Everything You Need to Know

Anyone else getting that sense of déjà vu? Just weeks after the last strike, the unions are shutting down the London Underground again. But why? And how are you going to get to work? Read on to find out. Read More >>

Thank the London Tube Strikers, as History Proves it Can Be a Good Thing

Londoners have been slightly inconvenienced over the last 24 hours as Tube workers have gone on strike. We’ve had to squeeze on to buses, walk further than we’d like to, and got to work later. But there’s a good reason behind it: Workers on the London Underground have banded together and are acting as one to stand-up for better working conditions - following in a noble tradition of standing up for the rights of workers. Read More >>

The Tube Strike: A Guide to This Week’s London Transport Chaos

Just when you thought it was safe to buy a season ticket, tube strike hell strikes again. The RMT union will hold a mass walkout across the London Underground service from 9pm tonight (Monday April 28th). Services wont return to normal until Thursday May 1st. Here's all the info you need to survive the disruption. Read More >>

This Week’s London Underground Tube Strike is Called Off (Updated)

Now, let's not jump for joy just yet, but it's looking likely that the second bout of London Underground tube strikes, expected to start tonight, may be about to be called off. The TSSA union is stating that it has reached an eleventh-hour deal with the Acas mediation body. Read More >>

Friday’s Tube Revenue Strike Will Open the Floodgates for Fare Evaders

While this week's 48-hour London Underground walkout may be grabbing all the headlines, there's also another kind of tube strike happening this Friday and next Monday, one that will make it easier than ever to bunk a fare. Read More >>

Londoners, Now’s Your Chance to Moan About Your Journey in Today

With 23 per cent of our readers living in London, I'm guessing many of them struggled into work today thanks to Bob Crow's tube strike. Now, while there's nothing more dull than hearing of other people's three-hour travel attempts, there's admittedly nothing more satisfying than bitching about your own journey. So, air your grievances below, but warning! Be careful not to read anyone else's comment. (Unless the non-Londoners want a kick of schadenfreude with their morning coffee). Read More >>

The Tube Strike: Everything You Need to Know to Survive Commuter Hell

After weeks of seesawing negotiations, Londoners will tonight have to brace themselves for a 48-hour tube strike, severely limiting the transport service that runs like veins beneath the capital's streets. It's a mess, but with a bit of forward planning, you should be able to get to where you need to be. Just don't expect to be on time. Read More >>