Eric Idle Calls Out Monty Python Twitter Account for Terrible Coronavirus Advice

Bit of an embarrassment for whoever runs the Monty Python Twitter account: star Eric Idle has publicly bollocked them for sharing "shit advice" about the coronavirus pandemic. Read More >>

This Group Got Tech Twitter Hyped on an App That Doesn’t Exist to Raise Money for BLM Charities

Leveraging FOMO to get people to donate to meaningful causes is the best thing to come out of 2020 yet. Read More >>

Twitter: Sorry for Putting Covid-19 Misinformation Labels on Your ‘Oxygen’ Tweets

It’s not always easy to do the right thing in tech, and it can lead to some embarrassing (and funny) mistakes. Just ask Twitter. Read More >>

Twitter Bans Journalist Organisation for Linking to Leaked Police Documents

Twitter confirmed on Tuesday night that it had permanently banned the account of Distributed Denial of Secrets, a journalist organisation that earlier this week made accessible to the public one of the largest repositories of leaked US law enforcement documents to date. Read More >>

Here’s An Idea: The Trump Campaign Should Simply Take Over MySpace

Following a series of grievances with the social media networks that millions of people actually use, Donald Trump’s re-election campaign is floating the idea of setting up shop on a new platform, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday. Well, there’s a perfectly good network sitting right there. Read More >>

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Facebook and Twitter Remove Trump’s Doctored ‘Fake News’ Video After Copyright Complaint

Unsurprisingly, it turns out parents aren’t too keen on their toddlers being co-opted for presidential propaganda. Read More >>

Facebook Fires Employee Who Criticised Coworker’s BLM Response

Apparently taking a page from Amazon’s book on How to Snub Employees Who Voice Inconvenient Truths, this week Facebook canned an engineer who openly criticised the social media giant’s milquetoast response to ongoing Black Lives Matter protests and President Donald Trump’s incendiary online rhetoric. Read More >>

Twitter Deletes More than 170,000 Accounts Linked to Chinese Misinformation Effort

Twitter announced Thursday that it had shut down more than 170,000 accounts linked to a Beijing-backed campaign to spread propaganda about the Chinese government, particularly regarding its response to the coronavirus pandemic and pro-Democracy protests in Hong Kong. Read More >>

Twitter Asks Android Users ‘Did You Even Read the Article’?

In its latest push to promote more informed conversations, Twitter is rolling out a new feature for Android phone users that will totally call you out if you haven’t read an article before you retweet it. Read More >>

Twitter and Facebook Take Down Trump Campaign’s Tribute Video to George Floyd for Copyright Infringement

Apparently, Twitter and Facebook take copyright infringement seriously, even if the entity infringing is US President Donald Trump’s campaign. The platforms recently took down a tribute video to George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man who died after a police officer knelt on his neck in Minneapolis. Read More >>

Twitter Is Trying to Crack Down on 5G Conspiracy Theories

Twitter shows no signs of letting up on fact-checking false tweets. The social media platform is now labelling tweets that falsely tie the rollout of 5G to the spread of covid-19 with a fact-checking link, Business Insider spotted. This comes just days after Twitter cracked down on US President Trump with a voter-fraud fact check and hid tweets of his that incited violence against protesters. Read More >>

Facebook Mods Sign Letter Protesting Zuckerberg’s Stance on Trump Threats, Conspiracy Theories

A group of Facebook moderators has joined many of the firm’s staff in calling out CEO Mark Zuckerberg over his bullshit refusal to take actions against posts by US president Donald Trump that clearly violate its rules, the Guardian reported on Monday. Read More >>

Facebook Workers Ask if Company’s in an ‘Abusive Relationship”‘ With Trump Amid Internal Unrest: Report

As demonstrated by their virtual walkout earlier this week, the people working at Facebook aren’t too happy about the company’s refusal to remove incendiary and misleading posts made by U.S. President Donald Trump. Now, thanks to a slew of internal documents obtained by the Washington Post, we have a clearer picture of just how fed up Facebook’s employees are with management’s penchant for giving politicians a free pass on its platforms. Read More >>

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Blackout Tuesday Is Backfiring

A seemingly well-intentioned gesture of posting black boxes for Blackout Tuesday has backfired spectacularly, unintentionally – or perhaps even purposefully, depending on who’s doing the posting – drowning out information related to the Black Lives Matter movement and its associated hashtags. Read More >>