DJ Gets Jail Time For Playing Dance Remix Of Muslim Call To Prayer

A British-born DJ who remixed the Muslim call to prayer in a Tunisian nightclub – getting the place shut down in the process – has been sentenced to a year in jail. Read More >>

Tunisia’s Tatooine Location Now a “Way-station for Jihadists”

The Tunisian town of Tataouine, which gave its name and sparse desert style to the Star Wars world is not the sort of place film fans want to visit for a photo nowadays, thanks to it becoming a staging point for jihadists looking to enter Libya to join ISIS. Read More >>

star wars
Star Wars on Earth Should Be Your Next Vacation

Die hard Star Wars fan might know this already but for the rest, here's your next vacation: Tunisia. Four of the Star Wars saga was filmed in Tunisia (as the planet Tatooine) and most of the buildings are still in good shape, which means you can visit it. It's Star Wars, but instead of being a galaxy far, far away, it's on Earth. Read More >>