Floating Wind Farm Sets Sail for Scotland

Norwegian wind turbine experts have completed what they think is a world first -- a floating wind farm. And it's for us, as a sort of present from Statoil and Masdar that we paid £210m for. Consisting of five 6MW turbines, the platform is now complete and ready to be towed to the coast of Scotland. Read More >>

Hull Goes Arty With Non-Functioning Turbine Blade Installation

Hull is the UK City of Culture for the year 2017, somehow, and it's celebrating this national victory by installing a massive new piece of public art -- a wind turbine. Part of a wind turbine. One blade. But a very big one. Read More >>

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Why Do Wind Turbines Have Three Blades?

There are diminishing returns if add more blades to a wind turbine, and if there were less blades, the turbine would have to spin faster. Apparently that's not a very good thing. So that’s why we settled on the three bladed wind turbine system. Read More >>

Dogger Bank Super Wind Farm Approved

The coast off Yorkshire will soon be home to the biggest offshore wind farm in the world, thanks to plans for the 400-plus turbine Dogger Bank Creyke Beck development being given the go ahead. Read More >>

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The World’s Biggest and Best Gas Turbine Can Power 400,000 Homes

If you thought the GE90 aircraft engine was a masterpiece of modern engineering, just get a load of this beauty. General Electric's 9HA is the most advanced and efficient gas turbine available today and though it may not be able to lift a 787 off the ground, this potent electricity producer can easily power a mid-size metropolis. Read More >>

Handheld Jet Thrusters Make Any Sport Instantly Extreme

Now that rechargeable battery technologies have developed past the point of being abysmal, they've allowed a company called Dreamscience to create this set of handheld electric jet thrusters that make everything from snowboarding to rollerblading infinitely more awesome. Read More >>

Wind Power in CRISIS as David Cameron Plans Attack on “Unsightly” Onshore Turbines

The modern electric windmill industry might be about to suffer an enormous setback, thanks to rumours that our PM is about to go public with a dislike of "unsightly" wind farms and could fight the 2015 election on a promise to rid the country of the menace of the turbines altogether. Read More >>

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The World’s Biggest Wind Turbine Is as Broad as an Airbus 380

The first commercial offshore wind turbine that Siemens created 30 years ago had 5-metre long blades and produced a paltry 30kW. A lot can change over three decades. The company's newest offshore model isn't just the biggest in the sea; it's the biggest anywhere. Read More >>

No One Would Complain If All Wind Turbines Looked This Beautiful

We've yet to discover a perfect source of clean energy, and while wind turbines come close, many people still consider them to be an eyesore. But we don't think anyone would complain if they all featured the beautiful spinning helix design of the Hercules turbine. Read More >>

Mammoth Turbine Blimp Takes Flight

We recently caught wind of the high-flying turbine blimps that could cut our energy costs by up to 65 per cent. Now we get to see a prototype of this glorious feat of human engineering in action. This is not science fiction; the future is here. Read More >>

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High-Flying Turbine Blimps Could Cut Wind Electricity Costs By 65 Per Cent

Wind blows stronger and more consistently as you rise above ground obstacles like buildings, trees, and hills. This makes for a lucrative green energy source—assuming you can lift generators 1000 feet in the air. This Airborne Wind Turbine could well become the first. Read More >>