Trump Was Instructed Not to Delete Tweets Illegally

Remember the day after the inauguration? Okay, we were hungover, too, but do you remember how Trump violated federal records-keeping laws by illegally deleting his tweets? Turns out, the National Archives also heard about that and took action. Read More >>

What Happened to Donald Trump’s Unsecured Tweet Machine?

It’s hard to know exactly what’s going on inside the White House these days. Is Jared Kushner still pouting the corner? Probably. Is Kellyanne Conway still putting her feet on the furniture? Surely. Is Trump still eating Big Macs on silver platters while he tweets from an old, unsecured Android phone? Actually, maybe not. Read More >>

Report: Your Mean Tweets Upset Donald Trump on His Special Day

On Friday, Donald Trump was sworn in as President of the United States, an occasion that most people would celebrate as one of the greatest moments in their life. Donald Trump, however, reportedly spent the day getting “increasingly angry”—all because of some not-so-nice messages on Twitter. Read More >>

This Might Be in the Top 10 or Even Top 5 Tweets of All Time

I’ve seen a lot of great tweets in my life, but holy shit — this recent tweet from Ad Age is incredible: Read More >>

You’ll be Able to do Slightly Longer Twitter Rants Later This Month

Easily offended people constantly on the lookout for things to whinge about online will be pleased to hear that, on September 19th, Twitter will make changes to how tweets work. Read More >>

Kanye West Declared Twitter Winner for August 31st 2016

The stats are in. Kanye West won the gold medal for the typing things you think into Twitter competition for the day of August 31 2016, with a is-it?-isn't-it? ironic message about his favourite international brand. Read More >>

Trump Tweet Analysis Says He’s an Angry Android User

A man gazing -- probably in horror while thinking about nuclear war -- at the tweets of Donald Trump claims to have noticed a pattern in the output. The device data appears to show that the angriest tweets are posted by Trump himself, with other tweets posted by an army of users on different devices. The clear inference being we're all doomed. Read More >>

No, Amazon, You Did Not Do This Right

Someone at Amazon is trying to tweet, and they want some feedback. Well, speaking as a Twitter expert, Amazon did not do this right. I don’t make the rules. Sorry, better luck next time. Amazon has since deleted this tweet. Read More >>

Here’s How to Share Tweets as Direct Messages

If you’ve just updated your Twitter app, you may notice something a little different about the social network. You can now share individual tweets with your mates as direct messages, along with your own incendiary insightful comments, like "This is you, hahaha", or "Told you he was a wanker". Read More >>

BBC Hospitalises Queen in “Obituary Rehearsal” Tweet Accident

A BBC reporter kicked off a minor internet news storm this morning, after tweeting something suggesting that the Queen had died or at least been hospitalised. It was nothing of the sort, so you may continue being ruled over as normal. Read More >>

Live Tweets May Return to Google Search Results This Year

Tweets may soon start to reappear, live and as they happen, in Google's search results, thanks to a deal between the two tech giants. Live access to Twitter's "firehose" of messages ought to be handed back to Google some time before the middle of the year, with engineers already working on incorporating tweets into Google's results pages. [Bloomberg] Read More >>

Men Talking About Football Dominated Twitter in 2014 #Banter #Lads

Sport has once again dominated a tech thing, with Twitter's 2014 stats revealing that the World Cup, and Germany's momentous shaming of Brazil in particular, was the year's most tweeted about thing. Read More >>

Twitter Search Now Includes Every Tweet Ever Tweeted

Ever think of a Tweet someone sent weeks or months or years ago, but you just can't find it? Now, according to Wired, Twitter will let you search for those forgotten 140-character messages, without going elsewhere. Read More >>

How Twitter Plans to Take Over Your Phone

Twitter is branching out beyond tweets: the company is launching a software development kit today, called Fabric. And with Fabric, Twitter intends to take over your phone. Read More >>