Here’s How to Share Tweets as Direct Messages

If you’ve just updated your Twitter app, you may notice something a little different about the social network. You can now share individual tweets with your mates as direct messages, along with your own incendiary insightful comments, like "This is you, hahaha", or "Told you he was a wanker". Read More >>

How Yesterday’s Huge TweetDeck Vulnerability Happened

If you use TweetDeck in any capacity, you're probably aware of a nasty little bug that was running rampant around TweetDeck's hallowed columns yesterday afternoon. But what, exactly, was causing all the retweeted trouble? Computerphile's Tom Scott breaks it down. Read More >>

If You Use Tweetdeck for Chrome You Should Log Out Now

If you use Tweetdeck for Chrome you should log out now. It has a vulnerability that allows attackers to execute code remotely on your computer just by tweeting it at you. So far it appears to only affect the Chrome app, but it's obviously not good, so you should close up shop until the problem's fixed. Read More >>

The Easiest Way to Avoid Spoilers on Twitter

Scared to look at Twitter because you missed Breaking Bad last night? No problem. If you use TweetDeck, you can mute the show to live a blissful, spoiler-free day. Read More >>

Tweetdeck Just Got a Little Bit Prettier

Tweetdeck's got a gift for you this afternoon. No, unfortunately it's not fixed notifications, but it's still a step in the right direction. Meet the new, prettier tweet panel. It makes firing off 140-char screeds a little more pleasant. Read More >>

TweetDeck Just Got Worse and Twitter Blames Google

If you're a heavy TweetDeck user—we are bloggers, and thus, we are heavy TweetDeck users—you might've noticed that notifications got way crappier this week. It turns out, it's not Twitter's fault, it's Google's. Hmph. Read More >>

Twitter Is Killing TweetDeck’s iPhone App, Android App and Desktop App

Twitter is killing off TweetDeck. TweetDeck announced that it'll be discontinuing the iPhone app, Android app, and Air-based multicolumn desktop app. The apps will be removed from all the app stores and stop working "shortly thereafter". Read More >>

Twitter Should Really Get Its UK House In Order

After being fined for submitting its own UK tax records late, Twitter's TweetDeck subsidiary is facing being "struck off" the UK business register for continually failing to file its tax return. It has 99 days to avoid being "dissolved" by Companies House. Read More >>

TweetDeck Gets a Clean, Easy-to-Read Redesign

TweetDeck, the enormously popular Twitter client, just got a new redesign across desktop, web, and mobile platforms. As soon as you fire it up, you'll notice that individual tweets are easier to read thanks to better outlining and a stronger font hierarchy. You'll also be able to set your font size in the app's settings (S/M/L). The most drastic change, though, is the Dark/Light button in the top-left corner, which allows you to switch between TweetDeck's traditional black scheme and a new white and teal colour scheme. What do you guys think? [TweetDeck] Read More >>