star trek
Star Trek’s Latest Short Treks Gives Saru the Brilliant, Inspiring Origin Story He Deserves

Lt. Saru is one of Star Trek: Discovery’s most fascinating characters—not just as a previously unseen species within the canon, but because he brings with him the question of how a member of his seemingly ever-fearful race ever got into boldly going. The latest Short Treks episode masterfully delivers on exploring both of those fascinations. Read More >>

doctor who
Doctor Who’s Jodie Whittaker Isn’t Going Anywhere

The Doctor is still in. Jodie Whittaker has confirmed she will return for another series of Doctor Who. Brilliant! Read More >>

game of thrones
Game of Thrones’ Final Season Video Teases a Song of Ice and Fire

Winter may have already arrived around the globe, but next year we’ll also be getting a winter the likes of which we’ve never seen. We’re a few months away from the final season of Game of Thrones, where good will take its last stand against the forces of the undead, and we’ve gotten a gorgeously symbolic teaser for the final battle to come. Read More >>

Netflix Finally Tells Us When We Can Legally Watch DC’s Titans in the UK

A lot of you may be aware that DC's Titans TV series is exclusive to the comic publishers own streaming service, DC Universe, which means it wasn't available to anyone outside the USA when it debuted back in October. Shortly before that date Netflix announced it had picked up the international streaming rights, but failed to tell us when we'd actually be able to sit down and watch the titular series. Two months later we've finally found out. Read More >>

Bookmakers Ban Themselves From Advertising During Live Sport

The TV advert breaks of future sporting events may slightly more bearable from now on, as a consortium of the UK's gambling firms and bookmakers have voluntarily agreed to stop advertising their betting products during live events. Read More >>

doctor who
Another Lost Doctor Who Story is Getting an Animated Release

Back in the '60s and '70s the BBC made a habit of wiping old tapes and disposing of used film, taking the only copies of TV programmes along with them. This was back before home video releases were a thing, and before people could make their own copies at home, so those programmes were often lost forever. Doctor Who was one of the most famous series affected, and in recent years the BBC has been working on recreating those lost episodes via animation - the latest of which will be released next March. Read More >>

Break Out the Peeps-Flavoured Chilli: The Good Place Will Return for a Fourth Season

The best sitcom on TV will return for more surreal ethics dilemmas, shrimp-cocktail feasts, Bad Janets, Jacksonville Jaguars shout-outs, and oddly plausible afterlife scenarios because NBC’s The Good Place just got renewed for a fourth season. Read More >>

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The Best Christmas Gifts for Trekkies, Trekkers, and All Other Star Trek Fans

We've been waiting a while for Star trek: Discovery to drop its second season, along with all the Enteprisey guest stars, for a while now, but the time has nearly arrived. With that in mind, and with Christmas on the way, there is no better than than now to buy yourself a truck-load of Final Frontier-themed goodies. From Blu-ray and DVD boxsets to Batleths, lets take a look. Read More >>

Tom Cruise Is Going To War With A Setting On Your TV

Tom Cruise has gone to war with a lot of things in his career, but the latest is something of a surprise: it's a setting on modern TVs that makes films look a bit rubbish. Read More >>

doctor who
That Might Have Been the Most Beautifully Surreal Episode of Doctor Who Ever

Doctor Who is a surreal show. That’s sort of the point. It makes weird things happening in weird times, and weirder places, with existential crises and battles with bonkers alien beings, about as regular as you and I would breathe. But “It Takes You Away” might have pushed Doctor Who to one of its strangest extrapolations of itself. Read More >>

Charlie Brooker Was Worried That San Junipero’s Twist Was Too Obvious

A few days ago, Vulture published a wide-ranging, exhaustive oral history of the excellent Black Mirror episode “San Junipero,” a stunning fable about queerness, love, and second chances. Read More >>

I Wanted to Stream Buffy, Angel, and Firefly for Free, But Not Like This

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and the good looking criminals of Firefly are finally going to be available for free online for anyone to revisit or watch for the first time. This should be a cause for celebration. But they’re coming back courtesy of Facebook Watch, and as much as I’d love for friends to finally see Buffy — no, not like this. Read More >>

Looks Like Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Will Be Back April 2019

Hail magic Satan! Looks like we know when Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is coming back, and it’s a lot sooner than expected. Read More >>

The Vision Is Coming to Disney’s Scarlet Witch Streaming Series

As the sun sets on the Netflix-bound portion of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, the new slate of shows premiering on the upcoming Disney+ streaming service are rising to seemingly take their place. Read More >>

star wars
The Cassian Andor Star Wars Show Has Found Its Showrunner

And he knows a thing or two about good spy shows. Read More >>