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Watch Jason Momoa Slap the Shit Out of His Game of Thrones Boss… in Animation

We all love a good behind-the-scenes story—especially ones that involve Jason Momoa kicking somebody’s arse because that’s what he was brought into this earth to do. HBO has given us a hilarious (and animated!) behind-the-scenes saga from Game of Thrones involving showrunner David Benioff, Momoa, and a seemingly harmless bout of the Slap Game. Or should it be called Game of Slaps? Read More >>

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This Triumphant Game of Thrones Moment Was Long Overdue

Game of Thrones is filled with selfish, terrible people. But the most selfless character on the series finally got her moment – telling a story of validation that has spanned most of the show, making it our most pivotal scene of the episode. Read More >>

On Game of Thrones, Everyone Gets Ready to Fight the Dead…and to Die

We didn’t need seven seasons of shocking character deaths to know that not all our favourite characters are going to survive the battle against the White Walkers. It turns out very few characters on the show have any illusions about staying alive either, so they have to choose how to spend their final day before the dead arrive on their doorstep. It makes for a very bleak episode, but a damned good one, too. Read More >>

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If You Go to Vegas You Can Bet On Some Out-There Game of Thrones Guesses

Ah, Vegas. The place to go if you want to bet on your favourite sports game or favourite murder-happy TV show. Read More >>

Alex Kurtzman Talks the Motivation Behind That Moment in the Star Trek: Discovery Second Season Finale

Star Trek: Discovery ended its second season with a leap. If you haven’t seen that finale yet, you should check it out. If you have, though, it’s time to talk about what went down Read More >>

Netflix Is Testing a Feature to Serve Up Random Episodes If You Don’t Know What to Watch

Many of us are by now familiar with the Browse Endlessly Plan, a system in which scrolling knows no end and absolutely nothing of interest populates no matter how many times you refresh or toggle between genres. Netflix may have something close to an answer for it. Read More >>

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Star Trek: Discovery Goes Out With Sound and Fury, Signifying… Something

Star Trek: Discovery’s second season has come to an end, and it’s ended with one hell of a bang. Several bangs, even. Actually, its season finale was approximately 90 per cent bangs. It was Star Trek unlike Star Trek as we’ve seen it before, for better or worse, but it all built up to something potentially far more explosive than any amount of photon torpedoes could match. Read More >>

Netflix is Bringing Top 10 Lists to the UK First

The UK isn't often first for anything positive these days, but Netflix is sort-of reversing the trend with the announcement that its new top 10 lists will start here. Read More >>

Impress Your Friends With Intimate Knowledge of Movies and Shows You’ve Never Watched

Going to the movies or binge-watching TV can be fun, sure, but it’s also time-consuming, and quite possibly expensive too—and thanks to the wonders of the modern-day internet, it’s no longer necessary. You can get clued up on that killer twist, or super-emotional showdown, or scarcely believable character arc, via a web browser in minutes... and then talk about it like an expert. Read More >>

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Dave Filoni Went To Surprising Lengths to Protect the Epilogue of Star Wars Rebels

Star Wars Celebration may be best known for its huge breaking news, but the heart of the convention is in the past. Nowhere was that better on display this weekend than the “Star Wars Rebels Remembered” panel, where executive producer Dave Filoni, along with actors Vanessa Marshall, Tiya Sircar, and Taylor Grey spoke about the concluded series and revealed some new secrets about how that shocking ending went down. Read More >>

Clarkson Wishes the BBC Top Gear Team Every Massive Failure

Jeremy Clarkson has not been watching the BBC's refreshed version of Top Gear, and does not wish the presenters every success in their difficult roles. Read More >>

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This Brief Moment in the Game of Thrones Premiere Carried the Most Narrative Weight

The season eight premiere of Game of Thrones was a barrage of shocking reunions and reveals. It also showed Bran staring creepily at people. His face may have inspired a lot of memes, but one of his meetings was actually a big deal. Allow us to explain why Bran’s final reunion of the episode, while the shortest, ended up being the most powerful one of all. Read More >>

OnePlus Really Wants To Make Sure You’re Not Expecting a Foldable Phone

OnePlus is not making a foldable phone. This is not new information, but with the onslaught of foldable devices that are on the way the company has once again reiterated that it is not working on a foldable phone of its own. Instead its focussing all of its efforts into other things. Things that include the long-awaited OnePlus TV. Read More >>

You Don’t Have to Watch Game of Thrones Illegally With This Now TV Deal

As it returns it's become very clear that Game of Thrones is still just as popular with pirates as it is with people who subscribe to watch TV. Because TV subscriptions are expensive, and naturally there are people who either can't afford to pay for everything or just flat out refuse.  The former group might want to pay attention, because there is an offer that can let you legally watch Game of Thrones without having to spend quite so much money. Read More >>