Weird New ThunderCats Cartoon, Ho!

he ThunderCats are back... but they’re really, really not looking how you’d think they would. Read More >>

Westworld’s Shōgun World Was Everything I Expected It to Be, But Not Much Else

It’s the episode we’ve all been waiting for since the season one finale, but it turns out Shōgun World faces a unique problem that I wasn’t expecting, and it wasn’t the ninjas, tyrannical lords, or even “cop-killer” samurai that fill the park. It’s that compared to Westworld, and all the care that Delos and Dr Ford put into creating it, Shōgun World sort of sucks. Read More >>

The FA Cup Final Got the 4K HDR Treatment in the BBC’s Latest Test

Just under a month ago the BBC announced it had performed its very first 4K HDR broadcast test, by streaming a rugby match (between the York  City Knights and Catalans Dragons) over BBC iPlayer Beta. Now the Beeb has announced it just managed a second test, involving the second half of Sunday's FA Cup Final between Manchester United and Chelsea. Read More >>

A Westworld Actress Says Fans Keep ‘Mansplaining’ the Show to Her

For the past year, Westworld actress Shannon Woodward has been inundated with fans sharing their own theories. So much so, some have been implying that a star of the show knows less than they do. Read More >>

Goodbye, Peppa Pig

My seven-year-old daughter has gotten into some straight-up terrible TV shows of late. While I’m glad one of them is a magical-girl show like Sailor Moon, which organically extends her genre palette, it’s absolutely awful. I long for simpler times — times when I’d watch Peppa Pig with her. Read More >>

Batman’s Butler Alfred Is Finally Getting the Live-Action Origin Story He Deserves

Gotham may be on its way out, but one of its producers is not done with Batman television prequels. Read More >>

Holy Shit, Batwoman is Swooping Into the Next DC Crossover

For years, Arrow has danced around references to the Dark Knight, a comic character seemingly forever out of reach to the CW/DC multiverse of shows. But no more — because the next crossover is heading to Gotham City, and meeting up with a familiar face: Batwoman herself. Read More >>

star trek
Report: The Wrath of Khan Director Reveals He Was Making a Star Trek Trilogy, But It’s Been Delayed

Last year, Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan director Nicholas Meyer perked the Spock ears of fans everywhere when he hinted that he was working on a new Star Trek project. Now, the Tribble’s out of the bag. Meyer has shared news about this top-secret project, mostly because he’s not sure if it’ll happen anymore. Read More >>

Netflix: We’re Going to Have Churned Out 1,000 Originals By the End of the Year

Streaming giant Netflix, which has been aggressively pursuing an original content strategy at the same time it’s lost a great deal of its licensed content, says it is on track to have created over 1,000 original shows and movies by the end of the year. Read More >>

The Secrets of Westworld Are Beginning to Spill Out

To say that Westworld finally gave (well, confirmed) answers to a few of its biggest mysteries seems almost like a lie. It isn’t, though—we finally learned (at least part of) why Delos funded the park—but the show immediately piled on so many more mysteries it almost doesn’t feel like an answer. But let’s take a good look at the surprising revelations we got—because there were plenty. Read More >>

Legion is a Great Reminder of Just How Awful Charles Xavier Was

Though Professor Charles Xavier is a gifted telepath and an excellent educator, he’s also a rather terrible father and all-around menace to teenaged mutants. That last bit never factored too much into Fox’s live-action X-Men franchise, but it’s something that FX’s Legion is very carefully trying to remind us. Read More >>

Rick and Morty’s Coming Back for 70 More Episodes, But Aw Geez, Don’t Ask When

There was a very brief moment after Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon sent out a cryptic tweet about the show’s future when fans were all but certain that the cult hit might not be returning for a fourth season. Turns out, though, that’s not the case. Read More >>

Let’s All Pray Something Like The Rain Never Happens in Real Life

The apocalypse in Netflix’s new eco-disaster series The Rain happens with frightening speed. One minute, high schooler Simone is joshing with her friends and flirting with a boy. The next, her family’s racing down the highway in their car and then leaving it behind to run through the woods on foot. And when the clouds burst open, everything about her life gets turned upside down. Read More >>

BBC, ITV, and Channel 4 Rumoured to be Developing a Netflix Rival

With the likes of Netflix and Amazon pumping so much money into original programming, rather than relying on stuff that debuted on TV first, you can be damn certain that TV networks are worried. So far the answer seems to be to enter the streaming business for themselves, and now BBC, ITV, and Channel 4 are said to be in talks to develop a British-based service to fight back against the popularity of Netflix et al. Read More >>