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How to Choose Between iTunes and Google Play Movies & TV

We live in an age where a huge library of film and TV show content can be yours at the click of a button, but once you’ve decided what you want to buy and keep forever, you’ve got a choice of where to get it from. Here we’ll explain the pros and cons of two of the biggest digital stores in the business, Google Play Movies & TV and Apple’s iTunes. Read More >>

If Apple’s Video Plan is Really This Half-Arsed, it Will Be a Disaster

Apple is preparing to produce its own original scripted TV shows and potentially films, according to a new Wall Street Journal report. Apple executives are reportedly already in discussion with industry veterans about how to create shows comparable to Netflix’s Stranger Things or HBO’s Westworld. If all goes according to plan, the company will begin offering its original TV shows on its $10-per-month streaming service Apple Music by the end of 2017. Sadly, it looks like Apple is going to half-ass the enterprise. Read More >>

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A Look Back at the Films and TV Shows of 2016

Do you want to take a look back at 2016? Yeah, me neither. I’ve blocked out so much of what happened last year that I’m not even sure if it was a memorable year for film and TV shows. If I squeeze my brain really hard to remember: Spider-Man was fun in Captain America: Civil War, the trailer for Arrival looked great (I didn’t watch the actual film yet), Game of Thrones ruled this season, Westworld was a show people like to talk about way too much, and that’s about it. I’ve forgotten everything else. Read More >>

Check Out the Floor Plans for the Homes of Popular TV Programmes

If you watch a TV programme long enough, the home becomes a character in itself. You start remembering the little details of each room, what scenes happened where, and start feeling like their home is just an extension of your house. Yeah, I remember the pool in Breaking Bad and definitely the dining table. Of course, I’ve been to Arrested Development's model home and done morphine at Mr Robot’s apartment. Here’s a collection of floor plans from popular TV shows like those. You’ll feel right at... home. [Homes] Read More >>

Which Supporting Character on The Simpsons Has Spoken the Most Words?

If you include the main cast, it’s fairly obvious who has the most lines: It’s Homer, by hundreds of thousand of words, followed by Marge, Bart, and Lisa all bunched up pretty close together. But what if you just count the words spoken by the supporting cast from season one to twenty six? Which supporting character do you think has spoken the most lines on the show then? Is it Flanders? Moe? Krusty? Read More >>

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Why the End of Breaking Bad Was One of the Best Ever

It’s been three meth-less years since Breaking Bad ended. That’s far too long to go without a dose of Heisenberg. So to celebrate the three-year anniversary of the show, Nerdwriter decided to take a closer look at its best episode: Ozymandias, the third to last episode in the series where everything Walter White worked for came to an end. Read More >>

The Real and Terrible Historical Events That Inspired Game of Thrones’ Red Wedding

Even though it took place three seasons ago, the Red Wedding in Game of Thrones is still probably one of the most shocking things to ever happen on the series. And though George RR Martin is wildly imaginative in creating the world of Westeros, the inspiration for the Red Wedding actually comes from history. We did this to ourselves before Game of Thrones did it. Read More >>

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These Real Moments in History Inspired the Events of Game of Thrones

The world of Westeros in Game of Thrones is so impressively detailed, and the history of its characters is so well crafted, that it’s amazing George R.R. Martin could even come up with something so imaginative on his own. Of course, as we know, that’s not the case. Game of Thrones is heavily influenced by real-life historical events. Read More >>

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The Evolution of Wolverine in Movies and TV

Wait, there was a Wolverine on screen before Hugh Jackman? No one is really sure. Hugh Jackman’s dominance of the character makes this video from Burger Fiction seem like a look into how well he’s aged, plus how buff he’s become.But we also get to see the cartoon character we all loved as a kid, along with parodies of Jackman’s Wolverine. Read More >>

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A Side-By-Side Comparison of a TV Show’s First Scene Versus the Final Scene

Because we’re all so sensitive these days: SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t watched some TV shows like Breaking Bad or The Wire or Lost or Sons of Anarchy or Friends, watch out, because you’ll see what the first frame was in the series premiere and what the last frame was in the series finale. Read More >>

This Beautiful Animation for The Wire Is Absolutely Fantastic

The Wire absolutely belongs in the television hall of fame. Its intro sequence was always one of the most memorable parts, simply because of the music and how it utilised close ups of the season's scenes while painting a broader picture of the entire world of The Wire. Read More >>

Trying to Make Game of Thrones Valyrian Steel Sword With Real Materials 

Nothing reigns consistently in TV's Game of Thrones (and George R.R. Martin’s “Song of Ice and Fire” book series that inspired it) except Valyrian steel, a magical sword material. Valyrian steel is, of course, extremely not-real. But materials scientist Ryan Consell took a look at its chemistry anyway. Read More >>

These Posters Immortalise the Cars From Your Favourite Films

To those of us who pay attention to these things, a movie character's car can tell us more about that person than nearly anything else. Sometimes, those cars even become characters—without the DeLorean, Back to the Future would be a 1980s Waiting for Godot. Designer Jesús Prudencio's poster series Cars and Films pays tribute to these plot-driving heroes. Read More >>

How Many of These Vehicles Do You Recognise From Famous Films?

Famous vehicles in movies and TV shows are just as much a character to the story as the actors and actresses. If Batman drove a Volvo or Marty McFly time travelled in a Toyota, it just wouldn't be the same. They're iconic. So how many of these vehicles do you recognise? Read More >>