The Purge TV Show is an American Story That Aims to Warn Us About American Violence

The Purge is a franchise that equally indulges in patriotism and horrific violence, taking place in a country where mass shootings and domestic terrorism have become a common threat. That’s a very difficult line to walk without feeling like you’re exploiting the very thing you’re commenting on. Gizmodo asked the folks behind The Purge’s second season how they use the show to make a statement on American violence. Read More >>

Give Britbox a Whirl With a 30 Day Free Trial Ahead of Launch

A testing phase for the Britbox streaming service is now open, so you can try it out before it launches. Read More >>

Harley Quinn’s Showrunners Discuss Shifting Her Villainy Out of the Joker’s Shadow

Harley Quinn is basically everywhere you look today and we’re about to get a fresh new animated incarnation of the DC character. This time it’s strictly for adults, and the creators behind the scenes seem to understand Harley’s unique place in the universe. Read More >>

Ranking the 20 Best Witchy Fashions Because I Have Magic Powers Now

There’s something I need to tell you all: I have magic. It’s true! Even I was surprised. Now, I can’t conjure flames or raise people from the dead – as much fun as it would be to reanimate Benedict Arnold and, I don’t know, light him on fire or something. What I do have is an otherworldly knowledge...of style. Read More >>

Aggretsuko’s Rage Will Be Channelled Into a Furious Comic Book

The pure existential rage radiating from Sanrio’s Aggretsuko is so powerful that it can no longer be contained in the form of just an animated series. Read More >>

Torchwood’s Burn Gorman Shares Details on His New Expanse Villain

The return of The Expanse feels like a reunion, but there’s a “fresh face” in the mix in the form of Torchwood’s Burn Gorman. In a one-on-one interview, Gorman shared details on Adolphus Murtry, whether he’s actually a villain, and why Doctor Who and Expanse fans aren’t so different in the end. Read More >>

Red Dwarf is Getting a TV Movie

There were days when the idea of seeing Red Dwarf on the big screen seemed like a pipe dream. It had been attempted, but nobody would pay for the thing that would have brought back the Dwarfers for the first time since Series 8's explosive cliffhanger. But now after a few extra series popped onto Dave, it looks like a movie is on the way. Read More >>

You Can Now Get Sky Q and Netflix for £25 a Month

Normally Sky Q would cost you £34 a month, and if you wanted to add Netflix on top of it you'd have to pay up an extra £10-£12 depending on which Netflix plan you wanted to get. But now, for a limited time Sky is offering the two for just £25 a month. Read More >>

Leaks Claims a Nvidia Shield TV Pro and TV Dongle are Both on the Way

Earlier this year we heard rumours that the Nividia Shield would be getting updated, though that update looked so minor it was barely worth having at all. Well it seems as though those rumours were true, because it looks as though something called the Shield TV Pro is on the way. Oh and there's a Shield dongle that sticks into the back of your TV as well. Read More >>

The Man in the High Castle’s Final Season Trailer Teases the War to End All Worlds

The multiverse is on the brink of war, with the Third Reich yearning to invade and dominate all realities. But in the new trailer for the last season of Amazon Prime’s The Man in the High Castle, the rebels who’ve been fighting this alt-history world aren’t going down without a last fight. Read More >>

Uber’s Disastrous Life Story Is Being Made Into a TV Show

The team behind TV series Billions is developing a show about the rough-and-tumble rise of Uber, based on the bestselling book Super Pumped. Read More >>

Big Mouth Co-Creator Nick Kroll Addresses ‘Woke Culture’ and Comedy

Joker director Todd Phillips has had some...things to say. Recently, the Hangover architect faced backlash for explaining that he switched from comedy to drama because “woke culture” killed comedy. But there are plenty of comedians producing excellent work. This includes Nick Kroll, the co-creator and star of Netflix’s Big Mouth, who shared his thoughts at NYCC on keeping comedy thoughtful – even when it’s about sending dick pics to your cousin. Read More >>

Dave Gibbons Understands Why HBO’s Watchmen Turned Rorschach Into a White Supremacy Symbol

HBO’s Watchmen is set 30 years after the events of Dave Gibbons and Alan Moore’s original comics series, meaning that most of the story’s original heroes and villains are long since dead, inactive, or in Doctor Manhattan’s case, hanging out off-planet away from humanity. But Watchmen’s world is one that’s been fundamentally changed by the legacies of both generations of the Minutemen. Read More >>

Ant & Dec Return to BBC for Top Gear/Pimp My Ride Hybrid Car Show

Ant and Dec are returning to stand next to each other in the correct name order for the BBC, by co-producing a car-based programme they're calling Street Car Showdown. It's a blend of car worship and a showcase of mechanical skills, presenting teams with the challenge of turning some old wreck into a capable race car. Wahey, the lads will then go. Read More >>

Kevin Feige’s New Marvel Title Signals Major Changes for Its Corporate Structure

With the launch of Disney’s new streaming platform right around the corner, there’s been a bit of a structural change over at the House of Mouse. It signals that the studio is nothing but serious about trying to ensure the platform’s success. After shepherding Marvel’s cinematic universe, Kevin Feige is now taking on even more responsibilities realising the company’s various productions. Read More >>