Apple’s Upcoming Streaming Service Is Reportedly So Bland Staff Are Calling It ‘Expensive NBC’

Apple’s new streaming service reportedly has a $1 billion (£764 million) budget, but apparently it can’t buy some nerve. The company has long censored its walled-garden offerings on platforms like the App Store, and per a report in the Wall Street Journal on Saturday, Apple is still aiming to keep its content offerings squeaky clean, with little “gratuitous sex, profanity or violence.” The desire to keep everything family-friendly is reportedly delaying or interfering with many projects. and the Journal writes that Apple’s own staff in Los Angeles have begun referring to the streaming project as “expensive NBC.” Read More >>

These Steven Universe/A Softer World Mashups Are Perfect

A Softer World, for its 12-year runtime between 2003 and 2015, was one of the most beautiful webcomics one could find. Mashing up weird little tone poems, waffling between fluffy purple prose, goofy humour, and unsettling melancholy, with matching photography, it was an immediately striking and beautiful piece of work, created by writer Joey Comeau and artist Emily Horne. Read More >>

Report: An Animated Diablo Series Is Coming to Netflix

Variety is reporting — thanks to a hastily-deleted tweet from Boom Studios founder and Hellboy screenwriter Andrew Cosby, confirming he’s in “final talks” to headline the series — that the recently rumoured Netflix adaptation of Blizzard’s classic loot-hoarding, demon-slaying action RPG series Diablo is really happening. And specifically, it’s happening in a manner similar to Netflix’s other recent demon-adjacent video game adaptation, the excellent Castlevania: It’ll be animated, too. Read More >>

There Are Really Only 2 Episodes from Iron Fist’s Second Season You Have To Watch

Even though we thought there were a surprising amount of things to like about Iron Fist’s second season, in the weeks since it dropped on Netflix, more than a few people have asked whether they should invest the time in watching the entire thing. The answer, unsurprisingly, is complicated. Read More >>

Jodie Whittaker’s Debut Doctor Who Season Won’t Feature Any Returning Monsters

New Doctor. New friends. New TARDIS. New worlds. And apparently, new monsters and new monsters only. Read More >>

Report: AMC’s The Walking Dead Universe Will Expand With New Movies And Shows

It looks like The Walking Dead is going to be alive and kicking for many years to come. A new report claims that AMC is working on plans to expand the zombie thriller franchise with new TV movies that could turn into shows, with at least one of them taking place outside the United States. Read More >>

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The Universe Needs Fixing in the Explosive New Doctor Who Trailer

The BBC has revealed a brand new look at the 11th season of Doctor Who, and if you were concerned that the first trailer was a little too cryptic and didn’t have enough alien worlds and explosive action, then this one will be right up your street. Read More >>

Labour Suggests Ban on Betting Ads During Live TV Sports

The Labour party is planning a post-election crackdown on live TV gambling adverts, with the party saying that any near/distant future Labour government would introduce a ban on betting companies advertising their weird trade offerings during live sporting events. Read More >>

Avatar: The Last Airbender Is Being Reborn as a Live-Action Netflix Series

Hot on the heels of Netflix’s The Dragon Prince, from Avatar: The Last Airbender head writer Aaron Ehasz, the studio has just stealthily announced that Avatar is coming back in an all-new, live-action series. Read More >>

Watch Sky Sports On Your Phone For Just £6 a Month With Now TV

Now TV, the streaming service operated by Sky, has just announced a new monthly pass: Sky Sports Mobile. Priced at £5.99 a month, it gives subscribers access to four Sky Sports channels on their mobile device. Read More >>

Netflix is Finally Coming to Sky Q As Part of ‘Ultimate On Demand’

We originally reported that a partnership between Netflix and Sky was on the way back in March, but nothing has really happened since then. The launch is finally just around the corner though – Sky Q customers will soon be able to subscribe to an 'Ultimate On Demand' service, which features Sky's existing catch-up and box set services alongside Netflix, in one seamless package. Read More >>

Report: Loki and Scarlet Witch Could Get Their Own Shows on Disney’s Streaming Service

Disney really, really wants you to sign up for its upcoming streaming service, and part of the plan to get you to do so could involve two stars of the Marvel movieverse. Read More >>

Get to Know the Coven in These New Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Photos

Hail Satan! As the temperatures start to drop and autumn slowly creeps back into our lives, we inch ever-closer to the haunting debut of Netflix’s The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. With a little over a month to go before the teenage witch returns, here are some new looks at Sabrina’s circle of family, friends, and devilish cohorts. Hint: Michelle Gomez makes pure evil look good. Read More >>

Gwendoline Christie Had a Predictable Emotional Response to Completing Her Work on Game of Thrones

Closing any chapter in your life can be emotional, but that’s especially true when it’s the chapter that changed everything. And Game of Thrones did just that for Gwendoline Christie. Read More >>