A Basic Introduction to Choosing Camera Lenses

When you're starting out in photography with your shiny new DSLR, the world of lenses can be a complex and scary place: prime this, wide angle that, and what the hell is focal length anyway? Don't worry! This video should have you covered. Read More >>

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How to Use Photoshop to Make Your Loved Ones Look Pretty

This is a very simple, quick method to make everyone have beautiful skin in your Christmas family photos, even if your family is on meth. I've used a variant of this method the past few years and it works perfectly. Read More >>

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DSLR Sensor Size and Crop Factor: Why You Should Give a Damn

If you're in the market for a new camera, have your eye on a fancy DSLR, and care about more than just the price, you'll want to take a few minutes and peruse this tutorial from the folks at LensProToGo. In the video they explain what terms like sensor size, crop factor and depth of field mean, and illustrate how each one can affect the photos or videos you're shooting. Read More >>