“England’s Equivalent to Tutankhamun’s Tomb” Found Next to an Aldi in Essex

An Anglo-Saxon tomb, described as the UK answer to King Tutankhamun’s, has been found on a roadside in Prittlewell, Essex close to a local pub and an Aldi supermarket. That's the most British equivalent of anything imaginable, so bravo, archaeologists. Read More >>

King Tut Had a Space Dagger

Tutankhamun, the boy king of ancient Egypt who died at 18 and later exploded inside his own sarcophagus, apparently owned — and was buried with — a literal space dagger made from meteoric iron. Read More >>

Egypt Sends Eight Museum Staff to Trial Over Botched King Tut Repair

Last year, it came to light that the blue and gold braided beard on King Tut’s burial mask was knocked off during a botched cleaning attempt then hastily glued back on using epoxy. Now, Egypt’s decided that more than just poor Tut’s head must roll over the debacle. Read More >>

King Tut’s Mask is Back On Display Following That Botched Repair Attempt

King Tut’s iconic burial mask was damaged in 2014 during a failed attempt to reattach the mask’s beard with glue. Now, after a £75,000 restoration, the iconic relic has been put back on display at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Read More >>