Turbulence on a JetBlue Flight Was So Bad a Toilet Blew Off the Wall

Last night, a JetBlue flight destined for Sacramento, California encountered turbulence so bad it sent 24 people to the hospital. Read More >>

How Migrating Birds Can Soar To Such Great Heights

Migratory birds can glide over very long distances with minimal wing-flapping, thanks to their strategic use of rising warm air currents. A new study has found that the birds use two basic sensory cues, combined with reinforcement learning algorithms (RLA), to navigate this turbulent environment. Read More >>

How Dangerous is Aeroplane Turbulence?

It’s scary. It’s uncomfortable. It’s turbulence. But how dangerous is it, actually? Read More >>

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Extreme Turbulence Spoils Day of Business Class Fliers

15 people were injured by flying things as turbulence battered an American Airlines flight over Japan, with one poor lady suffering a bang on the head from the real plates used up front in the expensive seats. Read More >>

How Turbulence Happens, and Why it’s Not So Scary After All

Turbulence: spiller of coffee, jostler of luggage, filler of barf bags, rattler of nerves. But is it a crasher of planes? Judging by the reactions of many airline passengers, one would assume so; turbulence is far and away the number one concern of anxious passengers. Read More >>

Laser-Equipped Planes Detect Turbulence Before Passengers Get Jostled

Rough weather caused by clouds and storms is easy for pilots and ground crews to spot and avoid when planning a flight route. But even perfectly clear skies can be full of invisible pockets of CAT—or clear-air turbulence—that are now easier to spot and predict thanks to a European laser-based detection system known as DELICAT. Read More >>

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The Wicked and Beautiful Turbulence Problems of the Giant Airbus A380

This beautiful shot was made for the first episode of Richard Hammond's: Engineering Connections, which was dedicated to the Airbus A380. Apparently, wind tunnels can look like the lair of the wicked witch in an old Disney animation movie. Read More >>