London Underground Wifi Tracking: Here’s Everything We Learned From TfL’s Official Report

Earlier this year, Gizmodo UK scored ourselves a scoop, as we exclusively revealed some of the findings from last year’s wifi tracking trial, in which Transport for London analysed wifi data picked up from our phones as we travel on the London Underground - and was able to track our movements across the tube network. Read More >>

How Hot Was The Tube During The Heatwave? This Thermal Camera Phone Found Out

Britain has been experiencing a heatwave this week. Yesterday was the hottest day since June 1976 - and as you probably know, it was pretty unbearable. Read More >>

Full Mobile Coverage is Coming to London’s Undergound

Some lucky company might soon be handed the nightmare job of wiring up London's entire Underground network for full mobile phone coverage, as Transport for London is apparently in the final stages of putting together a process to ask networks and contractors to submit their bids for getting it done. Read More >>

It’s Official: The Bakerloo Is The Hottest London Underground Line

Ahhh, look at the lovely weather. It must be summer in London at last. Time to stroll through Hyde Park, stop for a drink at one of the capital’s countless drinking establishments… and then risk death by melting, by stepping on to an unbearably warm Tube. Read More >>

London Tube Accidents Reached New High Of 4,928 In 2016

TfL has reported that accidents on the London Underground are up 11% on 2015, with nearly 5000 reported incidents. The one bright spot is that customers seem to be falling into the gap less, with 282 people not heeding the words of the intercom - down from 293 in 2015. Read More >>

The Results Are In: The Holborn Escalator Trial Proves That It Is Better To Stand On the Escalator (Well, Sometimes)

The first escalators were installed on the London Underground in 1911 - at Earl’s Court tube station. And since then, there has been one simple rule that has become permanently etched into the minds of Londoners: Stand. On. The. Right. Read More >>

Police Dogs and Armed Officers to Make the Tube Scarier But Safer

British Transport Police (BTP) wants armed officers to be able to travel around London using the Tube in the next few months, believing the move will reassure members of the public that they won’t be blown up. After all, everyone knows that bullets are the perfect antidote for bombs. Read More >>

London’s Night Tube Helps and Hinders Uber

That taxi company that sort of is but also sort of isn't has released some interesting data about its journeys within London, as the eventual launch of the all-night weekend Underground service impacts upon its operations. Read More >>

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Here’s One Way to Get a Seat on a Packed Tube Carriage

A full-time japester has carried out a rather cruel ‘prank’ of sorts on the London Underground, releasing a tarantula on a busy carriage and filming people’s reactions. Read More >>

The Tube Heartbeat Map Pumps Life Into the Underground

Put your hands together for Oliver O’Brien. The UCL researcher (and major map geek) has used TfL data to build the Tube Heartbeat, a magnificent, animated, interactive map that shows the lines of the transport network swell and shrink as passenger numbers rise and fall throughout the day. Read More >>

The French Dare to Tell us How London’s Tube Map Should Look

The current London Underground map has gone a bit too far. It's a headache made 2D. If you also feel a bit sad for the simpler days before it expanded into an Inside the Factory episode about spaghetti, there's yet another alternative on offer. Read More >>

London’s Northern Line Commuters are Most Likely to Soil the Seats

The Northern Line, which overseas readers may not realise links the south part of London with Manchester and Scotland, is the dirtiest and most disrespected of all London Underground links according to TfL. Read More >>

These Are the Hottest Platforms on London Underground

We all know that Londoners are a sensitive bunch, all too ready to kick off about pretty much anything, but the Underground has been a sweaty, stifling pit this week, thanks to a collar-wilting cocktail of cracking weather, a lack of air conditioning and the bodily heat of tens of thousands of commuters. Read More >>

Steam Trains Will Temporarily Return to London Underground in September

You'll be able to ride steam trains on the London Underground for a couple of days this summer, as part of a sort-of-sad but also sort-of-cool initiative from the London Transport Museum, taking place on September 10-11. Read More >>

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This is What an Emergency Evacuation Along a Tube Tunnel Looks Like

The journey home got unexpectedly exciting for around 1,000 Tube passengers yesterday evening, after their train got stuck outside Shepherd’s Bush station. A fault with the track meant that everyone on board had to jump off and walk through London Underground’s gloomy tunnels. Read More >>