Twitter Evens Character Count for Emojis, Ending Race and Gender Penalties

Twitter has made a subtle, but not insignificant change to the way it counts emoji in its 280-character limit. Moving forward, all of its natively supported emoji will count as two characters. Previously, adding skin tone and gender modifiers to an emoji unintentionally penalised users and many likely didn’t even realise it. Read More >>

Study on The Last Jedi’s Twitter Haters Finds That Yup, Many Were Bots or Bad-Faith Political Trolls

For months before and after the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi — a widely critically acclaimed movie and box office titan — what appeared to have been a small number of fans made it known they were rabid haters of the movie’s twist on the franchise’s formula. They were mad about everything, from plot holes and director Rian Johnson’s supposed disdain for the fandom to its focus on inclusivity, and they tried their best to make it all about them and how angry they were. Well, just as you might have thought, it turns out one force driving that backlash forward may have been disingenuous manipulation of social media sites like Twitter to promote political propaganda. Read More >>

Twitter Announces New Rules Targeting Imposter and Spam Accounts

Last month, Gizmodo uncovered a disturbing scheme where Twitter spammers were apparently impersonating more than a dozen real women to sell diet pills. Now, it seems, the site is introducing new rules to help stop fake accounts like these. Read More >>

Twitter’s New Ban on ‘Dehumanising Speech’ May Finally Shut Up Some Nazis

Twitter is expanding its rules on hateful conduct and will soon police “dehumanising speech” on its platform. It's the move that could help stamp out some of the vilest content on the social network—if the company can adequately enforce it. Read More >>

The Bizarre Scheme Using Viral Abuse Stories and Stolen Pics to Sell Diet Pills on Twitter

This weekend, a Twitter user shared a disturbing story that verged on the surreal. In a 32-tweet thread, Ashley recounted an abusive relationship with a boyfriend who forced her to eat until it caused her pain — seemingly for his own sexual pleasure. Read More >>

Twitter Bug That ‘May Have’ Exposed Direct Messages Probably Didn’t Expose Anything

Some Twitter users received an alert on Friday warning that a bug “may have” allowed their direct messages and protected tweets to be viewed by developers who weren’t authorised to see them. But the conditions needed for that to happen seem so far-fetched, it’s unlikely anyone was actually impacted. Read More >>

Twitter’s Chronological Timeline Is Back. Just Wait Until You See How Weird It Is

Twitter is finally leading the way in making a change to its platform that every social network should implement: It’s bringing back the chronological timeline. I’ve been using a workaround to do this for a bit and people have no idea how strong the algorithmic Stockholm syndrome can be. Read More >>

Path, the Doomed Social Network With One Great Idea, is Finally Shutting Down

For a brief moment, back in the early 2010s, Path flourished. The more personal, more private social network was once reportedly valued at $500 million (£380m), but after years of irrelevance, it’s shutting down next month. Path unequivocally failed, but I can’t help but wonder what would happen if we gave its original mission just one more try. Read More >>

What Did Tim Cook Forget?

Just minutes before Apple’s big event is set to kick off, Tim Cook appears to have mixed up his apps. The CEO tweeted out what appears to be a question for his staff as they scramble to announce a what everyone expects to be a bevy of new iPhones, an updated Apple Watch, and maybe even a new iPad. Read More >>

Twitter Now Lets You Stream Whatever the Hell Comes Out of Your Mouth

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has survived his hearings in front of Congress and mustered the courage to ban Alex Jones this week, and now it’s time to get back to business. “🎤🔉🔊,” Dorsey tweeted on Friday. Read More >>

Alex Jones Permanently Suspended From Twitter

After weeks of deplatforming efforts by social media companies, Infowars founders Alex Jones has lost his last refuge: Twitter. Read More >>

Report: Jack Dorsey Overruled Staff to Keep Alex Jones, White Supremacist Richard Spencer on Twitter

Twitter, the social media site for people who like getting angry at things, has long been a haven for misogynistic harassers, white supremacists, and garden-variety trolls. The site has claimed to be working on this, but its supposed commitment to change has been repeatedly undermined by their decision to do things like add a blue verified checkmark to neo-Nazi rally organiser Jason Kessler’s profile or refuse to punish toxic users like conspiracy kingpin Alex Jones. Read More >>

Twitter Briefly Tested a Feature Suggesting Who Users Should Unfollow

Twitter, which has been alternately scrambling around reassuring users it is working to address its well-known trolling problem and fumbling doing just that, briefly tested a feature suggesting who users should unfollow. Read More >>

President Trump Accuses Google of Rigging Search Results Against Him, Calls It ‘Very Dangerous’

President Trump’s first tweet of the day, sent at 5:24am local time, has accused Google of rigging search results against conservatives. Right-wing media personalities often claim, without evidence, that companies like Twitter and Facebook are conspiring against them, but Google search results aren’t often part of that conversation. They certainly are now. Read More >>

A Fake Warren Buffett is Spreading Inspiration on Twitter

Most fake Twitter accounts exist only to troll people and generally be a nuisance. But not the fake Warren Buffett Twitter account that popped up over the weekend. A spoof account of the rich American businessman caught everyone's attention on Saturday, when a tweet sharing "advice for all the young people" was liked 291,000 times, and shared 125,000 times. And actually, the advice it had to give wasn't all that bad: Read More >>