Computers Suck at Poetry

A poetic Turing test was held at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire this week to pit artificial intelligence against human poets, AP reported. Good news: the computers lost. Read More >>

A New AI System Passed a Visual Turing Test

A team of researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has developed an artificial intelligence system that can fool human judges into thinking it’s a person when it comes to drawing unfamiliar letter-like characters. Read More >>

Can You Answer These Questions That Facebook Thinks Any Good AI Should?

For decades, the Turing Test has been used as a yardstick by which to measure the abilities of artificial intelligence. But now a team of Facebook researchers has developed a set of reasoning and natural language questions that it thinks any good AI should be able to answer. Read More >>

Reworked Turing Test Wants to Replace Conversations with Questions

A new way of testing the intelligence of potentially deadly AI routines is being backed by speech recognition specialist Nuance, with the system binning Turing's conversational computer tests in favour of a word-swapping Q&A approach. Read More >>

How Big a Deal is That Turing Test Win?

Yesterday, a computer program successfully passed the Turing test for the first time. As is not uncommon for breakthroughs, it was a controversial victory, with plenty of detractors pointing out the various reasons that this wasn't that big a deal after all. What is one to think! Let's talk it out. Read More >>

This is the First Computer in History to Have Passed the Turing Test

This is big. A computer has successfully managed to fool a bunch of researchers into thinking that it was a 13-year-old boy named Eugene Goostman. In doing so, it has become the first computer in the world to have successfully passed the Turing Test. The test is named after computer pioneer Alan Turing. To pass it, a computer needs to dupe 30 per cent of human judges in five minute text-based chats. Read More >>

Gaming Bot Convinces Humans it’s a Real Person With Feelings, Grudges and Fury

The developers of two multi-player bot opponents have happened upon the right formula, managing to convince human players they were playing against actual people rather than computer controlled chunks of code. Read More >>

What It’s Like to Judge the Turing Test

"What are your favourite Sci Fi movies?" "I like Star Wars and The Matrix," comes the typed reply. I am trying to work out if I'm talking to a "hidden human" in the next room, or actually a machine located somewhere in cyberspace. Read More >>