Twitter Hasn’t Done Enough to Fix Its Propaganda Problem

Twitter couldn’t drop the ball any harder this year if it tried. Death threats, continual harassment, and now this. Read More >>

US Lawmakers Introduce ‘Honest Ads Act’ to Govern Online Political Advertising

US Senate lawmakers on Thursday unveiled their first major legislative effort to increase transparency in online political advertising, called the Honest Ads Act. Sponsored by Senators Mark Warner, Amy Klobuchar, and John McCain, the bill attempts to align rules for online advertising with those broadcast on television and radio airwaves. Read More >>

Twitter Has New Rules for Violent and Sexual Content

Twitter’s downward spiral into a platform where abuse thrives has been well-documented over the years, but harassment on Twitter is in the news again this week because the company suspended actress Rose McGowan after she tweeted about sexual abuse in Hollywood. In response, CEO Jack Dorsey promised to introduce stricter rules against harassment—and it looks like some of those rules just leaked to Wired. Read More >>

Twitter Says it Will Finally do Something About Those Hordes of Nazis

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey admitted on Friday that the company’s minimalist approach to moderation was not working, saying the site is committed to taking a “more aggressive stance in our rules and how to enforce them” in the wake of numerous high-profile public relations nightmares. Read More >>

Facebook and Twitter Deleted Data Tied to Russian Accounts That Targeted 2016 US Election Voters

Data that may have proved critical to investigations into Russia-funded North American political ads appear to have been tossed by Facebook and Twitter into the proverbial shredder. Read More >>

Women Explain Why They Are Boycotting Twitter

On Wednesday night, Rose McGowan’s Twitter account was suspended. McGowan had used the platform as a soapbox to call out sexual harassment in Hollywood, posting a series of tweets about Harvey Weinstein as well as telling Ben Affleck to “fuck off.” Twitter belatedly offered an explanation for the suspension, noting that “[McGowan’s] account was temporarily locked because one of her Tweets included a private phone number.” But in response, a former Tumblr trust and safety employee has called Twitter’s excuse “a load of horseshit,” and a flood of users have decided to boycott the service on Friday. Read More >>

Twitter Suspends Rose McGowan’s Account After She Speaks Out Against Sexual Abuse

McGowan had most recently told Ben Affleck to “fuck off,” called Harvey Weinstein a “POS,” and called for the board of the Weinstein Company to be dissolved. McGowan’s account was restored early this morning. Read More >>

Microsoft Confirms Investigation Into Whether Russians Bought Pre-Election Ads Through Bing

The sprawling inquiry into the extent of Russian attempts to purchase ads on the US internet before the 2016 federal elections has expanded to yet another digital giant, with Microsoft confirming that it has launched an internal investigation into whether it sold such advertisements via its Bing search engine. Read More >>

Twitter’s Introducing a Private Bookmarking Feature in the Near Future

In the latest instalment of Twitter ignoring all the bad things going on with its service, the social network has announced that it will be launching a brand new feature instead. On the way is a private bookmarking feature that'll let you save certain tweets, ready to be read later. Read More >>

What Does Twitter’s Biz Stone Think His Job Is?

“I definitely spend way more time reading tweets than writing tweets,” Twitter co-founder Biz Stone told Fresh Air’s Terry Gross in 2011. Back then, his company was enjoying praise for its (largely accidental) role in helping to organise the Arab Spring, with Stone describing himself as “an infrequent tweeter” and a “consumer of the information that’s coursing through the system.” Read More >>

EU Issues Strongest Warning Yet Demanding Tech Companies Crack Down on Illegal Content

The European Union is still not satisfied with how leading tech companies are handling the removal of illegal content online. On Thursday, it released a new set of guidelines for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Microsoft, giving them just months to shape up—or face unspecified future regulation. Read More >>

Twitter Now Lets Us Say More Words

Twitter thinks we aren’t expressing ourselves enough, which begs the question: has it used its own service? Read More >>

Trump is Never Getting Banned From Twitter

President Donald Trump loves to tweet. Sometimes he tweets about how upset he is that NFL players are protesting police violence during the national anthem. Sometimes he tweets about Hurricane Maria, but not nearly as often as people expect the president to tweet about a devastating natural disaster. Sometimes he tweets about bombing North Korea. Read More >>

Here Are the First Concrete Numbers Showing How Rarely Twitter Takes Action on Abusive Behaviour Reports

Twitter has struggled to rein in harassment on its platform for years, but in January, the company pledged to finally get serious about the problem. “We didn’t move fast enough last year; now we’re thinking about progress in days and hours, not weeks and months,” Ed Ho, Twitter’s general manager of consumer product and engineering, promised. Twitter has rolled out a slew of updates since then, designed to stifle abusive behaviour. But the company has been quiet about how often it takes action when accounts are reported for abuse, and reporting by BuzzFeed revealed that harassing tweets often enjoy a long and happy life on the platform. Read More >>

Twitter Rewards Bad Behaviour, Says Twitter Co-Founder

Why does the internet feel so fundamentally broken? Ev Williams, the co-founder of Twitter, Medium, and Blogger, gave his two cents while speaking with CNN Money today. Read More >>