Hayu is a UK Streaming Service Dedicated to Reality TV Morons

Every now and then, we see a news story that makes us hope that the end isn’t too far off. Once services like Hayu launch, it’s tough to argue that the human race doesn’t deserve to die out. NBCUniversal has shitted out a streaming service for morons who like watching a bunch of prettier, pseudo-famous morons pretend to live out their real lives on TV. Read More >>

Note 3 entertainment
Why Hasn’t Google Made the Chromecast Available in the UK Yet?

Of all Google's attempts to make headway into the world's living rooms, from the disappointing Google TV to the disastrous Nexus Q music system, the Chromecast media streamer is its first dedicated home entertainment success. So why is there still no sign of a Chromecast UK launch? Read More >>

Now TV Box Review
4oD Added to Sky’s £10 Now TV Streaming Box

Whether you're a subscriber to Sky's premium Now TV on-demand streaming service or not, the company's £10 Now TV set-top box is becoming an increasingly good deal if you're looking to hook a dumb TV up to the web on the cheap. In addition to the BBC iPlayer and Demand 5 catch-up services, it now offers Channel 4's 4oD for free too. [Now TV] Read More >>

xbox one
BT Wants to Pump Its New Sports Channels Onto the Xbox One

It seems the Xbox One sparked a twinkle in BT's eye when Microsoft got up and started talking up all of its TV features. According to a BT spokesperson talking to TechRadar, the ISP wants to launch its free BT Sport onto the incoming console, which could mean all those fancy TV streaming features might actually make it to the UK in one guise or another. Read More >>

Apple TV Finally Streams TV Shows in the UK

The Apple TV has finally been given the gift of streaming TV shows from the iTunes store in the UK. You still have to buy them first though -- you can't rent them -- which means it's not exactly a cheap way of consuming your favourite TV shows; if they're even available on iTunes that is. Read More >>

Your Xbox to Become a Media Hub Thanks to LoveFilm and Pay TV?

Rumours have it Microsoft is making content deals for Xbox Live, with LoveFilm specifically on the cards. With the PS3 packing LoveFilm, BBC iPlayer, ITV Player and 4oD, the Xbox could certainly do with a content boost in the UK. [Bloomberg via TechRadar] Read More >>