Japanese Sushi Magnate Kicks Off 2019 by Ridiculously Overpaying for Bluefin, Regretting It

A Japanese restaurateur set a record on Saturday by paying nearly £2.4 million (333.6 million yen) for a massive, 613-pound Pacific bluefin tuna at the first auction of the year of Tokyo’s Toyosu fish market, and almost immediately conceded that perhaps he should not have paid that much, Reuters reported. Read More >>

Millennials Don’t Have Can Openers, Apparently

They've been blamed for everything from the price of avocados to the decline of Western civilisation, and now apparently millennials are at fault for not buying enough canned fish. Read More >>

Accidental Tuna Catch Worth £10,000 to be Measured and Incinerated

Fishermen working out of Brixham will not be enjoying massive tuna steaks all round as a result of landing an enormous 350kg bluefin tuna, due to fishing laws that say such accidental bycatches cannot be enjoyed. So it's off to Exeter University for the giant catch, where it'll be measured, have its age calculated, then incinerated. As in, destroyed, not slightly overcooked. Read More >>

Even the Tuna Conservationists Want a Piece of This Blockchain Action

It seems like everyone is getting into blockchain these days. After all, companies claim to like “transparency,” “security,” and anything to do with the rollercoaster ride that is bitcoin. But consider this: tuna. Read More >>

Swirling Underwater Fish Tornado Makes Sharknado Look Tame

As currents shift in the southeastern Pacific Ocean, they bring an abundance of nutrients and plankton to the region, luring predators of all sizes. Swarms of anchoveta arrive first for an easy meal, but soon find themselves having to come up with unique ways to fend off larger predators like sharks and tuna. The result should be familiar to fans of the popular B-movie Sharknado. Read More >>

The Plan to Save Bluefin Tuna by Using Science to Farm it on Land

The bluefin tuna is a magnificent creature. A silvery torpedo, it grows as big as 455kg, swims as fast as cars, and survives the cold waters of the ocean, weirdly enough, as warm-blooded fish. Oh, it also happens to be pretty tasty as sushi. Thanks to our growing sushi appetites, the bluefin tuna seems likely to be obliterated off the face of the Earth unless we do something drastic—like stop eating it or, what the hell, use science to start spawning them in tanks on land. Read More >>

Family Opens Beats Headphones on Christmas Day, Finds Tuna Instead

It's Christmas Day. You've carefully wrapped the Beats headphones your daughter's been dreaming of, and she's just about to see that dream become a reality. You look on with glee as she tears the paper from her brand new set of cans only to find that these cans were not the cans she was looking for. These cans, it seems, were filled with tuna. Read More >>