No One on Twin Peaks Knows What’s Happening Either, But They Still Love Making It

Quite obviously, the cast of what may be TV’s most spoiler-protected show ever wasn’t going to march out onto Comic-Con’s Hall H stage and start spilling secrets, especially in the absence of David Lynch. In fact, they couldn’t even if they wanted to—aside from perhaps MacLachlan, the actors are only allowed to read the pages of the script which contains dialogue for their characters. Read More >>

Poundland Toblerone Clone Delayed Over Legal Threat

Poundland had a noble idea that would capture the hearts of the nation; rebuilding the damaged and laughable Brexit Toblerone. Going under the name of Twin Peaks and with a double-top mountain shape and no wide glacial valleys of shame between its edible mountains, the bar was set to launch in early July -- for £1 -- but has been delayed due to a legal threat from Toblerone maker Mondelez. Read More >>

Twin Peaks Has Evolved, But It’s Still as Surreal, Ominous, and Wonderful as Ever

Did you watch all four hours of Twin Peaks: The Return that became available yesterday? Is your brain still rattling around in your skull like mine is? It was violent, it was completely bizarre, and there was a lot of coffee drinking. And most importantly, it was totally worth the 26-year wait. Read More >>

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The Newest Twin Peaks Trailer Offers Tantalising Glimpses of Faces and Places Old and New

May 21st is rapidly approaching, and while some things will certainly have changed in the spooky realm of Twin Peaks—including some new characters we’re seeing here for the first time—there are also some frozen-in-time moments, too. There’s Lucy, still holding down the desk at the sheriff’s department, and Shelley, having what looks like girls’ night at the Roadhouse. And of course... Albert! Read More >>

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New Twin Peaks Teaser Gives Us Our First Real Glimpse of New Footage

Before you get too excited, this new Twin Peaks teaser is only 30 seconds of actual footage. Still, considering we’ve seen barely anything from the cult hit’s long-awaited return, it’s still HUGE. Read More >>

Some Damn Fine Lego Twin Peaks Minifigures

While the return of Twin Peaks to our screens next year might spark a new wave of merchandise around the classic series, I would imagine “Lego Twin Peaks” is probably somewhere on the list of things that will never happen. At least, however, we can dream what might have been with these awesome custom minifigures of the cast. Read More >>

11 Amazing Things We Learned From the New Twin Peaks FAQ Book

Twin Peaks fever is high ahead of the show’s return next year, so there’s no better time for Twin Peaks FAQ: All That’s Left to Know About a Place Both Wonderful and Strange. The book is a fine tribute to the show and the film, full of amazing facts, trivia, and some intriguing insights into the show’s many lingering questions. Read More >>

David Bowie Was Meant to Reprise His Role in the Twin Peaks Reboot

One of the many actors lined up to appear in the return of Twin Peaks has let loose quite the interesting but ultimately sad piece of news, revealing that David Bowie was set to bring his character back to the TV series. Read More >>

6 Things We Want From the Twin Peaks Revival

While the much-anticipated return of David Lynch’s ground-breaking, bizarre Twin Peaks is never far from our coffee-addled minds, it’s been looming even larger since the entire cast was revealed. What better time to binge-watch the original 30 episodes—and ponder what we’d like to see when episode 31 finally arrives next year? Read More >>

‘Twin Peaks’ Restaurant Opens in London This Summer

An "immersive dining experience" that has been "inspired by the world of Twin Peaks" is the next niche eatery on the way to wow ironic Londoners with its unusual menu of offal/cereal/toast/, with a pop-up eatery celebrating David Lynch's TV masterpiece set to launch this August. Read More >>

Agent Dale Cooper is Returning For the ‘Twin Peaks’ Reboot

TV's coolest, kookiest cop is set to return to TV screens. Kyle MacLachlan will be reviving his role as Special Agent Dale Cooper for the long-awaited Twin Peaks reboot. Read More >>

The Secret Lives of Twin Peaks Novel Will Make Sense of the Madness Before New Series Starts

A long time has passed since Twin Peaks first graced our screens. But with 2016's new series announced and said to be set 25 years after the events of the second series, we've got some catching up to do. Thankfully, a new tie-in novel, The Secret Lives of Twin Peaks, will let us do just that, filling us in with all the details on what happened to the creepy town's residents over the past quarter of a century. Read More >>

A New Series of Twin Peaks is on its Way

The 25 year wait is (apparently) over. After a pair of cryptic tweets from the show's co-creator's David Lynch and Mark Frost were posted over the weekend, Deadline is now reporting that a brand new series of cult TV show Twin Peaks is on its way. Read More >>

Is David Lynch Preparing a New Twin Peaks?

Twin Peaks marked a before-and-after moment in TV history: for the first time someone used film production values for TV, with perfect script, direction, acting, and cinematography. Laura Palmer's murder took over the world and, over time, it became a masterpiece. Now, we may be getting a new season. Read More >>

Karate-Kicking PS3 Slim Is Your Deal of the Day

Black Friday? It’s dead to us. A mere raindrop when compared to the waterfall of bargains that is CYBER MONDAY! Yes, it’s making us a bit embarrassed that we even got excited about Black Friday, such is the wealth of special offers available today. Read More >>