World First Drug Trial in Manchester Leaves Man With No Trace of Cancer

Medical science took another step towards finding a cure for cancer today with the news that experimental NHS cancer centre The Christie has participated in a world-first drug trial that has left a 60-year-old man with no trace of the disease. Read More >>

Man Orders Kindle, Man Receives Human Tumour Instead

Thank you for making our Monday, FedEx. The company has confirmed that it accidentally mixed up orders for a Kindle and a tumour sample, leaving a Bristolian both extremely confused and without any bedtime stories. James Potten, a 37-year-old environmental consultant, posted his rather unusual complaint Twitter on the weekend, and it's a cracker. Read More >>

NEJoM Hairy Eyeball
This Man Actually Had Hairs Growing Out of His Eyeball

Now, I've seen my fair share of horrifying eye conditions, but this one takes the biscuit. It's not quite worm-in-the-eye Prometheus-style, but this poor bloke actually had long, super creepy, hairs growing directly out of his eyeball. Yuck. Read More >>

This Baby Had a Peach-Sized Tumour Removed With Lasers While in the Womb

This is Leyna Gonzalez. When her mother was just 17 weeks pregnant, this ultrasound scan revealed that she had a tumour the size of a peach growing from her mouth. The only way to save her was to remove it while she was still in the womb—a procedure that had never been performed before. Read More >>