One of Trump’s Tweets Just Helped Sabotage His Travel Ban 

On Monday, a US federal appeals court voted to uphold the block on Donald Trump’s travel ban, citing one of Trump’s own tweets in its reasoning. The ban would’ve blocked refugees from six countries from entering the US. In the court’s opinion, the second version of the travel ban—which Trump himself tweeted was a “watered down, politically correct version” of the original—neither justifies targeting those countries nor clears the legal bar of not being discriminatory against people entering from those countries. Read More >>

Hackers Hijacking Verified Accounts to Spread Fake News

Security research group Access Now has discovered a clever attack being used against influential social media users as a means of disseminating fake news. The “Doubleswitch” not only involves hijacking verified accounts but makes it extremely difficult for the legitimate owner to regain control of their handle. Read More >>

Researcher Found Another Twitter Vulnerability That Allowed Tweeting From Any Account

A bug in a Twitter product could have allowed attackers to send tweets from any account and delete photos and videos from published tweets, according to a recent blog post by the security researcher who discovered it. It’s the second broad vulnerability in the product, called Studio, that’s come to light recently, raising questions about how well Twitter secures its platform. Read More >>

BBC to Stream its Election Debates on Twitter

Twitter's notorious echo chamber will be reverberating louder than ever tonight, as the BBC is to stream video of the first of its election debates through the social network. Read More >>

President Trump Pretends Like He Meant to Tweet ‘Covfefe’

Last night at 12:06am Eastern time (05:06am in the UK), President Trump sent out a cryptic tweet that read, “Despite the constant negative press covfefe”. The internet spent the next six hours utterly confused. And, of course, there were memes. So many memes. And even an Urban Dictionary definition. Read More >>

Ukraine Just Tweeted a Simpsons GIF at Russia Because 2017 Is Weird As Hell

Just when you think 2017 couldn’t get weirder, two countries get into a spat on Twitter and use a Simpsons GIF to accuse the other of aggression. Seriously. Read More >>

Abusing MPs is Everyone’s New Favourite Hobby

Stats collating tweets sent to our beloved MPs show the sheer weight of abuse they face on a daily basis, with as many as one in 20 of all messages they receive through Twitter being classified as abusive. That's almost as much of a kicking as the games journalists get when they say a new Assassin's Creed is shit. Read More >>

EU Finalising Laws To Remove Extremist Videos From Twitter, YouTube and Facebook

There's always a fine line to tread between freedom of speech and blocking content designed to incite hatred and violence against a specific group or groups of people. The EU is about to enshrine a line of some kind in law though, as it finalises plans to require internet companies to block extreme content. Read More >>

World’s Worst Website Goes Down (Again)

Let’s breathe a sigh of relief: For now, at least, Wesearchr is dead. Again. Read More >>

How to Install Lightweight Versions of Your Favourite Apps

With an eye towards the developing world where people are more likely to own cheap phones and have spottier wireless data access, the big names in tech are developing simpler versions of their apps. These apps are lightweight, use little data, and don’t burn through battery life. Sound good? It does to us too, and here’s how to give them a test drive. Read More >>

Tories Want to Let People Destroy Embarrassing Social Media Posts When They Turn 18

Some of you will have grown up before the rise of the internet and the trend of public ally sharing every minute details of your lives. Kids these days don't have that option, and stupid things they say as teenagers could easily come back to haunt them. The Conservative Party wants to give them a way out, if they want it. Read More >>

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Exam Tweeters Enable Cheaters

Parents expressing exasperation at some of the questions their kids are facing in exams are accidentally enabling cheating, with the Department for Education now actively scouting social networks to ask parents to stop giving away hints as to the content of test papers. Read More >>

FBI Director James Comey: ‘I Am Not a Tweeter’

James Comey may have an account on Twitter, but, as the FBI director made perfectly clear on Monday, he is certainly not a filthy “tweeter.” Read More >>

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Bad Star Wars Tweets, Ranked

Here are some tweets, ranked bad to most bad: Read More >>