Twitter Will Start Showing Live Local News to Combat Misinformation

The internet is the perfect place to spread misinformation, and not just the big nonsense conspiracy theories claiming the Earth is flat or that vaccines are bad for you. When something major happens sites with real time feeds like Twitter also turn into a blend of truth, half truth, and outright lies, which is why the social network plans to do something about it. That's why it's going to start broadcasting local news live. Read More >>

Tech History Group Dedicated to Preserving Information Busted Deleting Apology Tweets

Everyone knows what you post online is never truly gone, but rarely are attempts to scrub something from the web quite this ironic—or infuriating. Read More >>

Olympics 2018
Snowboarder Chloe Kim Added More Than 66,000 Twitter Followers In Just 30 Minutes As She Claimed Gold

While TeamGB is still waiting for its first medal at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, America has a new hero. 17 year old Chloe Kim has claimed a gold on the snowboarding halfpipe - but she’s also won something arguably more important. Read More >>

Twitter Says It Will Crack Down on Posts Encouraging Others to Harm Themselves

Twitter, the social media website best known for ignoring its abuse problem until it metastasized into a full-blown presidency, has as of late been trying to change its image. It’s stripped some far-right and white supremacist users of their verified badges and banned others, as well as rolled out what it says is harsher enforcement of rules against abuse, sexual and racial harassment, and threats of violence. Read More >>

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How to Find a Job Using Social Media

Your social networks aren’t just there for arguing politics with your uncle or looking at your neighbour's lunch—they’re also good for the serious business of finding your next place of employment. Here’s how to perfect your searching on each of the major networks to maximise your chances of landing your dream job, or something close to it. Read More >>

US NSA Sent Coded Messages From Its Official Twitter Account to Communicate With Foreign Spies

During the first Cold War, American and British spies would sometimes place coded messages in newspaper classified ads to communicate with each other. And depending on how you interpret a new report in the New York Times, the National Security Agency (NSA) has possibly updated the tactic, using its public Twitter account to send secret messages to at least one Russian spy. Read More >>

Curl Up With This Chill Version of Twitter That a Swiss Designer Made

Zurich designer Florian Schulz has reimagined Twitter not as a mind-numbing torrent of breaking news, GIFs, and nazis, but as something else he calls a “social network.” We’re not too sure about this “social network” idea, but the results are pretty intriguing, at least in an experimental way. Read More >>

Jack Dorsey Wants You to Know He Was Right About 280-Character Tweets

When Twitter announced last November it was finally doubling the 140-character limit of tweets, after months of speculation and handwringing, some vocal users tweeted out their snark and certainty that this development was a death knell for the medium. Read More >>

What Apps Have You Deleted Lately?

After the incessant mind-numbing news cycle and a distressing car accident, I dramatically deleted Twitter from my phone early last year, giving my brain a break from the creeping sense of exhaustion that was building up over the holidays. And when I finally did it, a fellow Twitter user offered a prescient, super obvious warning: “Make sure you don’t just trade addictions,” they said. Don’t just swap one bad behaviour for another. Right, of course I won’t. I wouldn’t! Read More >>

Twitter Made a Profit for the First Time Ever

Twitter, the social media service that gave us a Trump presidency and a potent weapon of the New Cold War, has announced that it turned a net profit for the first time in the company’s history. Twitter’s stock rose in pre-market trading. Read More >>

Here Is Your Warning That Fake Twitter Followers Are Now a Thing With Consequences

This weekend, the New York Times published an in-depth report on the online market in social media identity theft and fraud, including a list of precisely which celebrities are (stunner!) inflating their online followings with overpriced bots. Film critic Richard Roeper—once co-host of At the Movies with Roger Ebert—happened to be one of a long list of names in the piece, alongside people like actor John Leguizamo, former Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis, and even Twitter board member Martha Lane Fox. Read More >>

Shocking Report Suggests Celebrities and Social Influencers May Be Buying Social Media Followers

Please brace yourself. According to a Saturday expose in the New York Times, some of your favourite social media influencers may not really be influencers at all. Read More >>

Twitter Created a Photo Tool That Knows Where You’ll Look First

Twitter has never been an ideal platform for sharing photos—largely because users can’t be sure what portion of their image will show up in a tweet’s image preview. If the most important part of a photo is cropped out, followers probably won’t be inclined to click through to see the whole image. Read More >>

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Hawaii’s Governor Forgot His Twitter Password During That Fake Ballistic Missile Alert

Earlier this month, the state of Hawaii descended into a brief if existentially terrifying panic as its Emergency Management Agency dispatched a mass text message warning of an imminent “BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT” after an employee pressed the wrong button. Many residents immediately scrambled for cover from what they believed was an inbound nuclear missile from North Korea. Read More >>

Twitter Alerts Nearly 680,000 Users They May Have Been Duped by Russian Accounts

Twitter admitted on Friday evening that its investigation into suspected Russian meddling in the 2016 US presidential elections had turned up what it believes were over 50,000 automated accounts linked to the Kremlin—and that it had identified 677,775 other accounts that “followed one of these accounts or retweeted or liked a tweet from these accounts during the election period.” Read More >>