You’ll Soon Be Able to Sponsor Your Favourite YouTube Creators

Fans of popular YouTube personalities will soon have a new way to show their support for their favourite creators. YouTube announced Thursday several new tools for YouTubers to generate revenue, including a Channel Memberships feature that will allow viewers to subscribe to channels for a monthly fee. Read More >>

YouTube Livestreamer Arrested for College Bomb ‘Prank’ That Sent Panicked Bystanders Fleeing

A YouTube and Twitch personality calling himself “Arab Andy” was arrested yesterday after entering a crowded room on the University of Washington campus and playing a message declaring an explosive device had been planted and would soon detonate. Read More >>

The Best Stories to Watch During Twitch’s Absurdly Ginormous Classic Doctor Who Marathon

Today, Twitch begins a seven-week endurance run/celebration of all things old-school Doctor Who, live streaming over 500 episodes worth of adventures in Time and Space. Unless you happen to have seven weeks of free time starting imminently (in which case, I envy you), you likely can’t sit down and watch all of it. So here’s a few must-watch storylines to dive in for. Read More >>

data breach
12,000 Social Media Influencers, Mostly Women, Exposed by Marketing Firm Data Breach

More than 12,000 prominent social media influencers from YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and the gaming platform Twitch were exposed last month by a data breach at a marketing firm that pairs online stars with top brands seeking product reviews and endorsements, according to researchers at the security firm UpGuard. Read More >>

Some Twitch Users Are Getting Angry About So-Called ‘Booby Streamers’

For years, has been the web’s go-to for gaming live streams, crowd-sourced experiments like Pokémon playthroughs and commenter-controlled investment portfolios, and other bits of acceptably time-killing content. Unfortunately, this droll peace is being threatened by the internet equivalent of the dumb controversy surrounding desnudas in Times Square. Read More >>

Twitch Has Basically Made ‘Twitter For Gamers’

We've all dreamed of a world where that one particular breed of angry, irritating gamer ragequit Twitter and went off to form their own bitter community, steeped in the comforting beliefs of Gamergate, RedPill and "no seriously it's harder to put women in games because of their hair. Boob physics though, we've got that down." Now, thanks to Twitch, it may actually be happening. Read More >>

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Thousands of People Are Watching Two Google Homes Argue With Each Other on Twitch

If you ever wanted to watch to virtual assistants argue with each other for hours on end, well, you’re in luck. Some maniac is live streaming two Google Homes arguing with each other, so of course thousands of people are watching it. Read More >>

YouTube Co-Founder Launches Questionable Cooking Livestream Service

Nom is the new pet project of YouTube co-founder Steve Chen. People are calling it the Twitch for internet chefs. The only problem? Filming a chef is a lot harder than filming a video game. Read More >>

What is YouTube Gaming, the Latest Twitch Rival?

YouTube wants in on the fact that video games are now more mainstream and commonly accepted as a thing normal people do than ever, with its YouTube Gaming portal set to launch today to gather players together in front of one unskippable pre-roll advert happy new live-streaming community. Read More >>

Twitch Ditches Flash

The death of Flash continues apace: live video-streaming giant Twitch is the latest major player to ditch Flash video in favour of HTML5. The site has rolled out new HTML5 player controls to pave the way for a full handover to the video-streaming master race in the (hopefully near) future. [Twitch via Engadget] Read More >>

YouTube Launches Service for Streaming Gameplay

People like to watch other people streaming their video games. It’s kind of a thing. So YouTube is launching a new website and app dedicated specifically to that. It’ll compete with Twitch, of course, which is owned by Amazon. [YouTube] Read More >>

The YouTube vs Twitch Battle Heats Up With HTML5

Today, Twitch is the default service when it comes to streaming video games on the internet. Tomorrow? It might be Google. Maybe. Read More >>

How People Use Twitch, Visualised

At any given time, there are tens of thousands watching and playing games on Twitch. Some people are obsessed with one game, other people watch lots of games. The service recently enlisted its "science" team to visualise what communities of Twitch look like, and it's beautiful. Read More >>

Sexy Gamers Beware: Twitch has Banned ‘Suggestive’ Streaming

Twitch, the popular video-game streaming service, has clarified its dress code, banning topless or "sexually suggestive" streaming. It's not clear if this was sparked by a particular rash of overly-racy gamers, but from now on, best keep your shirt on while busting virtual moves. [PC Gamer] Read More >>

Chromecast Just Got Another Wave of Apps

Chromecast just got another wave of apps. Leading the charge this time is the newly Amazon-owned Twitch, along with iHeartRadio, and a handful of Disney streaming apps. More excuses to never leave the sofa! Read More >>