CES 2018: What Is Technics Doing?

The new, modular Technics SP-10R turntable plays records just like any other turntable. But, according to Technics, it plays records really, really, really well. It better since it’s priced at $10,000 (£7,389; UK pricing TBA) and up depending on just how you configure it. But the introduction of yet another Technics tribute model—or collector’s item if you’re being honest with yourself—makes you wonder. What exactly is this legendary audio company trying to do? Read More >>

What the Hell Is Technics Thinking?

Last year, Panasonic revived the famous Technics 1200 line of turntables. We were stoked to see the beloved DJ-staple make a comeback, but the mouth-watering $4,000 (£3,255) price point put it out of contention for most DJs or vinyl snobs. Read More >>

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How Old Bridges Are Turned into Turntables

There’s a crap ton of steel in broken down bridges and some of that steel gets repurposed into things like turntables. It’s already fun to imagine a land-connecting structure being re-used for an instrument for sound, but it’s even cooler to see the whole melty metal process of it all. Read More >>

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Watching a DJ Do His Thing Will Put You in a Spin

Think DJs just check email on their computer when they’re DJ-ing? You’re not alone! But when they actually spin instead of just pushing the play button, there’s a lot more going on. Read More >>

We Just Reached Peak Urban Outfitters With a Cassette-Playing Turntable

Are you happy now, hipsters? Instead of walking away from your fashionable fad at its peak hipness, you’ve let it linger long enough to become a consumer commodity. Not only is Urban Outfitters thriving, it’s now spawning unholy consumer electronics like this cassette-playing turntable. Read More >>

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Sony’s Sleek New Turntable Makes Me Want to Rob a Record Store

While Sony attempts to resurrect the Walkman brand as a high-def media player, it’s clear that music lovers prefer something more disk-like. No, not CDs. Records! Read More >>

This Crazy Vertical Turntable is the Best Way to Show Off Your Records

hanks to the growth of Urban Outfitters and independent local free-trade coffee shops, vinyl records are back on the rise. But this is still the 21st century: why settle for a pedestrian, boring, horizontal record player, when your vinyl could be proudly spinning vertically? Read More >>

This Transforming Briefcase Turntable Is a Walkman For Your Records

Just because you prefer the warm, crackly sound of vinyl to MP3s doesn't necessarily mean you also like being tethered to a home stereo whenever you want to listen to your records. So US audio firm Pyle has created this portable turntable that transforms into a briefcase for easy transport – and also includes a rechargeable battery powering a pair of flip-out speakers. Read More >>

Just Play With the Blocks on These Turntables to Make Music

We've heard a lot about tangible interfaces for gadgets lately — but what about tangible interfaces for music? Per Holmquist, a Swedish designer, built just that: Beat Blox, a "turntable" that makes beats based on where you place tiny blocks on its face. Read More >>

This Tiny Audio Mixer Would Let You Turn Smartphones Into Turntables

Want to mix music in a hurry or on the go? You'll like the sound of Openmix, a teensy new audio mixing tool being developed right now. With it, you can connect your iPhone to a Walkman with a cassette of rare bongo concerts, or switch between your laptop and tablet. Read More >>

This Hypnotic Turntable’s Glowing Platter Floats on Magnets

If you're a fan of the supposedly warmer, richer sound of vinyl, you owe it to yourself to outfit your sound system with gear that does your record collection justice. And as long as you're not scratching on the side, the turntables that McIntosh has been making for decades will do your analogue music proud. Particularly the company's latest model, the MT5, that magnetically floats its glowing platter for ultra-smooth playback. Read More >>