A Built-In Handle Lets You Empty This Sink Strainer With Less Touching

It's the lesser of two evils. After rinsing or washing dishes in the kitchen sink, do you let all those food scraps simply go down the drain, possibly clogging it? Or reach in and then empty the sink strainer in the garbage, risking physical contact with all that gross food waste? There's finally a middle ground, though: a redesigned sink strainer called the Tweak with a raised handle that keeps your fingers clear of all that crud. Read More >>

Auxo jailbreak multitasking tweak
That Awesome iPhone Multitasking Tweak Is Now Available For Download

The fantastic Auxo is basically how Apple should do multitasking on the iPhone, and while Cupertino's not going to do it anytime soon, at least you can now screw Apple and download and install it yourself. All you need is a jailbroken iPhone, Cydia, and £1.30. Take note Apple. Buy this right now, and bake it into iOS. [Auxo via LifeHacker] Read More >>

Chrome for iOS, iPhone, iPad
Speed Up Chrome For iPhone With a Nitrous Kick

Chrome for the iPhone and the iPad was a breath of fresh air when it launched, but it's limited by Apple's hogging of the Nitro Javascript Engine solely for Safari. Not any more though; with Nitrous you can give Google's browser a major kick in the pants and turn it into the Chrome the iPhone deserves. Read More >>

how to
How To Use Android

Android is awesome and powerful, but it has, shall we say, a learning curve. That scares some people away. After all, iOS is so intuitive that babies can use it. Literally. But you're not a baby. Read More >>

iPhone 5 Jailbreak
iphone apps
50 Killer Jailbreak Apps For Your iPhone and iPad

With the recent release of the iOS5 jailbreak that finally frees your iPad 2 and iPhone 4S from Apple’s shackles, we put together a comprehensive and detailed list of essential jailbroken apps to celebrate the momentous occasion. Get your party hats on, USB cables handy and back ups at the ready, as we prep you on exactly what awesome apps, tweaks and hacks you need on your device. Read More >>