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Twilight Zone’s First Teaser Trailer Will Make You Question Reality

You’re entering the vicinity of an area area adjacent to the Superb Owl. The kind of place where there might be some sports, or some sort of weird advertisements. These are just examples. It could also be something much better, like Jordan Peele inviting you to follow him into the CBS’s new Twilight Zone. Read More >>

Twilight Zone Mask From ‘The Eye of the Beholder’ Goes Up For Auction

The Twilight Zone episode “The Eye of the Beholder” is one of the greatest TV episodes of all time. And now you can own a piece of sci-fi TV history from this legendary show, provided you’ve got $10,000 (£7,667) burning a hole in your pocket. An original pig-nose mask from the episode is going up for auction next month. Read More >>

Spooky Animated Web Series Ghost Radio Is Back for a Second Season

Ghost Radio is a web series created by Argentinian filmmaker Cristian Ponce. Now, the animated show – about a late-night radio host reporting strange events from the haunted town of Kirlian – is back. Read More >>

Five Episodes of The Twilight Zone That Are Only Slightly More Horrifying Than Our Current Reality

Donald Trump is president of the United States. Britain has left the European Union. Captain America is the new fascist supreme leader of Hydra. Unfortunately, this isn’t the Twilight Zone, a place where I’d much rather be right now. Read More >>